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  1. Ginger Vitis and I will be there. Our second time attending this match. Had so much fun last year, we put this one on our calendar before the match was over. Totes
  2. With the latest update on our Fire tablets, the combined scores have 3 columns (if a bonus is in place). M - P and B. M = misses by count P = total Penalties (not to be confused as a column for a procedural) in seconds B= Bonus time in seconds I think when folks see the 'P' column they expect it to represent Procedural. HTH, Totes
  3. I have a small bag with Amazon Fire tablets (super cheap), a small 2"x2" portable wifi router and a small portable phone charger. Everything I need to build/sync matches with Practiscore. After the match we pass around a tablet so everyone can see the scores, then I post them when I get home to Facebook and our website. But, if you wanted to use your phone hot spot, that would work as well. We just don't get good enough cell coverage at our range. Also note, you can keep the shooters handbook, miss workflow, penalty reference sheet, etc on the tablets so they are easy reference at every stage.
  4. Add me to the list of TB fans. I use it in all my cowboy loads and .45LC for wild bunch. Totes
  5. I am in the wagon that dislikes diamonds and odd-shaped critters. What I really like is a small stencil or shaped painted in the center of the target or the targets with a contrasting outline around the border. I also enjoy staggered heights and spacing between targets. Plain white targets are my least favorite color, just harder for me to pick up on a sunny day for some reason. Totes
  6. The key is ensuring enough light at the LT/ULT. We used rope lights strung around the 'roofs' of the tables so they were high enough and in the rafters that is had minimal impact to shooters vision. Another thing I tried was a flashlight in a larger red plastic see through cup, it did not give enough light at the LT/ULT to safely load/clear guns. I experimented with glow in the dark paint on the targets and even breaking open glow sticks and splattering on the targets, neither were great. As Hoss pointed out above, the large light plant parked up range was great. Provided enough light to move around the range safely, yet did not light up the targets too much to take away from it being a night shoot.
  7. Most clubs I shoot in Texas is $20 non-members and $15 for members. My local club, Texas Riviera Pistoleros, includes lunch with the match fee. All first-time shooters to our local club shoot free. Totes
  8. If there's a scoresheet and a timer, it's a competition. For me, the time between the LT and the ULT is about executing all that I practice before and after the LT and ULT, regardless of Monthly match or higher. Totes
  9. Received my order and got a few installed. After some testing, it looks like these will help prevent that dreaded magazine pinch on reloading. My main purpose for buying these! I will run'em in my next WB match. Hopefully, my band-aid budget will go down. Totes
  10. Typically, I like to have the latest and greatest. I just don't see anything in the 750 that would make me want to sell my 650 just to get the 750. I will buy a few extra raffle tickets to win one though. Would be nice to have both so I don't have to swap primer systems between large and small. Totes
  11. It's a super simple swap, plenty of videos on the web. Pull the grips, drop the trigger spring legs, cock the hammer and capture the hammer spring (you will need a small paperclip or piece of wire) then remove the hammer spring and strut. (take note how the strut is oriented for replacement). The hardest part of everything is removing he hammer spring from the strut without it flying across the room. (wear eye protection). Watch a video, you will see how easy it is. Totes
  12. Just placed an order with Lisa! Totes
  13. How do your pads attach to the magazine?
  14. Can you explain how these work? I thought magazine base pads were not allowed in WB. Totes
  15. Could you imagine seeing Three Foot Johnson - Long Range Weener Winner in a newsletter. Totes P.S. I got no issue with the alias (assuming it's Three Foot Johnson the OP is referring to).
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