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  1. You can't have a specific rule for everything. The rules are long and complicated as it is. The procedure calls for loading 10 and shooting 10. He loaded 11 and shot 11. He failed to follow the stage instructions. If you don't follow the stage instructions, it's a procedural.
  2. Changed my mind from where I was before. One miss. There was a miss on the SG targets that could have been at the down S1 targets. 4 bangs of the SG and 4 targets are down. I would have been no different if the wind had knocked one down.
  3. If it was a regular step, then as indicated above. If there was a unrecognized tripping hazard, like a soft step or a weak board, I think it should be a no call. The stage should be stopped, the hazard repaired, and then restarted. We had the unrecognized hazard with a weak board at the NC State match a couple of years ago. You had to hit it right, but it dropped your foot about an inch and ran the toe of your boot into the next board. On shooter had a spectacular fall but fortunately was not hurt. Everything was stopped until the fault was corrected.
  4. I run through the target sequence as I'm standing on. I visualize each shot on a particular target with the correct firearm. When you do that for every shot, it gets your mind on the correct way to shoot the stage. If I do it correctly, everything else, including audible distractions, fades away as the TO gets ready to start me.
  5. Null N. Void


    A miss did not cause a P. The plate was still standing after 7 shots. The shooter has 3 more tries to knock it down. The shooter did not follow the instructions to knock all the plates down then engage the static plate. The shooter gets a miss for leaving the plate up. The shooter gets a P for hitting the static target while the plate is up.
  6. Null N. Void


    The shooter gets a miss for an unfired round at the Buffalo. The P has nothing to do with the miss.
  7. I tap them on the flat part of my vise. They shouldn't move, even with a firm tap.
  8. Null N. Void


    P and a miss. It's a P for putting 7 rifle shots on 6 knockdowns when the instructions only said to put 6 shots on the plates. Once he put the 7'th shot on a knockdown, he earned the P. The shooter gets a miss for only putting 3 rifle shots on the 4 buffaloes. The shotgun makeups were only for, as I understand it, to make up for knockdowns still standing. If all knockdowns were down, then any SG use just wasted time.
  9. The crimps are probably bad. You can take some coils off the magazine spring, but poorly crimped ammo will not work well in a lever action. Unless it's some sort of super spring that someone put in there, the standard springs will not cause correctly crimped ammo to telescope the bullet into the case. If you could load 10 in with normal effort, I wouldn't think the magazine spring is the problem.
  10. Prevent it. Once it's happened, you're stuck. If you loaded you're pistols incorrectly, go the the back of the line and restart it. If someone crowds you, let them go by you. If someone asks a question, politely tell them you'll get with them after the stage is over. I have a routine that I go through to get ready for the stage. If anything disturbs it, I go to the end of the line and start over and put my concentration on the routine. If it's in the middle of a stage, like a brass picker getting in the way, I'll stop and yell interference and I want a reshoot. Then I can go back, gather myself and get into my routine for the stage.
  11. You can always put your "kit" in a ditty bag.
  12. I would not shoot in anything that could interfere with my getting a good grip on the revolver. If I am running the timer and see a clothing item that might get hung up, I'll caution the shooter. My opinion is that taking a coat off for 30 seconds needed to shoot a stage should not be a problem for anyone. When I'm getting ready for a stage in cold weather, I keep my hands as warm as possible and take off gloves and coats at the last reasonable moment.
  13. Null N. Void


    Originally I would say "shoot it out" was OK. I learned I was wrong, wrong, wrong! What happens with SG wad that doesn't clear the barrel is that the cooling plastic MAY weld the wad to the barrel. If it welds, you have an obstructed barrel. The pressure from the obstruction will exceed the barrel strength and It will blow up. It's not safe to shoot it out.
  14. If you just need a few to try them out for a revolver, use a tubing cutter to shorten a 45 colt case. It won't be exact. You can then load the case using a 45 colt base plate and 45 ACP dies that have a taper crimp. The taper crimp is more forgiving with brass that has slightly different lengths. If you get some 160 grain bullets, that would be your least recoiling load. If you like them, then you can get the Starline brass. However, I bet some cowboys in your area will give you some to try them out. That's the best option. You'll start with a known load and can evaluate it from there.
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