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  1. Free HAZMAT today and tomorrow at Powder Valley, which is cheaper than Midway usually. Totes
  2. Try a WTB here on the wire. I spoke to Fast Eddie at CaC back in Sept and he was all out, but that could have changed. Boomstick seems to usually have an SKB or two as well. I was looking for one for about a 6 months andI finally got lucky and bought an unfired Nickel 200E from Colt Faro here on the wire. Good luck in your search! Totes
  3. I'm in the 1 (Rifle) miss camp as well. Totes
  4. Carty did the two 73's I have. They are the shortest stroke allowed by SASS and they are nice! Totes
  5. Totes Magoats

    Night shoot

    Hoss and I will be at Trailhead as well. I hope they have more than one stage this year at the night shoot! Totes
  6. Totes Magoats

    Night shoot

    It was a ton of fun at the night shoot. I posted a lot of pictures on Facebook in the SASS videos group. Here are a couple other good ones.
  7. I have also had poor luck with consistent email notification from the Wire. Sometimes I go a month or so without emails about new posts in the Classifieds, then with no intervention from me, I start getting the emails again for a few months, then nothing again. Note: I am a high tech redneck and have checked all the possible issues on my side. My guess is it may be updates to the forum software, but that is just a guess. All my notification settings remain the same during these black out periods. Totes
  8. I spoke to Lassiter at CaC last year. He has done work on a ton of these shotguns. I have yet to see one at a match yet, but they seem promising. Totes
  9. I have 17# in my set with zero issues and we have a young shooter that competes with Wranglers. Her guns have 17# springs as well. I have T.O. for her a couple hundred stages and never seen a misfire from her pistols. I have tried a number of different brands of .22 ammo. Totes
  10. Colt, I'll take it. Message me where to send the check and where to send FFL info. Totes
  11. Live fire practice at speed, repeat, repeat, repeat. That will fix it. Totes
  12. Always fun shooting with the Cabs. They are a hard working club and their range reflects it! Totes
  13. Must be my lucky day! I just pulled the C&I Gen 4 links out of my match rifle and they fit fine; same size pins. Looks like I should be able to short stroke it. I did notice there is a very, very slight bend in the firing pin and it does appear to be a different size. May have trouble finding one of those. Totes
  14. Abilene, I took it out and shot it yesterday, it's a tack driver. If I can get it short-stroked, it's gonna be really fun to shoot. It's the same barrel as the .357/.45 so it's heavy with just the material for the .22 bore hole removed. Totes
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