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  1. I have used both regular bronze brushes and tornado brushes as jags with a wet patch over the top. I have also used the wadded up paper towel method (really tight) after spraying the bore down and letting it soak (I like Remington Bright Bore). I use a wooden dowel and push the paper towel right into the trash can.
  2. Thanks Marshal, for posting the pic; shows a good ambidextrous night stage. If you looked real close, you could see the broken pieces of clays back behind the targets (and in the foreground); they looked like glowing embers. This was so much fun; I hope more join next time.
  3. Had an old timer back in Idaho tell me they used to clean out their bores by loading up a shell with mercury (not sure how they kept it in there) and just blasting it out at a berm or some such. Yikes! Wouldn't want to be around for that!
  4. Definitely a 70s throw-back, lol. I used a 30w LED blacklight on each bay; will use two next time. And I think doing it in the summer in Georgia would be murder for bugs!
  5. Surprisingly, they were very easy to see and judge and I only ended up with one miss over four stages. The rifle sights stood out very well against the colored targets. Pistol targets were pretty close, so no issue there. The "images" from the targets were no problem at all on the retina. I will however, use red or blue lights for the LT/ULT and ambient light in the background (behind us) the lights we had were bright and a bit of a problem. Only a moth or two around the blacklights. Bugs calm down a lot this time of year. We had 13 shooters (2 clean) and no complaints (if ya can believe that)! All had fun and we will do it again.
  6. It all worked out better than I'd hoped. I will use better paint and more lights next time though. It was a great time and the Georgia Gypsy's chili was excellent!
  7. I too, take the little desiccant packs from pill bottles and such and keep them in the top of my powder hopper and always keep the lid on (just as I would the lid on the powder canister)... no probs.
  8. Come join us in Griffin GA for the Doc Holliday's Immortals Night Shoot. We're holding this shoot as a fund raiser for veterans in Dublin GA and taking shoes as a donation/entry fee. Check out our News tab at www.dhicowboys.com Come out to the Griffin Gun Club this Saturday, Nov 30 @ 5:00 pm for chili and night shootin! See Ya There!
  9. Well done! Just saw the Cubs baseball interest... yer my hero! Go Cubbies!!!
  10. Cut them tags off and shoot them babies! And welcome!
  11. Don't think the OP was considering cap guns... Lol
  12. I have a whole passel of Rems; love em all, but yer not gonna run a Rem as fast as a Ruger or Pietta clone. And where'd you get that they're much lighter? With the beefy ejector housing, they are weighty, especially out front. The 1890 is comparable to a Colt clone.
  13. Wild Bunch is not a category, it's a type of MATCH. If you wanna have WB, have another match on another day. My opinion. On just using 1911s (instead of single actions) in a CAS match... we're called SINGLE ACTION Shooting Society for a reason. If you're arthritic enough that working a single action is rough on ya, I don't figure a 1911 will be much easier. Again... my opinion.
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