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    Taking Care of My Daughter, Guns, Traditional Archery, History, Hunting, Trout Fishing, The Outdoors, RatRods, Sports Cars (if I could afford one)

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  1. I will take them I think I have your address here but shoot it to me just in case. Carbinecasey
  2. Dang it…. Missed the good stuff again, stupid work schedule!
  3. Greetings I have a Stevens 530A 16 gauge double, 26” barrel. the gun has been shot but the firing pin on the left barrel doesn’t come back after being fired. Don’t have the time or means to work on it but someone who likes to work on shotguns can make this a good hunting or CAS gun. Decent wood, safety works, front and mid barrel bead. $165.00 shipped Carbinecasey #4469 petesowers1963@gmail.com
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