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  1. I do not know why you are expecting critical thinking from them...
  2. Thank you! We're working on a recording. Not sure if it'll be out by end of year yet or not.
  3. If you dig through YouTube enough, you might even find my band!
  4. I owe you all an update. It's been a long journey. Dad is off dialysis and out of the long term care facility. He's home! A visit will be coming up soon. We've had some phone calls, and some video calls. He's doing very well and his spirits are high. Thank you all.
  5. I use YouTube. Watching a video of a song can take me down a rabbit hole of other artists. Spotify will do the same.
  6. I've had several Toyota's, all have been solid.
  7. I'd really like to get one of the original ASP's. I have the successor made by Charley Kelsey of Devel. Would like to get the original. If you have one for sale, please contact me.
  8. Sometimes it's good to be an introvert.
  9. Always to taste. For me, I like the flavor and the heat. So mine tend to have more than most.
  10. Absolutely needs horseradish.
  11. Don't bother with the lower price stuff made overseas. Get a Yoder. They are absolutely worth it. Made in Kansas too. Their customer support is top notch (similar to Dillon for the one issue I had). https://www.yodersmokers.com/ When our oven died, we used this instead. Cooked everything from the "normal" smoked items to bread, cookies, quiche, lasagne, kabobs, steaks, salmon, etc. It's really an amazing tool. Not cheap, but well worth it. I think we've had ours for 5 years now. The igniter died once, they replaced it, priority mail, no charge, with a short phone call. No questions, no difficulty. Very easy to change.
  12. Did you ask them if they slip hammered? Several of the fastest shooters I know squeeze a trigger with every shot. There are situations where slip hammering can help save a few hundredths of a second, but I would strongly urge you to set that aside until you really are looking for those small improvements. Fundamentals first. Then speed. Then speed. (but not by slip hammering). Eventually you may get to a point where it can help with certain situations, but I am pretty darned sure you aren't there yet unless your stage times are in the teens.
  13. Update. Dad had a remarkable turnaround over the last month. He's down to dialysis 2-3 times a week. He can eat very soft food, though has a PEG (I think that's the term) for feeding. They undid the tracheostomy. In short, in the last month we've gone from death watch to getting discharged to a long-term care facility. Thank you everyone.
  14. Don't sweat it. This is more than enough. Thank you.
  15. Thanks everyone, super appreciate the support. No news. My son flys out on Monday and will see him on Wed.
  16. Thanks everyone. Dad had a great run and affected everyone around him in a positive way. I can only hope to live up to his example.
  17. Thanks for the support, but the time is nigh. Dad has been moved to palliative care. There's nothing left that can be done. He has a DNR, but they can't unplug the machines due to religious requirements. It's up to him.
  18. Hi folks. Dad is off all of the big life support machinery. He's got a feeding tube, and is on dialysis. Apparently normal for such a long hospital stay and all the time on sedation. He's sleeping a lot, but still improving.
  19. As a followup, thank you all for the support. Very much appreciated.
  20. I know you've all been waiting for an update. I just got a text from my brother. They have removed the breathing tube and dad is conscious. He can't really talk yet, but wants to go home. Numbers are getting better every day. Best news in a month!
  21. Unfortunately not. They’re going really slow. Hoping for some good news tomorrow or Friday.
  22. No new news. In this case, that's a good sign.
  23. He's now off the nitic oxide. Drains from the lungs have been removed. Goal is to get him off the ventilator by Monday. Small steps in the right direction.
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