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  1. Hmmmm, well I guess you'll have to do what all the AL match first timers do, make a speech at the banquet! Kajun
  2. If Badlands Bob were included in the deal you'd have to pay them to take the guns! Kajun
  3. You didn't get a stage DQ for shooting with unapproved modifications? Kajun
  4. You might have to offer more than just an albino possum and some used chicken feet! Kajun
  5. More than likely she's still cooking all those chickens that you so cruelly cut the feet off of! Kajun
  6. Dang, sure sad news to hear. Miss Allie Meaux our prayers for your healing and recovery and lifted. You are strong and WILL recover. Kajun
  7. Well we are at the campground and forgot to pack the ark. The rain train came through Shelbyville and let’s just say that the drainage around our area needs a lot of work. Kajun
  8. You gotta a graph on how many shooters jumped the creek in their vehicle? Kajun
  9. The Nanner Split Kid might be strong this year! Kajun
  10. T-Square I looked for some VSTO shares but there were NONE in stock! Kajun
  11. Those are for shooting around corners! Kajun
  12. So sorry to hear of your loss. You and your family are in our prayers. Kajun
  13. Heck, if she's gonna buzz the tower the least she could do is stop by and sweep it out while she's in the area! Kajun
  14. Again, negative Broom Rider, the pattern is full! Kajun
  15. Sorry Broom Rider, the pattern is full! Kajun
  16. Shoot yeah, everybody knows shiny guns shoot faster! Kajun
  17. Sure sad news, gonna miss Papa Dave. I bought one of his gun carts 2 years ago, you see many of those in the Southeast. He was surely a fast shooter for his age and it'd be hard to outwork him on a posse. A real loss in our shooting community. Prayers up for the family. RIP. Kajun
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