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  1. My understanding is that he only slip hammered with one gun as he had worn off the sear and couldn't bother to fix it. The other gun was triggered. But I may very well be mis-remembering.
  2. Incidentally, that's what I teach. There are a few very particular situations where slip hammering can be beneficial. But for it to not be a trainwreck, it has to be thoughtfully and with deliberation (which does not necessarily mean mean slow).
  3. Yes it could. I suggest that for now you stop practicing that particular technique. What you do in practice you will do at a match.
  4. So sorry to hear about Allie. Best wishes and prayers for a speedy and complete recovery.
  5. I ran into that when the primer seating ram got peened and misshapen due to lots of use. It stopped retracting all the way, causing the primers to go on edge and sometimes flip. Dillon sent me a new part and all squared away.
  6. I agree. If there's a standard it ought to be tested. That goes for power factor as well as the smoke standard.
  7. I know that I'm only shooting 1 match every couple of months. I'll get back to once a week or so after primer availability returns to normal.
  8. Dumbest stage instruction ever. Way to penalize a SxS shooter. A '97 shooter has time during the reload to check the target. A fast SxS shooter with splits of 0.2 or less doesn't have that. Speed bump indeed. Last match I went to with an instruction like this was the last match I went to at that range (not going to name names). Another one that gets me are odd numbers of shotgun targets. Another way to penalize a SxS shooter. That ran me off another match. There are no real "P" traps. Stages with complicated sequences, or different sequences for each gun just require a lot more prep by the shooter to get it into the head. Stages like this penalize the middle and bottom of the pack shooter much more than the top shooters at a club. Same with small/far targets. Really good shooters will take the time to see what's needed to hit the target, and they'll do it much faster than the middle/bottom of the pack shooter. This is why matches like Bordertown are so popular. Big and close is what actually levels the playing field, though some find that really boring.
  9. What kind of powder? Real black is likely to need lube as it dries out so quickly.
  10. Condolences to Chuckaroo and all their friends and family. She will be missed.
  11. The pin in the receiver? The one that fits in the slot of the firing pin and keeps it in place? Or something else? Not sure which one you're looking at.
  12. Pick one and stick with it. Making changes like this increases the fumble factor dramatically. We still need to talk about transitions. We'll cover how to handle it. Keep in mind there will always be that ":one" that's awkward. It's ok. There are ways to deal with it.
  13. I'd like to add that in these days of the interwebz, is updated annually sufficient? When a web site can be updated in a few minutes (as I did when posting scores for a local club earlier), annually doesn't necessarily make sense. When rulings are made and rules adjusted, they should be posted within a few weeks so that everyone has access to the same rules in a reasonably time efficient process.
  14. Essentially, if a shooter lets their membership lapse (I did for several years for a number of reasons), the shooter isn't eligible to shoot in state or above matches as they aren't "in good standing".
  15. PWB, I found this referencing the link above: "8.The issue of enforcing Loading Table Officers was raised.The question was “are they an absolute requirement?”The TG pointed out how the requirement for a specific LTO is applied differently from club to club.Blackjack Zak (MD at Winter Range) andLassiter/Deuce (MDs at EOT) allagreed that there must be someone checking at the Loading Table, either a specific person assigned as an LTO......or shooters at the LT check each other.Ineither case, a person MUST BE checking, as per our rules.A consensus was reached that what really matters is that the firearms are checked, whether by an adjacent shooter or by an LTO. " What's the current process to update the official documentation to reflect changes like this so that all shooters have access to the correct documentation directly from the SASS website? As in what's the "single source of truth" and how often is it updated?
  16. Snakebite, as referenced by this discussion, the rules on this point aren't clear. I'm not lobbying for a change, just pointing it out. Yes, I'm quite aware of the history. As you know, at one point I rewrote the rules to introduce clarity and remove ambiguity. The version I presented was declined. I'm sure there were issues with the document that I produced. People are, by very nature, imperfect. Therefore any document that is produced will also be. That doesn't negate the fact that ambiguity continues to exist. If that weren't the case, we wouldn't have all of these "what's the call" discussions. Pointing out ambiguities can help improve documentation. If the Committee decides to clear it up, that's their prerogative.
  17. Snakebite, just a point of order. Range rules at Fort Miller are not SASS rules. As Irish Ike pointed out, there's not a rule in the existing SASS documentation requiring a LTO, nor a penalty for not having one. Only enough information to make it a guideline, not a rule.
  18. There is ambiguity on this point. Whether it will be fixed or not is another issue.
  19. If a rule has no penalty for breaking it, it's nothing more than a guideline.
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