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  1. Not only that but Widder promised he'd "autograph" each primer hisowndangself! Kajun
  2. 10 that you know about....and then one other! Kajun
  3. Yep, and changing leads on the fly! Kajun
  4. Since you are an outlaw shooter to you cook burgers with a spatula in both hands? JK, mighty generous of you doing this...it'll be good to see you and the rest of the gang this week. Kajun
  5. Update from the trail.....I just seen a whole flock of 2 legged chickens on roller skates rolling south on I-75 just south of Chattanooga trying to escape TN before the state match. Them little boogers wuz moooooovin' fast. Sho nuff right behind'um wuz the Chicken Foot Kid in his little truck with his window rolled down and his right hand on the steering wheel. He had his left arm hanging out the window holding a long handled fishing dip net trying to snag of of them skeered fowl! Ya know duelists are good with doing different things with each hand all at the same time. Poor chickens! Ya know there oughta be a law. Stay tuned right chere on this local station for more on the trail updates from your trusty trail reporter. Kajun
  6. Range looks really nice and well thought out….musta been some that McNeese brain bank bunch! I look forward to shooting there next time I down that way. Kajun
  7. Are you shore them paste boards weren't jokers? Kajun
  8. News from the trail indicates there have been many sightings of club footed chickens in TN as of late. TN state biologists haven't been able to discern whether there is some kind of birth defect spreading around or there are other nascent maleficence forces at work. Stay tuned for more developments. Kajun
  9. I guess I won’t be buying a gold carrier like the upper crust does! Kajun
  10. If'n you wuz borned and razed whar I wuz you'd knowed my gramer iz proper! Kajun
  11. I know who wrote it and he don’t live in TN! Kajun
  12. Ah but have you read and carry a copy of the RO3 manual? Kajun
  13. I see, so you just dig a deep enough hole to plant your feet in and then add some pine tar, honey and rabbit droppings with the fill dirt? I guess that tar will help you keep your feet from moving too much in the hole and the honey will help attract the flies in addition to the rabbit droppings. Capt. BB said if you keep your feet in the hole long enough you’d sprout some chicken feet too, would certainly give you more traction. I think the Grand Puba Sasquatch has you on the path to enlightenment! Kajun
  14. Just wondering if there is any truth to the rumor that the Chicken Foot Kid is, even now, out in the hollers under the tutelage of the Grand Puba Sasquatch getting his Piled High & Deep in hoodoo? Kajun
  15. Oh you have to come with them, question is how did you wish the lucky shooter to be chosen? Kajun
  16. Sounds like a pettifogger term to me....considering the source! Kajun
  17. You’ll need to bring those primers. Updated list will be posted after I get home from the Farmagdon match. Kajun
  18. Has somebody been doing Practiscore input using chicken's feet to make the entries and updates? Kajun
  19. Kittery Trading Post is an amazing place. Kajun
  20. I tell ya Barkeep, this is truly a job for only one superhero, Tennessee Williams third cousin four times removed, ChickenMan. If'n you'll watch this video through you'll find that ole CM (TW's 3rd cousin 4 times removed) is only available for crime fightin' and 2nd class detective work on weekends. Turns out yore upcoming match is on tap for next weekend....perfect timing. No thanks is needs for this recommend Barkeep, once I found out ole CM was one of TW's kin I just knowed he'd be the right fowl for the job! Kajun
  21. Comment’ ca va et bienvenue Georgia! I think I’ve shot with you at the LA state match in Amite. Send me a message here in the Wire and I’ll send my contact info. There are several clubs in GA and there is a match every Sat. I'll contact you and give you all the info you want. Kajun
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