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  1. Here is quick video of it in action. I was trying to do it one handed while I help my phone, so quality isn't the best, but it shows it in action. IMG_6332.MOV
  2. I have one as well, it works great! Totes
  3. My rifle and my wife's rifle kick our brass out front. If I get 2 pieces of rifle brass back per stage, I feel lucky. Totes
  4. For me, it depends on what needs to be worked on. Vaqueros - Jimmy Spurs Uberti 73 - Lefty Wheeler & Brushy Creek Bill SKB - Lefty Wheeler & Fast Eddie Octagon Barrels for your Rugers - Snake Oil George Winchester 73 - Cowboy Carty There is a benefit to having someone local to you to work on your guns. They can help fine tune them as they know how you shoot. Also, if they are local, it's a lot easier to get them back and forth if any tweaks need to be made or you need a replacement part. I am sure you can't go wrong with any 'sm
  5. Looks great! The new design seems like it will be very efficient. Totes
  6. I would say $2k would be a good price for the pistols. Anything less would be a great deal for a set of JS tuned pistols. Just search the classifieds here for recent sales or go to Jimmy Spurs web page a look what a new set would cost you to have built. Totes
  7. go here, you have to search through the list to see the posse assigned: http://cowboy.okcgunclub.org/LR/Land Run 2021/Forms/attending040721.pdf
  8. Hoss, Looks like a good posse. Lot's of gunfighters, don't blink when you're counting. Good luck up there! Totes
  9. The Cabs up in Blanco shoot this Sat. Approx an hour from downtown S.A. Totes
  10. Being a 49’er in Texas ain’t easy. Congrats, CoJack!
  11. OK Dee is also a heck of a TO as well. He saved me multiple seconds on a stage at the annual match. Shotgun targets were very sticky and didn't fall well. Everyone was yelling 'UP' on my last set and I was close to reloading 2 more that would have cost me some time. He stopped me just in time as the target finally fell. Sharp eye! Totes IMG_6429.mp4
  12. Great Stages and a fantastic match overall. The officers sure know how to put on a match! Totes
  13. I enjoyed the match as well. Super happy that swinger was retired! If I have one suggestion it would be to 'Feed that dang cub bear on stage 10'! He need to gain about 50 pounds. Shot my first long range match there as well. Hitting a Ram at 500 meters is sure satisfying. Winning a set of pistols and custom leather was nice as well... Totes
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