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  1. +1 Top notch folks in at NAR! Even that Buck D Law fella... watch out for him.
  2. You do know they have the House, the Senate and the Exec Branch, right? Who's gonna fight this off, the RINOs in congress... hardly. They're watchin their own "six". The Supreme Court... they won't even hear a 2nd case. Notice "mass shootings" are happening more frequently lately? Hmmm
  3. And that folks... is the $64,000 question. How do we keep voting these people into office. Oh wait, I know...
  4. Creeker, I love some of your ideas, but I fear the Disney we have now will NEVER support anything gun related other than their own hypocritically produced movies.
  5. Unless ya can't find em! Everyone with LNLR shells around here is always out. Started loadin' my own... never out.
  6. From what we usually see here in Middle Georgia, you had a great show. 800 table is fantastic! We get about 3/4 of the room filled and a lot of that is BS. Hardly any CAS leverguns... ever. Some wheels guns but not too many. Haven't been to one in about a year cuz the are terrible. Glad I'm stayin away, because if I saw someone selling primers at 10 times what they should go for, I'd probably let em know what I thought. Hang on folks, we'll get through this.
  7. Haha, I use the smallest bushing on my Lee Load All and still have to skim a bit off the top for 13.0 gr. The smallest bushing drops right at 16.0 gr of Clean Shot, which is fine for my load in the Slide gun but my girl likes em a little lighter so I hand-weigh her charges. Sorry. If anyone has ideas for temporarily limiting that bushing to less than 16 gr, I'm all ears. Don't have a MEC, sorry
  8. Wow, never knew you were so deep. Makes my head hurt, stop it!
  9. BC, If you can get your hands on some of "Scarlett's" Clean Shot, I use 13.0 gr with 1 oz of 7 1/2 for my daughter and they are great. May be easier to find than Hodgdon powders right now.
  10. Glad to hear it, Waimea! Things are tough all over and I have noticed you were outta stock on my favorite bullets. Ramp it back up when ya can and mark me down for some boxes of 200 gr .45s. Take care and see ya soon.
  11. It appears my words will not convince you; you will have to participate to be able to make up your own mind. Give it a try; maybe it's not for you.
  12. Sure expense is a deterrent, if it wasn't I'd live on a 1000 acre ranch in NM and have my own SASS range where folks could come and shoot for free! EVERYTHING costs, welcome to life. Ya just gotta have priorities. Yes, strides can be made to help newcomers, no one said they couldn't, but everything costs money.
  13. How much does it cost to start playing golf? Clubs, shoes, green fees... not cheap either. How much does it cost to get into cars? Buy it, build it... not cheap. Pick yer poison. Most people that are into guns at least have some kind of a start and Cowboys are the most generous folks I have ever met when it comes to helping out newcomers. Does it cost a lot to get a full battery of gear? Sure it does; it does for any interest you may want to get into. Yer choice
  14. It's obvious you have never shot a match, because once you have, those "b1tches" will become inconsequential. I have been a little overweight, so what, so are others. I ALWAYS wear long sleeves and a hat and I live in Georgia. You can find lighter shirts that work fine (AND keep the hot brass off yer arms) and a nice wide brim straw hat keeps the sun off while not being too hot. Get out and get a match or two under your belt and you'll figure it all out. Schofields are cool, I started with '75 Remingtons, because I wanted something different too. There are so many variables to play w
  15. I don't think any of the mass produced products out now use charcoal/bone case hardening (I could be wrong). Call the good folks at EMF; they are great to deal with and very knowledgeable.
  16. After you get it all set up and dialed in, make sure you check things once in a while. Tightness of things supposed to be tight, alignment of things supposed to be aligned etc. Judicious lube in the right areas, You'll be very happy with what you've bought. There's a lot of opinions and hacks for things out there to make your process better. Take a look and try some if they seem worthwhile. Keep your primer plate aligned and tight or you'll come up with some new words if it gets outta whack. Best of luck!
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