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  1. Welcome! We love shooting with our OH pards and hope to run into you at one of their shoots. They do an awesome job at the OH State match and at Guns of August. Roper and Schwaby
  2. Roper and Schwaby will be there and we're bringing PW McKlintock, Michele Mayhem and Headshot Hannah. Can't wait to see our southern pards again! And the ice cream guy! (He just needs to make sure he doesn't run out of the most important flavor again! Chocolate!!) Our favorite stages are S, T, U, V and H. Roper
  3. As a "smokiless" shooter being asked by our TG our opinion on how to vote on this I have some questions. If someone is challenged on their load's smokiness how is this "tested" at a major match (ie, state match)? In other words where do you get the ammo that supposedly meets the standards? From another competitor? But how do you verify their ammo isn't loaded above the requirement and thus makes more smoke than needed to meet the minimum requirement? I have quite a bit to do with our state match and to my knowledge we don't have BP rounds laying around that would be used as a test. I don't think I would want to disqualify a shooter from a state match based on their competitor's rounds if I couldn't definitively prove their competitors loads were actually at the minimum and thus they definitely weren't meeting the minimum standard. As the shooter being challenged I would also definitely want to know what the load was that I am being judged on. It seems from the comments above that some loads have fillers that look like powder so just pulling the load apart and measuring it isn't a reliable option. So how do you reliably test this to disqualify someone? Thanks for the info. Roper
  4. Congratulations!!!! Have fun! Roper and Schwaby
  5. This! Depends alot on the rifle. We shoot alot and travel throughout the country and as stated above more people we've shot with use 38's in their 73's than those that shoot 357's in them. Most (and this is a generalization) people that we've run into that use 357's are using a Marlin or Rossi. In our 73's we use either 105 or 125 grn bullets in our 38 cases with American Select powder and they work great in our rifles (6 of them). And they work in other people's guns whenever we've had to share ammo with someone who had issues with their ammo. Welcome to the fire and good luck. Hope to someday shoot with you. Roper
  6. I believe Fast Eddie sets his up to fire the left barrel 1st. You may want to ask him why.
  7. Plus 1 for Scarlett and she also sponsors many matches! She sells loaded cartridges too. Roper
  8. Great match, very creative props, nice banquet. Thanks to everyone that helped put it on. Posse 1 rocked! Congrats to all of the clean shooters, NC State winners, category and overall winners. Roper
  9. Schwaby and I just got our HD Hunters Gold prescription glasses and LOVE them!! They are so clear and lightweight. I used to use the ESS Crossbows that have the prescription inserts and the interchangeable color lenses, the HDHG are much lightweight and clearer/sharper. Very fast customer service too. Roper
  10. Congrats to Clancy, Lady Wrangler National Champion! Way to go girl! Roper
  11. Awesome lady and shooter! Way to go Dixie! It was great to see you and Reno.
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