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  1. Live fire practice at speed, repeat, repeat, repeat. That will fix it. Totes
  2. Always fun shooting with the Cabs. They are a hard working club and their range reflects it! Totes
  3. Must be my lucky day! I just pulled the C&I Gen 4 links out of my match rifle and they fit fine; same size pins. Looks like I should be able to short stroke it. I did notice there is a very, very slight bend in the firing pin and it does appear to be a different size. May have trouble finding one of those. Totes
  4. Abilene, I took it out and shot it yesterday, it's a tack driver. If I can get it short-stroked, it's gonna be really fun to shoot. It's the same barrel as the .357/.45 so it's heavy with just the material for the .22 bore hole removed. Totes
  5. You guessed it, it's a '73 chambered in .22LR. I picked it up from a another cowboy at our last match. It's marked Uberti and imported by Allen F.A. MFG, so appears to pre-date Cimarron Arms (not 100%). 24" Octagon barrel, CCH and straight grip stock. It's appeared untouched with very few rounds through it. Upon inspection on my bench, almost everything seems to be the same internally as the centerfire calibers. I swapped out the mainspring and lifter/lever springs and it really lightened up the action. The Carrier is different of course and has a flat spring shell stop (for lack of a better term) to accommodate the shorter .22 LR round and of course the firing pin hole in the bolt is at the bottom since it's a rimfire. MY QUESTIONS: Has anyone short stroked one of these (seems a Gen5 kit would work/fit fine) How rare are these, this is first one I have seen Any history on these or idea how old it is? I can't find anything on the Interwebs In the picture below, there are 2 additional screws on the left side of the receiver, I assume they are for a safety? anyone know? The larger one is flush with the inside of the receiver, the smaller one protrudes into the receiver but down not screw into anything internally.
  6. I lose about 80%-90% of my rifle brass. It all ejects forward... way forward. Very few places around here have down-range movement, so getting the brass back is usually a lost cause. I get a high percentage of my pistol brass back. Totes
  7. Protects the stock from dings/scratches when discarding the rifle Personalizes the rifle if stamped/carved/dyed/etc Can add some 'traction' to the butt of the rifle if there is only a metal butt plate Can add some padding and change the crescent butt place to a flatter surface when shouldering just to name a few.... I second Ricochet Roy, he makes some nice covers. Also, Kirkpatrick now laser engraves butt covers, so there could be a solution there for some custom work. Totes
  8. His guns are fast, but those TRANSITIONS!! Simply amazing. Totes
  9. So and so builds the best Pistols/Rifle/etc. That Alias is offensive Smokestack speeds up all his videos online (maybe not a wire feud, but fun to read elsewhere) A personal favorite is: Adults can't shoot Buckaroo category. Totes
  10. I have fun at most matches regardless of the target setup and stage setup. I prefer close and fast, but enjoy the opposite as well. What can ruin a match for me is being on a posse with folks that just refuse to work or counters that watch other counters fingers more than the targets. Not fun. Totes
  11. The category winners got a really great 'trophy' this year.
  12. T-Bone said it will be a day or two. I can post a link here as soon as I see them. Totes
  13. I finally got to try the Badlands Bar 3 version of mounted shooting. Fun! IMG_5432.mp4
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