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  1. I have some of them too. Always anneal case mouths on all BPCR brass
  2. Be nice if we had a Sportsman's Warehouse. Online they have Cheddites not even listed.
  3. IDK, but I've been able to get some new brass, maybe from Grafs (maybe Mid-South)? Don't remember. Got some from a SASS pard too and that's where I think the bad one was from. It was new but the pocket was definitely loose.
  4. I got a brand new .45-90 shell with a too-loose primer pocket. Brand new! Dang it, those are more than a buck a piece!
  5. Yeah, the Bugs Bunny "whack the nose with a big mallet" tap test.
  6. I do it so I can spend all of my money, all of my time and energy preparing for days, weeks to actually partake in our game/sport (take your pick) for a total of less than three minutes on the clock, go home whipped and have to clean at least 4 dirty guns... then start it all over again. Oh yeah, and because it's FUN!!!
  7. An Excel spreadsheet set-up by Marauder and highly modified (adapted) by me. Thanks Marauder!
  8. If you have a specific sequence for SG and the shots are X+, then you will also need to specify when the makeups can be made (next shot, after the string or at any time) and from where. NOT recommended to do this at all as they are knockdowns and not stationary targets. VERY seldom do I write an order for SG and if I did, I would definitely give the shooter makeups at any time... otherwise yer askin for it!
  9. Interesting pistol too! Looks like one a them 58/75 Remington models... uh, pre-production, of course.
  10. Heck, I'm the Rainmaker, I get blamed all the time anyway... huh Buck?
  11. I've always wanted to do this, but figured I'd get strung up if I did. Haha... maybe...
  12. Ya just gotta get out your laser engraver and get serial numbers on each piece. They do actually want that though...duh! Little nibbles... gonna get us with little nibbles.
  13. Do you know what year the '97 was made? Any work done on it?
  14. If you asked them, I bet they'd tell you that CAS is a small fraction of their rifle sales and cowboy calibers are a very small consideration. Follow the $$
  15. Good news, now if they would just put a dang Cabelas down here...
  16. The combo die works great if your components (brass and bullet)are very uniform. Otherwise, use two separate dies.
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