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  1. The primer strikes look a little light. What are the springs you're using? Might need a little more there.
  2. That's pretty. Guessing a piezo as there aren't any pickup routes?
  3. Sweet! That's really lovely. I keep thinking about a custom bass. Does he have a website? I'd like to check out his work.
  4. That's a great idea. No more holes in things! If they require holes, I usually put them on my hatband so I don't have to poke holes in my clothes.
  5. Can't help with the issue, but how the hell are you? Haven't seen you since we moved out west! If you want to chat, shoot me a message. Doc
  6. Howdy! Welcome to the fun, and thank you for your service. Bottles, get our new friend a drink!
  7. While I think that GF ought to be allowed in all of the age based categories, it should NOT be allowed in duelist categories as there is a distinct competitive advantage. In other words, no.
  8. I'd just suggest, as has been pointed out, the lack of a loading gate isn't the issue for a Henry Repeating Arms rifle for CAS. It's the design of the action. It just doesn't lend itself to this game.
  9. Facts have never entered into this debate. It's about agenda and emotion.
  10. At the time, the musket WAS the military rifle. Regulations have moved along with technology. However, there is NOT a right in the constitution to a car, to medical care, or to radio/tv/internet. The founders thought it so important that civilians had a fundamental right to own the same weapons as was available to the military at the time (for a wide number of reasons), that they codified it in the Bill of Rights. However, some folks can't are so locked into their views with blinders on, that there is no possibility of civilized conversation.
  11. If the TO didn't see anything, benefit of the doubt goes to the shooter.
  12. Tonight I made a marinade with olive oil, lemon and lime juice, fresh basil, thyme, marjoram, oregano, garlic, and minced onion. That was for shrimp in a zip lock for a few hours. Pasta sauce made with garlic and green onion sauteed in bacon fat and butter, then heavily reduced veggie stock. Shrimp cooked in bacon fat with garlic, salt, pepper. All tossed over linguini. Garlic bread on the side.
  13. Note the "in the chamber part". If the rifle was set down and the round wasn't even partially in the chamber, no call.
  14. Ah, that makes sense. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  15. Out of curiosity, what's the problem you're looking to solve and how often do you anticipate needing it? Reason I ask is that in some cases, a chainsaw sawmill might be a much less expensive and good solution, though the kerf is much wider. If you just have a couple of logs to do and you won't need it often, the chainsaw one might work out just fine. I don't have experience with either...
  16. Depends entirely on the shooter. Everyone is different.
  17. I arranged with my doc to bring a pistol in with me and had a pair of glasses made so that my front sight was clear. That worked out perfectly. I didn't worry about anything else in that pair of glasses other than making sure they had safety lenses.
  18. If this weren't allowed, it would be seriously screwy. I'd go for an allen key or torx style over a flathead or phillips.
  19. “The government you elect is the government you deserve.” ― Thomas Jefferson
  20. The Peter Principle. Also known as the fence post turtle.
  21. I really like my Ariats. No idea how long I've had them, but it's been well over a decade. They do need replacing. Wearing out and the soles are starting to delaminate. But I sure as heck got my money out of 'em.
  22. Yer gettin' into dangerous territory. Next thing you know, it's gonna go off on drinking binges and will start dating a musician!
  23. I think it just found it's inner teenager and rebelled. Widder didn't mention that it went all goth, died its hair so black it wouldn't reflect light. Got into the eyeliner and makeup. Sheesh, you just can't control them these days.
  24. Thanks, but there isn't any treatment for this yet other than brain surgery. My apologies too. I'm sitting here listening to a crap ton of explosives going off. My dogs can't handle it. I can't handle it. My anxiety level is through the roof. Good luck with your project. I think you'll end up finding that you need to go through the hassle of ordering 19lb springs. But that's just a guess.
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