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Need some help here.  On the Mojave Desert group a guy posted these photos.  Found near Death Valley, says it's "3 to 4 inches" in diameter.

Primer cup from caseless artillery?





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That’s a better guess than I can come up with!:o

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I saw one of those once at a crash site at Area 51.


The one I saw had some strange markings (writing) on it and was impervious to fire.

PLUS..... it had a tendency to float in mid air when in the sun light.


Beyond that, I'm restricted to say anything else..... :D


EDIT:  I might add that Jabez Cowboy also knows what it is but he's restricted to make any comments

about it.   And if ask, he'll deny any knowledge of it or its usefulness in levitation.




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Reminds me of the cap on the end of a campers roll up awning. Only they are usually black    GW

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Well, 3” would be 75mm. 4 would be 100, maybe 105

I think there was a prototype round for the old M551 Sheridan but I don’t know the size or configuration. But the military has an obsession with markings on everyting.


Part of a training SABOT round?

I dunno.

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