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  1. Congrats, it was fun shooting with you on side match day. You're an awesome shooter.
  2. We use a plastic boot tray. As for the hulls coming apart we've had them happen in the press during the loading process and when shooting. Haven't had one happen yet with the AA's. (Just jinxed myself.) But the AA's certainly have their own quality issues. I have about a third of a box of factory shells that the base metal is mutilated in some fashion with chunks out of it or is peeled back.
  3. We've had that happen and load with a Dillon too but don't use a Sizemaster. We stopped using the STS's because Schwaby FINALLY got the AA's to load somewhat decently and won't mess with the press to switch over to the STS's. So we never figured out what caused it. Roper
  4. Just wondering if the email went out and I missed it or if it hasn't gone out yet? Thanks Roper
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