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  1. Any chance you can snap a picture and post it? I do notice the leading edge of the cylinder 'could' be relieved a bit, but hesitant to relieve it much.
  2. They are! Jimmy Spurs does it as part of his race job. Totes
  3. "and a P" nothing more annoying than that. Totes
  4. I shoot 3-3/4" NMV's. I had a bad experience with some holsters I have (dropped an unloaded gun as it fell out of the holster when running). For me, I use the Kirkpatrick LH-09 holsters. they have a tension screw to adjust the hold on the pistol. I have tried a number of others, and I am sticking with Kirkpatrick just for this reason. I'm hard on holsters! These are about 4 years old.
  5. It's hard for me to wait for a quoted timeline when it comes to getting a gun worked on. Having to wait longer with no explanation would aggravate the heck out of me. How long is too long? Longer than quoted by the gunsmith. If they are going to take longer a simple email/phonecall goes a long way. I have a rifle at a gunsmith now, and I am antsy to get it, but I know it will be another 2 months likely. I was told that going in. But one thing I know for sure is when you are quoted a couple of months and it ends up being a couple of weeks, it's like winning the lottery. Totes
  6. Congratulations to Hoss!! Cody Dixon lever State Champion! Totes
  7. I have the same feelings about helping others through a stage and I really enjoy seeing young shooters start their journey into Cowboy action shooting. We have seen a number of young shooters at our local club and we all help to ensure they safely enjoy our game at the monthly matches. I just want to ensure, as a T.O. at a state or higher match, I am being fair and equally applying the rules across the board. I would hate to hear at the banquet that a young man or young lady lost to another shooter because the TO allowed mom or dad to prop up the rifle and open/shuck the shotgun shells for the young shooter. There is no clear indication in the shooter's handbook addressing this. There are only general statements that are open to interpretation regarding firearm handling skills. Maybe the best bet is to ask the MD of the match and get their ruling.
  8. Does a young shooter have to shoot a stage without support or assistance from another (parent for example) to avoid a penalty? Example 1: Young shooter has a hard time breaking open a shotgun and if they require assistance from another shooter to break it open, is there a scoring penalty assessed? Example 2: if a young shooter requires assistance supporting a long gun, can another shooter safely assist holding up the rifle to help clear a prop or table without a penalty? I am asking about state or higher matches? What can the TO allow, not allow? Totes
  9. Plastic hulled shells should have a shelf life longer than a Twinkie as long are they are not stored in the bed of your truck. I dove hunt with a guy that keeps shells in 5-gallon buckets in his shed for years and years and they all seem to go bang when fired. Totes
  10. Match ready is a relative term. Can you run it right out of the box at a match, YES! Can I win a speed rifle side match with it right out of the box, No (I can't). NOTE: I said 'I' can't. YMMV For me, to move to the Miroku with the least learning curve, I needed it to be as close to my Uberti as possible (lever throw distance), have a super light trigger and as smooth. Carty did all the above and then some. I can now run the Miroku like I run my Uberti. Totes
  11. I have a number of Uberti 73's built by popular 'smiths. I also have a Miroku that Carty built for us recently. After shooting the Miroku, I am a convert. I ordered another one for me so that both the wife and I will shoot Miroku's. The only (very minor) complaint I have is there is not a straight trigger for the Miroku, but I can transition back to the curved trigger profile. Totes
  12. Buy from Deuce and send it to Carty for the action work. Makes for a mighty fine rifle for this game! Totes
  13. I have had good luck with the little Harbor Freight unit. Won't fit the entire pistol, but works great for the small parts (cylinder, etc). I use Simple Green as the solution when I run parts through it. I shoot smokeless powder. NOTE: Careful with blued parts! Totes
  14. I would also recommend planning to stay and shoot on Sunday. They offer the Couples shoot, Team shoot and the man on man type pistol shootout. It's done very well and is a hoot! It's my favorite part of the entire match (except for the Rooster's Ride side match). IMG_5064.MOV
  15. Watch Jokers Wild's videos. He shoots this way and shoots it VERY well! Totes
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