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  1. Prayers Judge! Roper & Schwaby
  2. Widder I don't think it's because of light loads. With the rifle we had to reduce the load because we were at 950 fps when I chronied our loads. I am not getting much if any unburnt powder (shotgun is the only one I notice any in and those loads chrony at 1050 - 1100 fps). When we first started using it it was very clean, now we get a lot of black on the cases, carrier and cylinders. My rifle carrier gets black and slightly sticky (not gummy but you notice it isn't as smooth) after only 100 rounds or less. The cylinders on my stainless pistols look like they are blued rather than stainless.
  3. We currently use Clean Shot in our 32's, 38's and shotgun but are finding it's anything but clean although it does meter very good. We've used Clays and Trail Boss before but found them to be temp sensitive (we live in upstate NY) and TB very dirty and doesn't meter well. We also tried 700x which was also pretty dirty. Someone suggested WST, anyone that uses WST is it clean burning and/or temp sensitive? What's your suggested pet loads for 32 S&W long w/78 grn bullet, 38 w/105 grn bullet and shotgun AA or STS hulls, 1oz shot? Thanks Roper
  4. Except that we haven't been able to shoot since November but whose counting....
  5. Just curious but why or how does it throw your timing off? Is it because you don't have the extra weight of the round in the carrier and resistance of the empty case being extracted? Just trying to understand what you mean. Thanks. Roper
  6. Like Painted Mohawk said, Smokestack uses a bandolier extremely well!
  7. Hi RBK, did you get my response asking for the additional info you have on installing the mercury reducer? My email is dschena@frontier.com Thanks I look forward to hearing from you.

  8. 518-883-5981 is my home # and I am usually home after 6:00pm EST. Thx.

  9. Howdy Renegade Roper

    Do you have a phone contact number

    Thanks Expressman

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