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  1. I use the Wicked Edge system. It's the finest knife sharpener I have ever used. And yes, it puts a wicked edge on the knife. Exact angles on each side. https://wickededgeusa.com Totes
  2. Hoss, I recall Deuce having a review of it on Facebook, in the end he returned it. Found the link.... https://www.facebook.com/steve.stevens.96/videos/2838324832855302/ Totes
  3. I always recommend to not skimp on holsters. Get a set that fit you and the style you plan to shoot. All the names mentioned above are great holster makers that understand how we use them in this game. Having run the timer for a lot of matches, watching new shooter struggle with cheap holsters is painful to watch. Just ask the top shooters at your annual/state/regional matches and those names above will all be mentioned. I have had great luck with Kirkpatrick holsters. My first set was an off the shelf LH-09 rig and I now shoot a custom variation of that rig that they built to my specs (more drop and more muzzle cant). I prefer a Kydex or steel lined holster. When this rig wears out, I will likely jump on the Colt Faro train and have him build me something a little flashy. Oh, and Jimmy Spurs builds a fantastic pistol and usually has a very quick turnaround time. If I had a set budget for action job and holsters, I would prioritize the holsters and ensure I got them right. Totes
  4. Been using 3.4gr of TB under a 100gr Precision Bullet for a few years now. For knockdowns, I just use their 147gr bullet over the same load. Totes
  5. Longer working hours here too. Super busy with the recent developments. I have worked from home for over a decade, so nothing new being stuck at home for extended periods of time. Had some vacation planned for annual matches, but those have been cancelled. Totes
  6. I tried on all the Wiley X frames my local eye doc had in stock and none really fit my face. Since it was a super cheap option, I ordered some Elvex safety glasses with the magnification (readers) that is the full lens. They are less than $10 on amazon, so I got a couple different magnifications. That was about a year ago and I have been shooting in them ever since. Saved me a lot compared to prescription shooting glasses. May not work for everyone, but it's a cheap test to see if they can work for you. Can always return them on Amazon. Totes
  7. Your recipe is good, and like others say, make small adjustments until it's fixed. I shot a very similar load using the same press for years until I went even lighter charge with more shot and moved to a RCBS Grand press. I buy my #7.5 Shot (Eagle brand) from Brownells when they have their free shipping coupons. About $41/25lbs bag with no tax/shipping charges. Totes
  8. Lefty Wheeler has a good video on reassembly and lube/grease recommendations. Damn good rifle 'smith too!
  9. Free HAZMAT today and tomorrow at Powder Valley, which is cheaper than Midway usually. Totes
  10. Try a WTB here on the wire. I spoke to Fast Eddie at CaC back in Sept and he was all out, but that could have changed. Boomstick seems to usually have an SKB or two as well. I was looking for one for about a 6 months andI finally got lucky and bought an unfired Nickel 200E from Colt Faro here on the wire. Good luck in your search! Totes
  11. I'm in the 1 (Rifle) miss camp as well. Totes
  12. Carty did the two 73's I have. They are the shortest stroke allowed by SASS and they are nice! Totes
  13. Totes Magoats

    Night shoot

    Hoss and I will be at Trailhead as well. I hope they have more than one stage this year at the night shoot! Totes
  14. Totes Magoats

    Night shoot

    It was a ton of fun at the night shoot. I posted a lot of pictures on Facebook in the SASS videos group. Here are a couple other good ones.
  15. I have also had poor luck with consistent email notification from the Wire. Sometimes I go a month or so without emails about new posts in the Classifieds, then with no intervention from me, I start getting the emails again for a few months, then nothing again. Note: I am a high tech redneck and have checked all the possible issues on my side. My guess is it may be updates to the forum software, but that is just a guess. All my notification settings remain the same during these black out periods. Totes
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