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  1. I knew him before he was famous. Totes
  2. Mickey, Ginger has moved to plow handle Jimmy Spurs Rugers, so was thinking of selling her Birdsheads. We can bring them to the Sept match at TRP or the WB match next Sat if you and Silver Bell want to check them out. They are stainless & short stroked as well. Totes
  3. You’d be hard pressed to beat a Browning BPCR high wall in 45-70 with a set of MVA sights. For a production rifle at a relatively decent price and availability on the used market, they really shoot well. Totes
  4. Our club has Cowboy Lite dress code for Summers here in South Texas (Jun-Aug). Shirt sleeve shirts, shorts are ok. No open toed shoes or ball caps. We recommend a cowboy hat. We also try to shoot in our buildings vs the non covered stages on the range. Totes
  5. Looks and balance for me. I like the little extra weight they add. Totes
  6. This is in a relatively small room and utilizes one of the corners to save overall space with the 'bench' pushed up against the wall..
  7. I don't have a large bench. It's actually an electric adjustable desk/standing desk. So I mounted the 750 to use while standing at the end of the desk and the 650 while standing behind the desk. This puts them really close and uses less space.
  8. My Boogie rifle came with one of Smokestacks. Try Smokestack or Shotgun Boogie. Totes
  9. Smokestack did a similar video as well.
  10. I’ve stove piped brass in my rifle and poked through a piece of brass with the extractor, same area but the dent/hole looked larger than your pics. odd for sure. Totes
  11. At our small club annual, the theme is "There's no second place in a gunfight". We give champion buckles to all category winners and the overall man/lady. For second place in the categories, we award an engraved wooden token with our annual logo and theme, which can be traded in for 1 free monthly match.
  12. That Perfect Pattern seems interesting. Looking forward to the review. Totes
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