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  1. Preacherman, I don't know when I'll see you next, but I'll take the 9mm. If you're going to be at South River this week, I'm sure I can have somebody pick it up for me. Thanks, Rainmaker
  2. Don't want to hijack, but I do want a clarification and didn't want to get too wordy, but here goes. We're going to have a Josey Wales day and be shooting either five pistols or four and a SG. The "rifle" pistols will be staged (as would a rifle) unless starting with them, then your actual pistols will be staged. So, for whatever reason, you restage a pistol and it has a round in it, not under the hammer; safety penalty (as you would with a round on the carrier of a rifle or hull left in a SG) or no call.
  3. BWJ, thanks for the explanation, great video. I know this is hypothetical but what if the pistol with the unfired round is staged instead of holstered? As in the video, shooter fails to fire 5th round and grounds his first pistol then fires his second pistol; is there a safety penalty for the unfired round left in the pistol as it was grounded instead of returned to leather? Thanks.
  4. AND the importance of an ULT RO. If a shooter is unloading and a live round drops out, who knows if it was under the hammer or not? And unless the brass is counted, you will not know if 5 or 6 rounds were loaded initially.
  5. PCC, side match or not is not for me at a CAS match.. so I won't participate. Others can have their extra shooting opportunity, I'll just sit it out. As far as the attacks, c'mon folks. Everyone has an opinion.. leave it at that.
  6. I know the feeling of touching and trying on so, if ya can, attend bigger matches and usually there are vendors there. If ya can't wait, as been said, shop online.
  7. The price of reloading has definitely gone up, specifically with primers and powder being the highest jumps and bullets not far behind, but compared to buying factory ammo, reloading will always be cheaper. The main problem over the past couple years has been availability; ya just can't find the stuff. That is getting better though... slowly.
  8. Some folks like these: https://www.buyrevi.com/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1
  9. In summer, locals (for me) usually get a little simpler; mostly so I don't abuse my setup crew that has to drag everything out but also because as we get near the middle of the day on a Georgia summer Saturday, folks are just wiped out and want to be done with it all. If ya go gettin all complicated, you will absolutely have more mistakes (misses and procedurals) and folks will get cranky... I sure do.
  10. Probably depends on local range rules; ours is 7 1/2 or smaller. No good for us. And, as mentioned, overkill for CAS.
  11. If those actions didn't (don't) get too hot with a full load of BP, I seriously don't think you are overheating it with smokeless. Maybe an OAL thing but I'm sure the '73 experts will add their opinions...
  12. More of them "cheap fakes". Damned MAGA-ites! Oops! That's ME!
  13. When they're out, I give the spring and pin a little "smoothing" where they click in together. Makes disassembly/reassembly much easier; especially if you're doing some tuning and have to take parts in and out repeatedly.
  14. Oh, I saw the "or", I'm just thinking that if you put out knockdowns and a Texas Star and have the shooter choose, your target resetters have to keep going back and forth between the two groups of targets to reset them. In hot weather (like we're having now), your workers will get worn out quickly and if you do this at a big match, the downtime for resetting the star is a pain for people waiting. I like the Star, just won't use it when its hot out due to the laborious resets. I do like different and not saying trying new things is bad, but folks used to running "light and fast" will get aggravated and stop coming... trust me.
  15. Very sad. Mike was a pioneer in shooting sports and a hero to many. He will be missed.
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