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  1. I've always shot grooveless bullets in CAS. In my early days, I needed 2 OAL’s since my wife shot a Marlin and I shot a ‘73. She has since moved to a 73, but I continue to use the same bullet. Precision bullets out of Kemp Texas makes various sizes in this type. Totes
  2. Very few of the clubs around me are setup for down range movement, but lateral movement along the firing line could be done at most any club. It would take some getting used to. I recall the first time I shot PCC at the Bar 3, movement was encouraged and I still found myself planted when hammering the trigger. Totes
  3. I remember a video of Hairtrigger Hays on this subject. Body in continuous motion but feet riding the line of movement, but I think it was on Facebook. He had posted it asking for a consensus. I'll see if I can find it. Totes
  4. Great to see the range back! Looking forward to Bayou Blast! Sent my registration the first day I seen it available. Totes
  5. Dillon is one of the best presses out there and their no questions asked parts replacement puts them at the top for me. Totes
  6. I have both 650 & 750 setup side by side on the bench. One is setup for small primer, other for large. If I was to buy another one or recommend someone to buy their first, it would be the 750. The primer system makes the difference on the 750. After setup, most all other functions are the same. Totes
  7. So, where do I buy a IJAFS pin? Totes
  8. On mine (plow handles), It really helped them shoot flatter and I like the balance/weight on mine. I went with 5.5" from Snake Oil George. When I sent them to get engraved, I shot my backup 5.5" round barrels and I could really tell the difference. I plan to get my backups converted over to octagons as well. I think you will really like them once they are done. I also think they look really kool. Totes
  9. Not sure if Left Wheeler sells them, but he has installed them in all my rifles he built for me. Maybe give him a shout. Totes
  10. it doesn’t have the split in the middle and the drop tube is on the bottom. Totes
  11. I put a LOT of effort into shooting sub-2 second rifle strings and along the path, I jacked out a LOT of rifle rounds and still do on occasion. Because of this I had to learn how to reload on the clock out of necessity. For me, over the top with my right hand is the fastest. It wasn't in the beginning, but after hundreds of attempts, I feel confident with my technique. It all comes down to what technique you want to invest the time in. If you only do it a few times a year, you may not get really good at either, but if you do it a few times a match (or stage), you get pretty good. A slightly shorter .38 round helps and I did that in the beginning, but now I just use my standard length reloads and don't go to the trouble of loading shorter rounds for reloads. I have also watched a world champion reload a Marlin through the gate vs. tossing it in the action like most. Through the gate is likely the safest way if you don't want to invest the time in really learning another technique. Totes
  12. My wife found this at an estate sale and it needs a stand and a hopper. I have no idea what brand it is, but guessing an early Lyman? No marking I can find on any of the drums or body. Anyone know the brand and if there are parts to be had? Totes
  13. If you're interested in splitting up the package, I would be interested in the 45 Colt conversion set and 45 Colt dies. Totes
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