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  1. I don't know how I can alay your fears any further. You will have to do what YOU feel is safe and proper and so will Needle Nose Tom. (we all will) I do think it's GOOD for children to be introduced to firearms by their parents in a SAFE and non-threatening way and NOT how our media portrays them.
  2. BASF makes cassette tapes. Wait... did I just date myself. Danggit!
  3. 1. He's keeping his muzzle pointed in a safe direction 2. He's treating his weapons as if they were loaded (see above) 3. He can see what is in front of and behind his target (sorry Mr. Bunny, shouldn't go back there) 4. Finger off trigger until ready to DRY FIRE, with inert ammo. And remember, his kids are asleep in the house.
  4. Didn't blow the pic up to pixel size and did not see the house beyond the bushes. I would never point anything towards someone's house, practicing or not. Kinda afraid to even be seen outside with heinous point and bang kinda things. Maybe that's his building and/or he knows no one is back there.
  5. While he was busy eatin' nanner splits? MmmHmmm!
  6. Haha, after 8 knee surgeries and back fusion,I can do without that nonsense.
  7. Yes and no. I have slam-fired but it was more of a mistake than planned. I have a 1957 vintage, fat buttstock, wide forend, takedown SG and even though I do fine with it, it could probably be lighter and faster. And no lottery, heck, I'm sendin' a kid off to private school. I'm lucky I can shoot at all.
  8. I'll probly try that. Maybe even in the back yard. Look out neighbors!
  9. I've tried a couple different places; seems I spend more time chasing ejected rds than practicing. Lol
  10. Where do you dry fire? And do you eject your rifle and SG (for 97s) snap caps? Hard to find a place where I can do it and not have stuff flyin under furniture or into the walls. Considered the back yard, just don't want to freak out the neighbors.
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