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  1. These can be a blast! They do a similar side match at Comin' at Cha (shoot and scoot), but even longer. Maybe someone will have a video they can post, I can't find mine. I can't wait until next week to shoot it. Totes
  2. Thanks for this. I will note it down. I have a lot of 45-70 brass currently. On the same subject, for dies, I am reading that Lyman or RCBS Cowboy 40-65 dies are the way to go? Any advice here? I was also looking at Bear Creek 40-65 bullets since I don't cast my own. Totes
  3. Exactly what I will be using it for. Some ranges around these parts are out past 200 yds. I need/want something easy on the shoulder both my wife and I can shoot. I am planning on Kelly sights and shooting mostly smokeless. I think I am decided on the Browning in 40-65, but I am playing around with the C. Sharps rifle builder online. appreciate all the input! Totes
  4. AD, thanks for the offer, but I really want either a 38-55 or 40-65 as both Ginger and I will be shooting it. She does not like my 45-70's. I am really considering the Browning in 40-65 with all this input. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow! Totes
  5. Thanks All, I am leaning towards the Winchester or Browning. Totes
  6. Thanks for the links John Boy. I don't think finding one will be as hard as deciding on which one to buy. That browning is beautiful! Totes
  7. Well, I let Hoss talk me into shooting his High Wall and now it's gonna cost me. I am looking at getting a high wall in 38-55. I am set on a high wall and about 95% on 38-55. 40-65 would be the other I would consider. Not interested in any of the 45's. My question, besides the price difference is there a reason to go with an Uberti/Cimarron over a new Winchester or a used Browning? I am not a fan of the wood on the Italian guns. I don't cast my own bullets, so is there advantages of one over the other with typical chamber size, twist rates, etc. I do plan on a Kelley soule and front sight and at least a 28" barrel. WTB will probably follow soon in the classifieds. Totes
  8. Welcome! For the '73, if you are looking to do a little at a time or all yourself vs. sending it off to a smith to do everything, I would suggest: Mag Tube insert to align everything (super easy install) - This would be near the top of my list. Slixx Springs to lighten and protect wear (there will be some fitting with these but easy) - This would be at the top of the list. Light Lever spring (easy install) - Near the top of the list. For the mainspring, I would skip the coil over and just get a tuned spring from Slick or a number of others (easy install), I had issues with the coilover I had and others report the same. Same as the above, at the top of the list. Tube cap - I think this is just a nice to have. I really only remove mine maybe 1 or twice a year. Hardened screw kit - these are great, but pricey. Maybe wait until you bugger up a screw a bit I would also look into the following: I prefer a straight trigger, but they are an acquired taste. See if you can find a rifle with one and see if you like it. For the front sight, you may find you like a larger/smaller bead, there are lots of options for that as well. Time will tell what you like/need. Gunsmith screwdrivers/bits - if you don't have them already! If you don't, those hardened screws will be needed sooner. I always go the route of having someone just build it for me. There are a lot of good 73 smith's out there that specialize in our game. For Uberti '73's, Lefty Wheeler is my go to. His rifles will flat out run. Totes
  9. I will be giving him my new SKB 200e at CaC 2020 to slick up. Ive handled one by him and it was great. And you’re right, his rifles are fantastic! Totes
  10. Hoss, Congrats on your Cody Dixon Lever first place finish! The Texican Rangers sure put on a good match this year. Lots of hurdles to overcome and a little rain affecting the schedule, but the officers of the club really pulled off a fantastic match! Totes
  11. I like both Bullseye and WST. Totes
  12. Great news! Looking forward to trying out the Pro Steel side match this year. Totes
  13. I write a large number of matches for our local club and rarely ever write a story. Even at larger events, it's common for the Posse Marshall to ask if we want the story read prior to the stage instructions. I do however try to come up with a witty line or something short for each stage and then post it visibly at the starting position where the shooter can see it. There are also those shooters that always use their own line to indicate ready on every stage at every match. Texas folks can probably guess the shooter just by hearing the start line: "Let'er Buck" "Going Hot" Totes
  14. No, I've skipped all area matches that have required a mask. I realize it's may not be the local clubs decision and don't blame them for enforcing the policy, I just choose not to attend if there is a mask requirement or a physical prior to shooting. Totes
  15. The Mine Cart from the Cabs range. Totes 16256724_1869836583260231_1340700214977101824_n.mp4
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