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  1. If I didn’t have one already we would be talking, great price on this one.
  2. Good choices right there. I’ve been living in the heart of bourbon country and still like Jack Daniels just a bit better, not saying that I don’t sip a few of the Kentucky bourbons.
  3. Graybeard the loading tool is yours I’ll send you a PM with my address CC
  4. Greetings, Doing a little house cleaning; 200 pcs of 300 Blackout Brass $30shipped 55 pcs of 308 brass $25 shipped 105 pcs of 44 mag brass $25 shipped “Sold” 30/06 dies RCBS $25 shipped Several issues of “ Guns of the Old West” don’t know what these are worth, I know I won’t subscribe to this publication again. prices are always negotiable with me. Carbinecasey #4469
  5. Sir I totally understand If you happen to come across a few let me know I have some 50/70’s. I reloading an old Remington Rolling Block in 12.17x44R.
  6. Greetings Everyone, The title says it all looking for maybe 10 or a few more. Once fired is okay, heck several times fired is ok as long as it’s not cracked. Carbinecasey #4469
  7. Pete I guess you will, I didn’t say I would take it I was asking about shipping no big deal they make Mossberg stocks every day.
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