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Lefty Wheeler 1873

Captain Bill Burt

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I purchased an Uberti 1873 (Taylors) from Gunbroker recently and sent it to Lefty Wheeler to work his magic.  It came on Tuesday and the Iron Cowboy and I shot it today.  


I have to say, Lefty did a top notch job on this rifle.  He put a nice big sight on the front as I asked him to, cut down the buckhorn rear and opened it up a bit at the base.  He put in a C&I 5th gen kit, machined the carrier, did a trigger job, action job, the works.  


It’s very smooth, I'm particularly impressed by the trigger.  This is the best trigger for a lever safety equipped gun that I’ve felt. No slop or flop at all and very light.


I’m also very impressed by the bolt, extractor and the face of the chamber. He’s done some great work there.


As you would expect for a first match with a rifle there were a few glitches, but the Iron Cowboy ran a low 12 seconds 10-10-2 with it and I ran the same stage low 13.  


I definitely recommend Lefty and can't wait to get mine next Tuesday.

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Lefty is a precision engineer. He keeps notes on every rifle he tunes, what parts went in & what he did to it.

A real fine man & gunsmith.

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So I go to pick up my Lefty 1873 yesterday and the lady behind the counter at my LGS gets out the box and starts apologizing.  She's very sorry, but it was damaged in transit. 


Of course I'm not happy, but not reacting yet, just listening.  She's afraid that it got water or some liquid on it and "the stainless steel is discolored".  I smiled, opened the package, and sure enough, it was 'discolored' or as some call it, color case hardened.  LOL. 


Another fine looking Lefty Wheeler rifle, this one with checkering. 




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