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  1. For that Kajun guy, I think it involves some kind of VooDoo magic or somethin'
  2. All that aerosol would eat up the ozone layer and global warming would burn us all to a crisp. Or... nothing would happen.
  3. Definitely get the data for that specific powder, they can be different. Just use BP and load it to the top! Lol
  4. Hell, I'm doin my best to push it across Florida right back out into the Atlantic!
  5. Well, we got two senators that are total sellouts and this wannabe governor that... well, ya know. As far as out state match? pretty sure we've been maxin' it out for years.
  6. Hey Buck, Ya already know that storm's comin', don't go blamin' it on me! Lol
  7. My suggestion was to assess the casing/hull AFTER the timer is stopped, not while it is going. If you are all finished and picking up your guns to head to the ULT and a casing/hull is determined to be in the action of a long gun, THEN determine whether it is empty (no call) or a loaded round (penalty applies). NEVER would put something like that on a TO while the clock is running. And the OP call, I guess you have to call an MSV, even though I don't like it. You cannot determine whether the round was LEFT in the gun or was ejected and wound up back in the gun somehow. My view.
  8. Thought to ponder... we've changed the rule for hammer not fully down on a rifle (pull hammer all the way back and pull trigger, fires; penalty, does not fire; no penalty). I have always had an issue with an EMPTY being on the carrier or in action and being a penalty (GASP!!!). What if we changed it to "brass (or hull) in the action: found to be a fired casing; no call. loaded round; penalty applies? We leave fired casings in pistols and that is not a safety hazard... Just a thought and don't stone me, please. Tell me why I'm wrong.
  9. And if you could pull that off with a '73, I'd love to see that. Awful early for an Oregonian!. Lol Good morning PWB
  10. I think I'm with Lone Spur Jake on this one (even if he IS just stirring the pot). What if the shooter actually DID lay the rifle down, action open on a spent case that was laying on the table? Still not convinced? What if he did that AND it was observed by a range officer? Everything was done correctly by the shooter and he had the bad fortune of laying his rifle down on an empty (observed) and since it was technically "in" the action, he gets a penalty? I call BS on that one. Yes, the chances of this are not very high, but we do have to admit that most of us have seen some pretty crazy stuff happen. I think the key for me here is in the word "leave". He didn't leave it in the action, he ejected it and it was then covered by the action, basically placing it back in the action. I vote no call... but that's just me.
  11. People are buying semi-autos right now and they will stock what sells. Follow the $$
  12. I have two daughters who have shown me that you actually CAN have a clean match! Lol Congrats and enjoy.
  13. Local Wally World has em for $11.47 a box... still too much!
  14. Not that it matters (except to Volunteers) but I thought Navy Arms used to be in Union City Tennessee??? Oops! that's Dixie Gun Works. My mistake
  15. https://www.longhunt.com/storelh/index.php?route=product/product&path=88_96&product_id=426
  16. Assassin, just remember. some folks don't have the options to do as you prefer but can still put on good matches. We have not had the option to have two-day matches in the past and have had some really fun 8-stage matches. No, I would not expect you to travel from Wy to GA for 8 stages, but if we can get back to putting on annuals and you are anywhere near, we'd love to have ya.
  17. It looks to me like someone modified a hi-wall action. Definite hi-wall shape to the frame and the stock throws ya off.
  18. When you have the ability to write stages that will be on one bay and only used once, you can work out a lot of this stuff. If your monthlies are on three, two or even one bay and you have to rewrite a target setup for two or three stages, your hands are severely tied when it comes to what you can do. For a larger match where you have one stage on each bay, I fully agree with most here. Show some imagination, do some different things. The Georgia State match has been mentioned; great example of how to write stages. Variety AND options. Some like to start with a specific gun and "rifle not last" gives them that option. I wholeheartedly agree that if you are going to give this option, that it should not be a stage where only one order makes sense but you "gave them the option". But keep in mind that some folks may choose a less traveled path because it works better for THEM and they will not want to follow the most likely order.
  19. Probably just the primer that PPU uses. I have some PPU brass and they are fine.
  20. Lee Shaver P-H Front sight, Lee can help you get the right one. Comes with a pile of inserts. You will not be disappointed.
  21. CBB, sorry you're getting such grief with this. When Raindrop and I went to WR back in '17, we went and talked to her principal and told him exactly what she would be doing and yes, that they had scholarship opportunities as well. Maybe a rare case, but he thought it was great and she was allowed to do some work in advance. No, the days were not excused, but we were very careful about the days she missed and knew it would not be over "the limit" they impose on them. It was a great experience and I would not change it for anything. Oh yeah, folks dote on the young'uns. Best of luck.
  22. Contact Dave at Buffalo Arms, he'll know what ya need. 208-263-6953.
  23. This is the Lee Shaver P-H Series front sight and the rear is a Lee Shaver Economy Long Range Soule. I have since added a Hadley Eye Cup. Give Lee a call, he's a great guy and will treat you right.
  24. Good sources are: Lee Shaver; https://stores.leeshavergunsmithing.com/ What I have on my Uberti 1885. Montana Vintage Arms, https://montanavintagearms.com/ Shiloh Sharps; https://shilohrifle.com/ Buffalo Arms, https://www.buffaloarms.com/ Dave Gullo, great source! If they don't have what you want, they can tell you where to get it.
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