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  1. ....and remember Evil Bob....don't let the magic smoke out of the pump! Kajun
  2. I used a black permanent marker on the primer of every type of BP round I load. Kajun
  3. We've got about 35 applications in now and the deadline for ordering buckles is coming near the end of February so it'd be a big help if you plan on shooting the GA State match to get your applications in pretty soon. Kajun
  4. If your friend is a SASS shooter I'll probably know him. If he ain't just let me know when you'll be in GA and bring your SASS stuff, there are SASS matches almost every Saturday year round. We'll find you a place to shoot at. Kajun
  5. I seen you wuz joined up wif da Bayou Bounty Hunters! That right there is a good group of folks, you should have some "bon temps" there. I've enjoyed shooting at that club and they do have an interesting bunch of targets....and put on a heck of a good state match too. Welcome to the fire! Kajun
  6. I googled the term Pettifogger….wonder if there is a HOF for cowboy lawyers! Kajun
  7. Dang @Tennessee williams, yore good name has done been besmirched....there's no good that can come from this. I see bad things in the future of those that besmirched you. Even now there are chicken feet being hexed, boll weevil potions soaked in cotton being prepared, frog lip fricassee being cooked up and jarred, and all manner of mountain incantations being written all to the detriment of yore besmirchers! If they only knew the power and wonder of your talents they'd be shaking in there besmirching boots! Kajun
  8. You better be more nice to @Widder, SASS #59054 or he's gonna dip your do in a bucket of cursed chicken feet he got from @Tennessee williams and you'll have more hex than your do can stand! Kajun
  9. Now y’all quit badmouthing Widder….one day yore gonna need a hair transplant and you gotta find the best donor hair! Ole Widder may not be so generous to them that besmirched his mane! Kajun
  10. Good price on the RCBS scale....I've got one. Kajun
  11. I guess I'm gonna hafta take my roux-ga-roux left foot out of storage so's I kin ward off ole TW's left chicken foot curse! Kajun
  12. You said you were currently saving your money to buy a rifle. You've received a lot of good advice here. With the price of rifles I think the very best advice would be to wait until you can have both in your hands and shoot before spending the money. Kajun
  13. Some people just need watching! Kajun
  14. The SKB’s have a barrel selector so you can choose whichever you like. Fast Eddie has his set for right barrel first. He is a HOF skeet shooter so he probably does it right. IMHEO at 8 yards there’s not enough difference in the yaw of the recoil impulse to really make a difference. And given that my barrels were cut to 22 inches I am shooting a cylinder choke. And I like left to right so mine is set to shoot left barrel first. YMMV. Kajun
  15. I shoot an SKB SxS and am right handed and mostly shoot left to right unless there is some competitive advantage on a particular stage to start on the right. I have my barrel set for left barrel first because....well for no really good reason but to know that it will always fire first. The other good thing about knowing and keeping your barrel selector set ALWAYS on the same barrel is that if one of your firing pins or mechanisms malfunctions on a stage and you all of a sudden have a single barrel shotgun to continue the stage with you know what barrel to load. I've had that problem before and recovered nicely from it. Kajun
  16. +1 on Doc Noper. I bought one in 2012 from him and am still using it. I also bought another from him just to have a backup. The SG beltsI has 6 pairs with 3 bullet loops. Kajun
  17. Waimea, I'd advise against you carrying ANYTHING that would show the business you own or what you do for a living. I'm sure if you had any type of encounter and it went south that information would not be of benefit toward you. Kajun
  18. We had a little hiccup on the website, it's been fixed now. The 2023 main match and black powder applications are available at the website here. Kajun
  19. Announcing the 2023 Georgia State SASS Championship – Stampede At South River. Fast Eddie and the folks at the South River Gun Club in Conyers GA cordially invite everyone to come on to Georgia and shoot with us at the 2023 Georgia State SASS Championship. You can find match information on the state match website located here. The match will be held Thurs May 18 – Sat May 20. The Georgia State Black Powder Championship will be held on Thurs May 18th separate from the main match. Side matches and the state black powder championship are on Thurs. The first 5 stages of the main match will be shot on Friday and the remaining 5 stages and awards will be held on Saturday. In lieu of a banquet, we will have an awards ceremony on Saturday evening. Along with upgraded awards, we will also be providing lunch on Friday and Saturday to all contestants. You will have your choice of entree from the club house snack bar. There are 54 camping spaces with electric and water hookups on the range and are several hotels located about 12 miles from the range in Conyers at exit 82 off I-20. The match director is Fast Eddie and the stages are being written by Blackhawk Henry and Fast Eddie. Y’all check out the information and if you have questions about anything please let us know. For match questions contact Fast Eddie, for camping questions contact Max Payne, and for registration questions please contact Krazy Kajun. Our contact information can be found at the bottom of the match application. Krazy Kajun
  20. I'm with ya on the old and lazy. Right before I reload the brass I'll put them in a one gallon zip lock bag and spray some Hornady One Shot around in the bag and on the brass and then close the bag and roll the brass around in the bag.....helps spread out the lube to the cases better. The One Shot will evaporate in a few minutes and then I load them. Max Payne says "It's like giving your Dillon an action job!" and I agree with that. Kajun
  21. You don't have to use the pins to get the brass clean. I tried the pins the very first time I got my Frankford Arsenal wet tumbler and sure the brass came out all shiny and stuff but it took me forever to get those pins out of the brass. I tumble with the fired primers in the brass. I kept finding pins inside the brass when I tried to reload them, depriming pin found most of them for me. Now I tumble using a little Dawn and a small amount of Lemishine and my brass look brand new when finished and there are no little pins scattered all over to deal with. You can use whatever soap and wax that you want.....choose what works for you. But you do NOT need to use pins to get very shiny and clean brass. Kajun
  22. The very first thing I'd do if I'm spotting for you is ask the question "Were any chickens harmed during the stage?" If the answer is no, then I'll apply the SHB to what you "performed" during the stage. If any chickens were harmed why we'd just have to shut everything down and have us a chicken fry! Kajun
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