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  1. You can outrun the hammer fall if the hammer spring is too light. This can also cause an out of battery discharge as the links are starting to unlock as the hammer hits. I had some of both issues that I fixed by tightening up the hammer spring. If I jack one out now, it mostly because of the lack of live fire practice. I have not had an OOB since I tightened up the spring.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I ordered 3000 Federal SPM.
  3. Been doing it ever since I've been shooting a '97. I've never had a problem. I do try to be aware where my brass is going.
  4. The shooter does not have to keep a hand on the gun. You have until the next gun is fired to correct an issue with a live round or empty round left on the carrier. So long as the shooter picks up the shotgun and shoots it, it is a no call.
  5. He got the P when he shot the 6th shot from window A. Because it didn't hit a pistol target, it is a miss. He can negate the pistol miss by reloading one shot at window C and shoot the targets there. The procedural remains. One can only get one procedural so shooting the rifle last is not an issue.
  6. It is a good movie. He's paying off a debt to a guy that helped him in the past. It's a tour of life lessons that he tries to pass on to the boy. It's not a shoot 'em up. It's about thinking and relationships, messy as they can be.
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