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  1. I vote for Lansky. This is the one I have. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00IJ9L24W/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Very easy to use and store.
  2. UTO are universal. Rarely see LTO.
  3. If it's going for a clean match, it would be important. One has already has lost time dealing with the pistol issue. Reloading multiple rounds and hitting all the correct targets is almost priceless from the cool factor standpoint.
  4. The options were laid out in the OP, so the manual was read and understood. Some clarification was needed, for me, on using two hands to correct the malfunction. I like to be able to help the shooter safely and not just give them penalties. If this happens again, I can tell the shooter to keep the pistol in the left hand, clear the problem if the shooter can using the right hand and shoot it out. Or, alternatively, declare the left gun broke, reload the right gun with the correct number of cartridges and shoot it out with the left hand. This would be time consuming, but would work for someone wanting a clean match. Thank you all for your comments.
  5. All targets are hit in the correct sequence. Gunfighter gets to pistols, and shoots 2 shots from each pistol and has the left pistol jam. The shooter shoots out the right pistol. He holsters the right pistol. He uses both hands to get the left pistol to cock, and ends up with the cocked pistol in his right hand. The problem continues. The shooter has already shot 5 shots from the right hand. If the shooter shoots the 6'th shot from the right hand, I believe the shooter gets a procedural as gunfighter requires 5 shots from each hand. But the shooter is correcting a malfunction with both hands, which is allowed. So can they transfer the pistol back to the left hand and shoot it out? Or is it a SDQ for transferring a cocked firearm?
  6. No modifications needed for mine. I use 38 specials for the 357 rifle and Cowboy Specials for the 45 Colt rifle. Bullets are TCFP for the 38 special and RN for the 45 Colt.
  7. I've almost given up on McD. I love Big Macs. Because of the calorie load, they are a few and far between treat. The last 2 were worthless. They cook the patties and leave them in the warm up table for too long. They are grey and tasteless. Then someone who doesn't care much tosses the stuff on them and slams it it the container. When you open it, all the stuff is falling out, the patties are way off center, and it just get's worse as you try to eat it. The taste just isn't there anymore.
  8. Original 73 Uberti carrier used about 2 months. It has be machined to lighten it up. $50 shipped.
  9. For info. YMMV. I've always had some drift in my powder drops on a Dillon SDB. It's seems to settle out after a day or two if I leave the powder in the hopper. I wanted to see how much the the density was shifting. I filled the hopper to the red mark and then tapped and rattled the hopper to get the powder to settle. The powder is Promo. The difference is about 10%. Once I settle the powder, it stays constant during the sessions even if I add powder to the hopper as I go along.
  10. The flux capacitor can easily be fixed with a left handed ford wrench. It's intuitively obvious to the most casual observer.
  11. It is rocks and the lead splatter off of the plate bounces off the rocks right back at you. Around here, most of the ground is sand and we don't have that issue. Angle iron stands seem to be the worst because of the flat surface.
  12. Hey Shootin Fox, Do you have shot available to be shipped? Thanks, Null N. Void
  13. It's a miss. Spotters rule in this case. The TO can point out where he saw the edge hit, and the spotters can change their call. However, if they decide that it was a miss, it's still a miss.
  14. That would have been Jeb. MIss him, he was always fun to shoot with!
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