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  1. For your large matches (annuals), what do you give away? A lot of clubs give buckles as awards; what are other ideas for awards.
  2. So sad to see "like-minded" folks working against each other. I remember when I was in Tucson (1996-2000) the push in the foothills to close down the range that had been open for about a hundred years due to homes being built close to that range. I shot trap out at the Tucson Rifle Club and loved what a nice range it was, but I don't remember any CAS out there. We have had the same in Georgia with shotgunners working against Cowboys. With all of the outside interests trying to push out shooters, we need to stick together more than ever.
  3. Yer still missin it. It's not how people feel about their time against a top level shooter. It's that they feel THEY have run a time such as "x, y, z shooter". What that top shooter may have done previously. Not specifically that stage. If we don't have "heroes" and I use that term loosely, we have nothing or no one to "look up" to, and I use that loosely as well. I don't look up to most top shooters, as I don't know them. I respect their accomplished shooting, as I know it takes, not only talent and good equipment, but MUCH practice and dedication; but I don't know anything other than their n
  4. I think you're seriously missing the point he's trying to make. It's all about how you, the shooter, feels about your stage runs. If you usually shoot 30 secish stages and you come up on one that is a little easier, either because it's not that complicated or the targets are closer or whatever and you "burn it down" in a low 20 or high teen time, YOU feel good about running that fast. You feel like you've run a "big boy" time. Yes, if Lead Dispencer or (add name) ran it, they'd run a sub-10, but YOU did it, you broke your best time ever and that makes YOU feel good. If your accomplishments are
  5. Trail Boss makes nice "little" mellow loads in 45-70.
  6. If it's right and tight, I'd jump right on that. Bargain!
  7. Open loading gate, turn cylinder. All Ruger single actions are that way; think they always have been. If ya do want that nice freespin, give Power Custom a jingle. That and other handy Ruger parts. Great Folks! https://www.powercustom.com/
  8. Numrich https://www.gunpartscorp.com/gun-manufacturer/rossi/shotguns-rossi/squire-dbl-barrel lists the Squire, but those parts are out of stock. Sorry.
  9. My daughter found me a great deal on Win Lg Pistol primers; $31.90/1000! Great... oh, they're in Queensland! Maybe you can get em. Haha
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