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  1. With only 54% TG’s representing their clubs by voting on these two items, I would like to know if my TG was one that didn’t even respond. Totes
  2. Harbor Freight has nice hard cases similar to Plano cases. Inexpensive and work great! Totes
  3. Looking forward to it! My very first Bayou Blast was their very last Bayou Blast. I pestered ol' Possum every time I saw him about bringing it back. I really enjoyed that match and it's a club full of great folks! Totes
  4. It's a shame, but you have to do your research. When they joined the wire, SASS#, number of posts, are they just a guest, etc. With each successful scam, the longer they will be around and the more clever they will get. Really sucks this is happening here. Totes
  5. Surely there is a key detail missing in the description of this WTC. I just can see giving the owner of the gun a MDQ with only the details in this post. Totes
  6. I shucked a live Shotgun shell at the last Bayou Blast they held. It went off behind me when it hit the gravel. Loud, but no one was hurt. I still carry that hull in my cart. Totes
  7. Totes Magoats


    You will want to label them so when your Great, Great, Great grandkids find them in 40 years, they don't get a surprise with the boom and smoke. Totes
  8. Does this really get questioned so often we need to vote on a rule/standard change? Also, Where is the line on how things get changed in the rule book? Seems we get to vote on some and some are just posted as approved (stickers on your guns and using more reliable shotgun primers in your ROA’s). Totes
  9. What is ‘Under Close Supervision’? Why not just allow gunfighter style in all age based categories vs from 14-16 years old? Totes
  10. At the Cabs match, cops shoot their jacketed ammo at paper targets hung above cowboy steel targets. Start with mag inserted in both rifle and pistol, no round in chamber. Shotgun stoked. If you want full details on how they run their match (they have had a number of them), you can reach out to Judge Menday Coming at the Cabs. DM me for contact info.
  11. I really like the 5.5" on my .357/.38s. That extra weight really keeps the muzzle flat when shooting! Totes
  12. I must have had great timing. Ordered mine a couple weeks ago and they will be here Monday. Totes
  13. Snake Oil George will fix you up. Careful, it’s a slippery slope once you start. Totes
  14. I've tried the elastic loops and just can't stand them. Not sure if it's my body shape or what, but everything time I bend over for something shells go everywhere. I've tried multiple vendors with the same results. I prefer the leather cups/loops in a double configuration. Kirkpatrick leather made my last couple belts and I really like them. I think it's one of those things you have to try until you find one you like. Just trying one on for a few minutes won't tell you much. You need to shoot a few stages or a few matches with one to find what works best for you. Luckily, the top name leather workers belts are easy to sell if you don't like them. Good Luck! Totes
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