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  1. Sometimes with new shooters, we'll work with them on equipment and handling. Equipment issues, if not safety related, usually allowed to finish the match, but with instructions to fix it before the next match. Safety issues are attended to immediately. Most shooters don't realize that they were either violating a safety procedure, or were close, and will act to fix it the next time. Allowing shooters to violate SASS rules at a local match is begging for a problem when the shooters travel or go to a bigger match. At a state match, two Gun Fighters from the same club were obviously violating the pumping rule and were sweeping their wrists with a loaded gun. They were told they had to stop it. They said it was OK at their home club. So rather than comply with the rule, they quit. Believe me, everybody involved felt bad, but a injury would have been worse.
  2. I reload my STS and get 3 to 5 reloads on a hull before they get too ragged for match use. They they go into the practice bin where I get another 3 to 5 cycles. I get once fired hulls from commercial suppliers 500 at a time. You have to keep checking their sites to see when they are available.
  3. Two people I know have gone to the case checkers and resizers for AA. The have had problems with shells that won't chamber. They check every round before a match. They shoot '97s. I use STS reloads. I do check them before I box them up, but don't do anything else but shoot them at a match. I've never had a problem. I load on a MEC jr.
  4. Not sure why you asked. I was just selling some surplus bullets. They are sold. NNV
  5. The biggest problem I've had in big matches with spotters is that they cluster together and talk. If one misses a call, then they all miss the call. I've gone to making sure they spread out. Between having different angles, less people to chat with, and not seeing what the other person called, the calls get better.
  6. Recoil is wrong. It's just as good to dry fire, INMHO.
  7. Longshot John, I have them packed and ready to go. I need to hear from you. NNV
  8. Approximately 550 Oregon Trail Laser Cast bullets and 360 Meister Hard Cast. .312 Diameter. $65 shipped. Proceeds will go to Cross Creek Cowboys.
  9. Check with JM Ross. http://www.jm-leather.com/accessories2.htm He's been good about giving me what I wanted if he doesn't have it in stock.
  10. Very lucky. Similar case that happened last year caused the shooter to take a fall and ended up with a concussion that took months to clear. It was also a 45 Colt case of black powder. Most of rifle action was also damaged.
  11. I cut down the firing pin spring a couple of years ago as I got faster in the search of cycling faster. I had, not an OOB, but the rifle went off as soon as the links locked up a couple of times. Some misses, some hit. I went back to the original spring but still had occasional bangs as the links locked up but before I hit the trigger. I went to titanium bolt followers which helped for awhile, but eventually came back to an OOB problem where I hit the trigger but the lever banged back against my hand instead of me levering it. Red River Ray ( I think, so forgive me if I have the wrong person) said it's because the lock time was too slow and I was starting to lever the rifle just as the primer was going off. The solution was to increase the hammer tension, which also helped with jacking out rounds. Right now, I think I have the happy medium. Sometimes it's a fine line when you're trying to go fast.
  12. Unless I'm injured, which is happening more than I like as I get older, I'm going as fast as I can. Even if a knee hurts and I'm on antibiotics which are screwing up my heat control system in 95 degree heat, it's go fast. I'll back it down if I need to to not hurt stuff, but I don't like it.
  13. It will change a bit after you get it set the first time. After you shoot it a match or two, look at it again. Things stretch and move. I've found that it will need a bit more work on the timing, and then it will be good.
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