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  1. Since everyone is Out of Stock on the 4th Gen Kits, I am seeing if anyone may have 1 or 2 sitting around. I need the Cowboy and Indians 4th Gen short stroke kits for Pistol grip. I am specifically looking for new kits, not take-offs. Ideally, I would like 2 kits if possible. Not looking for other brand kits, only C&I. Let me know. Totes
  2. I needed some place to store these new octagon barreled pistols!
  3. Slick, I’ll take the Copper King rig. Totes
  4. Thanks all. I found one. Well, a 45-70 anyway. Totes
  5. Thanks Doc. I will give it some more time as I really want the BPCR. But, if nothing turns up, I’d be interested is more info on your rifle. Totes
  6. I am looking to buy a Browning BPCR in .40-65. If anyone has one that just sits in the safe, I’d be happy to feed and exercise it. Totes
  7. Although not an age based issue, I see a problem with forcing at least 3 to be a viable category at larger matches. Around here, I see this impact the ladies the most. Someone that shoots gunfighter all year in hopes to be a state champion is eventually told they have to shoot another category at a state match because there isn't enough lady gunfighters. Well, that may seem all well and good until you consider their only option is B-Western with all the costuming requirements that go along with it. What if that shooters doesn't have the rig/costume stuff to shoot b-western? They are forced to duelist or ages based that can't shoot gunfighter? IMHO, this is no way to spark interest in getting more ladies in that category. Why would they cross over if there is slim to no chance they can shoot it at a larger match. But, if you allowed that sole lady gunfighter to participate and win the category, that may prompt others to cross over. Same can be said for Lady Cody Dixon lever/single shot and other categories I am sure. It's not the shooters fault no others want to shoot the category they enjoy, why punish them. Totes
  8. I guess we are pretty lucky here in Texas with most clubs having a dedicated 'town' to shoot in. I sure like the variation. Totes
  9. If we could just please start counting jacked out rounds as hits, it would save me hundreds of bullets a year, I think. Totes
  10. I hear ya! I always thought those were holster guides to help speed up holstering. Totes
  11. I am not sure who does the best work on the Miroku's, but I don't need anything better than Carty does. We have 2 of his rifles are they are very nicely done! Now, if someone could just develop a straight trigger for one.... Totes
  12. Looking into these now. Any concerns they are not SASS legal in long range matches. That model appears to be after the year cutoff of 1899. SHB Pg 31: Single Shot and Buffalo Single Shot firearms must be originals or replicas of single shot rifles manufactured during the period from approximately 1860 until 1899" Totes
  13. Great match as usual! I shot Pro-Steel for the first time this year, what a blast. I would like to see that take off at more clubs in my area. The cowboy match was great and I met a lot of new folks coming to CaC for the first time. It was great getting to watch Cobra Cat and Missouri Lefty shoot in person. Those cowboys are flat out awesome to watch! I know next year, I'm buying a couple extra runs of that motorized mounted shooting! Totes
  14. These can be a blast! They do a similar side match at Comin' at Cha (shoot and scoot), but even longer. Maybe someone will have a video they can post, I can't find mine. I can't wait until next week to shoot it. Totes
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