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  1. Our club is looking at replacing the dirt berm between two of our bays with a block wall (aka mafia block or Jersey barrier). I know that the club where the NJ State shoot is held has a number if not all of the bays with block walls on the sides and I believe the back. Do you have to line the wall to prevent splatter, chipping or ricochet's? We are only considering doing the sidewalls at this point. Do the targets need to be a certain distance from the sidewalls in order to not have the above issues? What about your loading and unloading tables? Care and maintenance? Any hints, suggestions, etc? Thanks. Roper
  2. Does anyone know who makes these gun cart ammo bags and where I can get them? They are a nylon type material with nylon straps that have plastic buckles. We bought them 4 or 5 yrs ago and there aren't any tags inside or markings showing the manufacturer. Rugged Gear does not make them but they fit perfectly over the handlebars. We want to get another pair for the other gun cart. Thanks. Roper
  3. Like Painted Mohawk said, Smokestack uses a bandolier extremely well!
  4. Hi RBK, did you get my response asking for the additional info you have on installing the mercury reducer? My email is dschena@frontier.com Thanks I look forward to hearing from you.

  5. 518-883-5981 is my home # and I am usually home after 6:00pm EST. Thx.

  6. Howdy Renegade Roper

    Do you have a phone contact number

    Thanks Expressman

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