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  1. Get an overhead light for your Dillon and take a peek in the filled case. Prevents squibs.
  2. Hahahaha, I live in Georgia... dry? What's that? When it's raining, I have an umbrella on the cart and wear a slicker. The humidity is so high here... raining or not, you do not stay dry.
  3. Winter Range '17 was a blast and this year's Georgia State Match was great!
  4. Because it would be unsafe to only load 4 rounds in a revolver. Really?
  5. Contact Steve (Nate Kiowa Jones) at StevesGunz.com. He IS the Rossi guy.
  6. Yer choice, but it IS quite common in AZ
  7. I'm not advocating breaking the law, just making the point that most every driver in the world has exceeded the speed limit at one time or another; not that they make a habit of it. I do know others ALWAYS speed.
  8. Where I was going is bad press for standing against the Left loses them $$. They'd rather lose the $$ from Gun rights folks as opposed to snubbing the media and taking that $$ hit. I know what they care about and that's the mighty dollar.
  9. Multi-billion dollar corporation that would rather take a hit from the loss of "gun nuts" like us than risk bad press as being a corporation that supports a "domestic terrorist" organization like the NRA and their ilk.
  10. Those are very tall cases, maybe they're "leaning" a bit when going into the die. I had that problem on my single stage if I wasn't holding the brass into the holder all the way.
  11. I don't think it's lead, I think it's brass.
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