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  1. The Mine Cart from the Cabs range. Totes 16256724_1869836583260231_1340700214977101824_n.mp4
  2. My favorite part of Trailhead is their Sunday side matches (fastest gunfighter, couples shoot, etc). But, I have to say that this years Trailhead was the best one yet, even without the side matches. Kudos to the club for listening to the shooters and making changes to the rules and range! Heck, they even skipped that crazy swinger this year. Had a great time and really enjoyed the changes. Looking forward to next year. I need a set of those custom spurs!! Totes
  3. This one is a fun one! The Cabs here in Texas have a Mine Cart, I'll try to find a video. Totes IMG_5064_TRIM.MOV
  4. I use the Wicked Edge system. It's the finest knife sharpener I have ever used. And yes, it puts a wicked edge on the knife. Exact angles on each side. https://wickededgeusa.com Totes
  5. Hoss, I recall Deuce having a review of it on Facebook, in the end he returned it. Found the link.... https://www.facebook.com/steve.stevens.96/videos/2838324832855302/ Totes
  6. I always recommend to not skimp on holsters. Get a set that fit you and the style you plan to shoot. All the names mentioned above are great holster makers that understand how we use them in this game. Having run the timer for a lot of matches, watching new shooter struggle with cheap holsters is painful to watch. Just ask the top shooters at your annual/state/regional matches and those names above will all be mentioned. I have had great luck with Kirkpatrick holsters. My first set was an off the shelf LH-09 rig and I now shoot a custom variation of that rig that they built to my specs (more drop and more muzzle cant). I prefer a Kydex or steel lined holster. When this rig wears out, I will likely jump on the Colt Faro train and have him build me something a little flashy. Oh, and Jimmy Spurs builds a fantastic pistol and usually has a very quick turnaround time. If I had a set budget for action job and holsters, I would prioritize the holsters and ensure I got them right. Totes
  7. Been using 3.4gr of TB under a 100gr Precision Bullet for a few years now. For knockdowns, I just use their 147gr bullet over the same load. Totes
  8. Longer working hours here too. Super busy with the recent developments. I have worked from home for over a decade, so nothing new being stuck at home for extended periods of time. Had some vacation planned for annual matches, but those have been cancelled. Totes
  9. I tried on all the Wiley X frames my local eye doc had in stock and none really fit my face. Since it was a super cheap option, I ordered some Elvex safety glasses with the magnification (readers) that is the full lens. They are less than $10 on amazon, so I got a couple different magnifications. That was about a year ago and I have been shooting in them ever since. Saved me a lot compared to prescription shooting glasses. May not work for everyone, but it's a cheap test to see if they can work for you. Can always return them on Amazon. Totes
  10. Are you talking about the metal snap caps? I use dummy STS rounds with a pencil eraser jammed in the primer pocket and have not seen this issue. Totes
  11. Hyespeed, Not sure your shotgun budget or if you are looking for a single/double trigger, but Johnny Meadows has a couple Baikal's all slicked up and ready to race on Gun Broker. Right at the $550 mark. If that's in your budget, it would make a great scatter gun. Totes
  12. I bought a Bond Arms competition spring and it helped. Then a pard told me he used a SP101 spring. I had one from a pack I got from Wolfe. It was even better. No idea what lb they are, but I like it. Totes
  13. I've used Trail Boss and of course BP and the BP subs. All my pards around here swear by Unique. I picked up a pound to try out, but have not shot any of them yet.
  14. I've got a few and want more. The waiting is the worst. I read somewhere that the silencer shop was offering refunds of the tax stamp if HPA is approved. Not sure if it was for a specific period of time or during their holiday sales. It's the wait that prevents me from getting more, not the $200 Tax Stamp. If they both go away, I may have to get another safe. Totes
  15. I have the Tower of Power has well. It hangs up a bit when all the way down or all the way up. I too would pay to have it converted to a better working loader.
  16. HyeSpeed, I went through a few grips before I landed on the ones I have now. Like everything else, it's what 'feels' right in YOUR hands. I prefer a fatter grip with lots of checkering (grippy) vs. a smooth slick grip. The ones that come on the SASS set have very fine checkered so see how you like them when you shoot them. The set currently on my Rugers are from Altamont. As a contrast, my wife started with the Long Hunter SASS set. After a year, we sent them to Boomstick to half-cock and short Stroke since she started slip hammering. Now, we are sending them back to Boomstick to convert to Birdshead grip frames and she will switch to a slick pearl grip. It's all what feels right to YOU.
  17. Simple Green straight from the gallon jug.
  18. I've emailed the folks at Badman bullets and asked this question. They said NO to real BP, but YES to subs. I have seen other folks say they use the Molycoated bullets with real BP, but I choose to use lead and big lube bullets when I venture into real BP matches. Totes
  19. Great news! Thanks PWB! They had been out of stock for months. Totes
  20. I was a huge fan of the Badman .38 in 127grn, but they don't seem to be making them any more. I have switched to Precision Bullets Gen 2 coating with no crimp/lube groove and couldn't be happier. Its been almost 2 years since I switched to coated bullets and I really like 'em. I only use standard lead when shooting real BP. Totes
  21. I got my eye on the Frontier lever .22 with the threaded barrel. Not for CAS, but just as another .22 host when playing with the supressors. Totes
  22. Looking at the Cabs website, it shows the match is from 8:00 - 3:00. What time is hammers down? Trying to figure out how early to leave for the match. Totes
  23. The timer won't register the shots when dry firing. I just use it as a par timer. for instance, I set it 6 seconds, hit start and try to get 4 shotgun shells, pulled, dry fired and shucked before it reaches zero and beeps. Totes
  24. I have the Pact 3 timer. I like the hold then release to start for the button. The other I see around the local clubs are he pocket pro 2. Both are great and have a ton of features. For short dry fire sessions where par times are needed, I just use my iPhone and the free shot timer app.
  25. I have the Aimtechs. 2 Pistol and the Lever action model. Mine are the infra red and I have had zero issues. Had them well over a year now and probably have close to 100 hours use on them. I think I got mine through Optics camp online. They helped me get all setup when I received them. Never an issue. Totes
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