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  1. Have Shaver sights on my 1885 Uberti. Brings home the gold!
  2. I've used 5/6 out to 400 yds; works good so far. I'll give the 4/10/12 style a go next.
  3. Been wet tumbling for a bit now...WOW! What a difference. Hot water, couple scoops of Strat-O-Sheen, small squirt of Lemishine and maybe a little dish detergent and Let er run a couple hours. Nice shiny brass inside and out, just needs to be dried.
  4. Could a small piece of the old hand spring fallen down into the action? or what CPK said.
  5. Very sorry for your loss. Prayers to you and yours.
  6. I would bet the 30-30 and 45-70s would be a higher priority; bigger market.
  7. Ugly, drab, Austrian tupperware pistol... that just plain works. It ain't no Hi Power, but it sure does keep goin!
  8. Thought about buying the reamer kit myself, once upon a time. Yes, cost-prohibitive for an item you'd use a couple of times. I haven't worried so much about the cylinders as the forcing comes; some of the factory cones are garbage. A little reaming would clean em up and make em much easier to clean... may even help the accuracy. Again, haven't shelled out the $$ for something that will collect a lot of dust. Now, I do have several .45s (well, I did be fore the accident ) and may get a good bit of use initially, but then... dust. And to answer your question; no, I have no idea who can do the reaming.
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