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  1. Mollys all the way. They have really treated us right when we order from them and need help/changes/etc. Totes
  2. Eddie Viola at Smokewagon Engraving. Totes
  3. Eddie Viola at Smokewagon Engraving did mine. Super happy with them. Totes
  4. I chose 5.5". I like the extra weight they have and how flat they shoot. Totes
  5. The 8 or so years I've been shooting SASS and using the wire, I've never clicked on the TEAM SASS forums. Seems like a lot of good info there. Might want to market/evangelize it a little more. Surely, I'm not the only one that never really knew what it was about. Totes
  6. My vote would be YES to all three proposed changes. I am a little curious, is the opposition to the lever wrap rule change because it has a perceived potential to make the shooter faster with the rifle? Totes
  7. If you have an iPhone, login to the Wire, and when you are posting, there will be an Add Files button at the bottom. Click it and choose Add Photo. That should take you to your photo library to choose which picture to upload. You 'might' need to give it permission to your photos. Touch the photos you want to upload and click ADD at the top. Submit your post. Totes
  8. I watched those boys from Florida and Cobra Cat at Land Run, they'd get my vote. Totes
  9. If I wasn't headed to the Caribbean, we would be there. I missed Defend Old Fort Parker and by the looks of the videos I saw, it was my favorite kind of match! Totes
  10. The entire time I'm trying to watch his video, I'm thinking there are probably only 2 people that would want to shoot this, him and maybe his camera operator. It's irritating how he depicts Cowboy Action Shooting and he's got 678K subscribers with over 13K views in 8 hours. Totes
  11. If you are a veteran, Pelican offers military/veteran discounts!! Totes
  12. Mine is the V730 Vault from Pelican: DIMENSIONS (LWH | inches): Exterior 47.12 x 19.18 x 6.90 | Interior 44.00 x 16.00 x 6.25 - WEIGHT WITH FOAM: 22.07 Lbs (10 kg)
  13. Plum Creek put on great matches! One of my favorite matches of the year. Totes
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