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  1. Horace, I still have mine too. Jax, I have a deal pending with skinny. If that falls through you're next in line, I hope you are well my friend and look forward to shooting with you again soon.
  2. Sorry skinny, i don't get down that way too often. thanks for the film clip Sam, i knew Bob did stunt work when he was younger, but never got to see any footage. That was pretty cool.
  3. ***SOLD PENDING FUNDS*** Gun cart made by OLD BOB. Great quality , breaks down and will fit in your car trunk, holds 5 long guns with 3 removable boxes for storage. Available for pick up at Fort Parker. $150.00
  4. I received mine today and am very pleased. Just waiting on Boom Pop's badge holder now
  5. FYI- I received tracking info from SASS today
  6. I’ll take item 5 the blue striped shirt. Pm sent
  7. not yet. ordered mine 5/15. patience is a virtue they say...
  8. ***People, People, People*** The Old Fort Parker Patriots will start shooting at 9am effective in July visit the website below for details https://oldfortparkerpatriots.weebly.com/info.html
  9. DEFEND OLD FORT PARKER 2021 will be held on the 3rd weekend in November. Side matches on Friday and main match on Saturday & Sunday. Please plan to attend and help keep the piece of Texas history open to the public. All categories listed on the application will be offered and will not be broken down any further. Application is on the website (limit 150 shooters) OLD FORT PARKER PATRIOTS DEFEND - HOME (weebly.com)
  10. I’ll take 1000 please. Pm me with details please HI GOODY! Hope you are well
  11. Howdy, how much would shipping be for 1,000 shipped to 76705?
  12. Maybe I missed it, but what is the length and price of the brown leather belt with no loops?
  13. Rick, I found that on ebay. it's a lazy susan type device that will hold 8 toolheads, caliber conversions and case gages.  It was a little pricey, but a real space saver. I wish I could think outside the box like that.

  14. keep your eye on gunbroker. I was able to get a 1873 Trapper in 357 for $735.00 just 2 days ago.
  15. Hey man, missed you this past weekend. I hope all is well with you.

  16. Hey, sorry I didn't get to say goodbye. I had to see a man about a horse and when I came back, everyone was gone. Anyhow it was good seeing you guys. I enjoyed it.

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