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  1. Also, some clubs call a progressive sweep 1, 1-2, 1-2-3, 1-2-3-4. (1 on 1; 1 on 1, 1 on 2; 1 on 1, 1 on 2, 1 on 3; 1 on 1, 1 on 2, 1 on 3, 1 on 4) I always ask the exact sequence when it instructions are "Shoot an Ohio sweep and repeat".
  2. This is a sport with elements of fantasy or whimsey thrown in, as much as you want. You wouldn't find anyone walking around with 2 six shooters on their belt and a shotgun belt with 12 shells in any old west picture or in a B Western that I've seen. Most real cowboys would have one revolver if they were lucky. We combine the fun of the costumes with the practicality of shooting four firearms.
  3. South Carolina Clubs https://www.carolinacowboys.us/vb/forum/match-results/150814-south-carolina-cowboy-clubs#post150814 North Carolina Clubs https://www.carolinacowboys.us/vb/forum/match-results/150813-north-carolina-cowboy-clubs#post150813 The clubs generally shoot year around. I'd send an email to check to see if they are not shooting, which is usually weather related. If you're in the area and want to know for sure who's shooting, send me a message here and I'll get back to you. I generally shoot somewhere every weekend.
  4. The solution I have is to have a start plate on the ground. After shooting the long gun string, take it with to to the next position. I don't specify where to make it safe, just that you do.
  5. 13.5 grains to 14 grains of Red Dot or Promo with 1 ounce loads. Light shooting loads with just a bit more in the pattern for off center hits or for flyers.
  6. I use Promo (Same powder as Red Dot) for everything except 45 Colt. For 45 Colt, I use Trail Boss because the load of Red Dot takes up so little space in the cartridge. I've never had a problem with Red Dot loads in 45 Colt, it's just they look so tiny in the large case. I have found with 45 Colt that the loads have to be heavier to reduce blow back in a 73. I use a 200 grain bullet with 5.5 grains of Trail Boss. Some use heavier bullets. In any case, it's much dirtier that my '73 in 357 and requires more cleaning.
  7. Another Shooter I know wanted different grips for his Ruger 32 Single Six. What we did is use the grips that fit my 32 as a size check. My grips (for a XRN-3 Red Short) fit and that's what he ordered and installed. On the SS guns there were no markings, so the fit test worked out the best. The XRN-3 Red Short is also known as the XR3 Short. We found it easier to fit test than try to measure.
  8. There are two grip styles for the older single sixes. Most are XRN-3 Red Short grips. However, some were made with XRN-3 Red grips, which are about 3'/16 of an inch longer. A Ruger Vaquero or Blackhawk grip will fit on them. The grips will fit on the pins for both styles. You probably have the XRN-3 Red Short grip. Here's the Eagle page that has grips for the XRN-3 Red Short grips. https://www.eaglegrips.com/322-gunfighter-style-grips I wanted textured Rosewood grips, but there were none available awhile back. I ordered the Roswood grips for the Ruger
  9. We are going to the Glacier National Park in July. We have planned 3 days in the park. What else is around there that you recommend we see?
  10. Mine were different between the New Vaquero and OMV.
  11. I think the larger ones will fit that frame. Per Howlin Mad Murdock, you have the larger grip. However, if you buy the larger grips and it turns out the frame is the smaller frame, you can cut them down. Good Luck! NNV
  12. I have one stainless steel one if you can't find a blued one.
  13. It is easier to get grips for the larger frame. That being said, any grip that fits a Ruger Blackhawk will fit the Baby Vaquero with about 1/4 inch overhang. I like textured Rosewood grips, so I bought Blackhawk grips and sanded the overhang off. They look fine.
  14. I believe they had a run of marginal transfer bars maybe 15 years ago. I had two Vaqueros that broke the transfer bars in a year or two. After they were replaced, I didn't have any problems. I have not had any problems with New Model Vaqueros or Single Sixes at any time.
  15. Started my VW bug once when it was -30 F back about '74. It went err, err, rumble, pop, err, err, rumble, rumble, putt, putt, putt, faster putts and then caught roughly for a minute and then smoothed out. We squeezed 4 people in to go to work because I had the only car that started.
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