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  1. Put your hand behind you. Watch the targets, not the shooters hands. When you see a miss, raise a finger. Another miss, another finger. When done show the fingers to the TO. You are not responsible for what the shooter did, only count the misses you know for sure. If you can say it was the third shot on the second pistol, that's great, but it's not your job. For procedurals you need to state what you saw, such as the shooter started on the wrong target, or engaged a target with too many shots. Just tell the TO what you saw. He/she will make the call using your input. I
  2. I use these. https://www.amazon.com/LaserLyte-UNIVERSAL-activated-training-simulating/dp/B010FMFRLO/ref=sr_1_12?dchild=1&hvadid=77721783007310&hvbmt=bb&hvdev=c&hvqmt=b&keywords=laserlyte+trainer&qid=1626094852&sr=8-12
  3. Near Charlotte are: Old North State Posse on the first Saturday. http://onsp.us/ Contact is Tracker Mike - Trackermike@ymail.com Iredell Regulators - https://www.carolinacowboys.us/IredellRegulators/iredell_regulators.htm Contact is Tin Can Sailor - tincansailor52@gmail.com If you have any questions about the Cross Creek Cowboys in Wagram, you can contact me.
  4. For getting steel put away and everything cleaned up, I think that announcing the scores AFTER the cleanup will get some of the more reluctant shooters to help. It's much easier to do that now with electronic scoring. People are always curious about the scores and will wait. One can point out something for them to do. Everyone can pick up mats, coil rope, take the flag down etc. Just do something and it goes quickly.
  5. Mine works great with small pistol primers. Not so much with large pistol. I load 95% small pistol so it's a good investment.
  6. I have some Winchester Small Rifle Primers that I have substituted for Small Pistol Primers on light cowboy loads. They have to be seated firmly and I've upped the hammer spring tension on the pistols and rifles a bit, not a lot. It took a couple of tries to get the combination right. They have worked fine, so far. I am using them for local matches.
  7. Anxiously awaiting the ROC ruling.
  8. 3.2 to 3.4 grains of TB with a 125 TCFP.
  9. OP did not say the target failed. One target was down when the shooter made it to the shooting position.
  10. I have received two different rulings on the following scenario. They come from Black Pin+ qualified individuals. I would like a consistent ruling going into EOT. Rifle and Pistol are not involved. Shotgun instructions say 6+. SG is last with 6 targets separated so one shot will not take down 2 targets. When shooter gets to SG position, one of the SG targets is down. (5 of 6 are standing) The shooter clearly misses the first standing target and is not close to the downed target. The shooter proceeds to use 5 shots to knock down the standing 5 targets. At this poi
  11. Price reduced. Used, purchased last year. $20 F to F or $30 shipped.
  12. Used, in good shape. See picture. $20 F to F or $30 shipped.
  13. Thank you, that's what I was looking for! I'm looking forward to visiting it! NNV
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