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  1. Hello, I found one last week end. Thanks for your time. JB Sledge
  2. Happy New Year to all the SASS shooters out there!
  3. Hello Grass Range, Lets hope that it is a 5 1/2 incher! Thanks JB
  4. Title says it all. please send pics and price to jbsledge1@aol.com Thanks for your time!
  5. SD, Increasing the speed of the bullet makes it shoot flatter, so that will bring the bullet POI down. My 45-70 moose load of 45 grs of RL 7 and 400gr Hawk bullet hits the 25yd target dead on when my cowboy load of 27.5 gr of 5744 hits 21/2" high at 25 yds. Just sayn Sledge
  6. Howdy, 27.5 gr of 5744 and any 405 bullet works great in mine. JB Sledge
  7. Hello, I will take that ruger off your hands! Do you have a mate for it? Email me at jbsledge1@aol.com with your info so I can send payment. Thanks and Merry Christmas JB Sledge
  8. Yes I have one, totally all original 1952 deluxe md has factory peep site on it. I took it to Cabelas and they offered me $2,400 and told me they would list it at $3,200.00 I have dies, at least 10 original boxes of win virgin brass in the yellow boxes, and probably 5 boxes of 200 gr bullets. Would have to get $2,700 for the whole package. Thanks JB
  9. Howdy Bullseye, How much do you want to spend on one? JB Sledge jbsledge1@aol.com
  10. Hi could you email me your phone number, so I can call you. jbsledge1@aol.com Thanks Sledge
  11. I have had 2 skb's done by big name gunsmiths, didn't even come close to Fast Eddie's work just sayin JBSledge
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