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  1. Hoss, I have to come all the over here to the wire to find out you got a cool new gun? I thought we were buddies!?! Totes
  2. If presented with your stage choices, I would shoot the rifle reload path. Everything needed is in my regular practice routine. That poor TO having to remember all the options and remind shooters what they need to do and when. Totes
  3. Pistol reload is about 9 seconds, but to be fair, 7 seconds of that is me repeatedly yelling "who the heck wrote this stage!". Totes
  4. I agreed it’s likely a timing issue with your technique vs the rifle. I shoot my rifle a little different as I keep my trigger finger in the guard and time it so I am on the trigger as the lever fully closes one the lever safety. For me, I find it faster. May be another technique the OP can try. Totes
  5. I like the idea and would participate. I would throw in the idea of some club grudge matches (intra and inter state) to go along with the individual awards. Instead of comparing this to NASCAR, compare it to Street Outlaws which is spawning all kinds of spin offs and grass roots racing interest. Totes
  6. Oddly enough, it looks like Wally World has one in stock: https://www.walmart.com/ip/LEE-CLASSIC-TURRET-PRESS-CAST-IRON/24032139 Totes
  7. I have used cotton balls. They were fun. Totes
  8. Totes Magoats


    Question regarding the round in the chamber in this scenario. As the TO, you count the shooter only fired 9, they drop the rifle pull the pistol as you are yelling 'One More'. When are you to have time to check if the nose of the bullet entered the chamber. Just not practical to step into the shooters way to check the chamber or to pause the shooter to confirm. Especially on a really fast shooter where there is no position change between rifle and pistol. Transition speed is just too quick. Totes
  9. I truly hope this suggestion was in jest. Cancel culture has gotten way out of hand as it is. As this is my favorite sweep, I’ll continue to call it a progressive sweep and write it in the stage instructions. I will also continue to ask for a liberal amount of chili on my hot dog. Totes
  10. Billy, We are staying at the Americas Best Value Inn. They look to have availability still in Columbus. It around $75 a night. We have stayed there a couple times and it's a nice place. Will be full of cowboy shooters for sure. Not far from the range. Totes
  11. I installed the lighter Wolf main springs above and also the 30oz trigger spring. Made a big difference. That gate spring is stout though. It lightens up a bit over time, but could use some tweaking. Totes
  12. Don't worry, you will find old one as soon as the new one arrives. Totes
  13. I have used a number of rigs over the years and many listed above. Great rigs are not cheap, but having a really good rig sure makes shooting more enjoyable. Kirkpatrick leather JM Leather Persimmon Dan Doc Noper Colt Faro All are shooters or former shooters that know how to build rigs for what we do. There are many more, but I have used the above and know they are quality rigs. Totes
  14. I really prefer the straight trigger. Been shooting with one for years now and therefore I am faster with one than the curved trigger. But, I do think if I spent the last few years shooting with the curved trigger, I would be faster with it. Like others have said, put in the time and you will get fast with either. I can shoot sub 2 second strings with the straight, but never broke 2 seconds with a curved. No doubt I could do it with a little effort/practice though. Totes
  15. I think SKB is the way to go. Try both a 100 and 200 and see which one you prefer. Both Fast Eddie and Lefty Wheeler do a great job slicking them up. I would bet the majority of the hammerless SxS shooters on the first page of the score sheet for EOT shoot a Fast Eddie SKB. Totes
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