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  1. Welcome!! Go with Zack Taylor for your rig. He's close by and does nice quality work!! PM me and I can give you some info on local clubs.
  2. How ya been my friend??!! Hope all is well. Are ya gonna start shooting again??
  3. Hello Tex great to hear from ya!! I am doing well thank you!! Surgery went well and I am as right as rain!! At one time some one was advertising a screw that had a large knurled head for the BP Frame so it could be removed without a screw driver. Sound familiar??
  4. Any out there in blue?? There was an after market oversized one at one time. Any advise??
  5. Who makes an oversized version of this screw??
  6. Rex I did not get a reply on the belt!! What say you.
  7. If the belt is $30 shipped I will take it!!
  8. Rico I got the coat!! Looks good!! Thanks.



  9. Rico MO went out today. Let me know when ya get it.



  10. They are for sale, and I do Paypal grizhunter@windstream.net or mail check to

    Ed Daniels

    27868 E 58th St So

    Broken Arrow, OK 74014


    $18 shipped......but I need your address

    1. Tom Payne 13115

      Tom Payne 13115

      Hello Griz. I will get the cash out ASAP!!  My info is as follows...


      Tom Colaluca

      564 High St

       Monroe, NY 10950



      Are they new or used??

    2. Griz Hunter #45102

      Griz Hunter #45102

      used  I bought them new and they were great for practicing my 12ga sxs reloading skills

    3. Griz Hunter #45102

      Griz Hunter #45102

      Received your check & mailed your snap caps today.


  11. Assassin in theory it sounds good; in practice its impossible!! Up until the un-SAFE ACT it was a lifetime license. You paid all fees one time at application, out of NYC. Now it has to be re-newed every 5 years with no cost now!! Who knows in the next 5 year renewal.
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