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  1. No call. Rifle string was completed before the next shot was fired.
  2. Cartridge stop springs might be a tad too tight.
  3. I think it's Pinnacle Petes near Phoenix up on a mountain. My friend got the boot.
  4. l blew a disc in my lower back. I had to change many things. For CAS, I had to give up moving steel, running the timer, shagging brass, and shooting GF. For now, it's let me remain competitive. Steriod shots have helped quite a bit for now. I have to space out what I do with an eye towards keeping me shooting. I thank all my friends who help out and understand why I'm planted either scoring or spotting. SASS people are good people!
  5. Are the awards Saturday Evening under a tent?
  6. Are they posted somewhere?
  7. I am in for the Match but waitlisted for the camping with water and electric. How is the dry camping there? Is there access to refill the water tank and dump the grey and black tanks?
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