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  1. Folks, don't forget about this one. Night shoot and 8 great stages! Love to have ya
  2. Walmart carries it, but is frequently out. Did buy two boxes yesterday though.
  3. Personally, I like the ivory. But for that there shiny gold revolver, stick with the originals (can't believe I said that) Sorry Sir. But then again, I'd never buy a gold Colt (or any other gold gun). Never want to get it dirty and I can't see payin that kinda money for a non-shooter. Polished silver guns... I like black or a dark wood.
  4. That thing does a job, don't it? Air Force (politicians) want to kill it, troops on the ground wouldn't be without it. Supported those in Az for a few years. Flying Tank don't even begin to describe it. It's a BEAST!
  5. Good deal, Seamus! wish we had a store around here where we could do that. Been talking about "making a stand" at the local gunshows. I think it'd be great!
  6. Got that right! Put together one heck of a military machine and went looney. But then there's always looney, and power-hungry, and greedy, and...
  7. Hitler kept pushing bomber this and bomber that and should have put resources elsewhere. Good thing he didn't, huh?
  8. Euphemia... now there's a name you don't hear little girls named anymore. Yikes!
  9. There were several interesting designs the Germans came up with to fend off the Allied bombers. Good thing most of them were never fully developed. We did gain some important technology through their research though. A couple of these little buggers were actually shot down by the Allied fighters.
  10. Funny how some of the best designs go by the wayside and those with numerous problems are chosen and perpetuated. Politics and payoffs...
  11. I would think that if the shooting order was followed, no P. Unless, of course, the directions said first pistol, second pistol or some such. If shooter then picked up 1st revolver and finished the string in the correct order, no harm, no foul.
  12. First gun I actually bought (inherited a couple others) was a Polytech M-14 in Wichita, KS back in 1992. Bought it from a local gun dealer. Sadly, it's long gone.
  13. 25 years and counting... No pin yet. I'll get it when I get it. No big. Can I get a few misses taken off? Just checkin
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