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  1. Hey, some information as opposed to a dig. Thank you Griff. As I think back (many years) it seems I do remember something about the "steps" from firing. Just because "that's the way it is" and "it's been that way forever", does not mean it's right or it makes sense. We actually can look at the way we do things from time to time and make changes if it makes sense to. Honestly, you cannot say that the entire Shooter's Handbook is clear and easy to understand; I'm sorry, it's not. I know it's come a long way and the folks that maintain it are the best and my hat's off to them... but there is
  2. Ok, too many posts. Shut this one down. Um, no Obviously there are questions that are not being satisfactorily answered. The answer is not "it is what it is" and "I'm tired of your questions".
  3. I'm pretty sure that's what Pale Ale Rider got for us; seem to work well.
  4. Doesn't work so well on IE. Yer gonna force me over to Chrome, aren't ya? Dang it!
  5. Can we get an answer or are we done with this since Ike's tired of it?
  6. It is cuz it is. That's the answer.
  7. What we do has to be one of the most non-politically correct things we could do... I say we keep it up, Guys n Gals
  8. Then if that is the case, I disagree with the rule book. That paragraph is confusing anyway. If you get an SDQ for leaving a live round "in the chamber" and that takes affect "upon leaving the shooter's hands", then why wouldn't the shooter get the MSV under the same conditions? Did the fact that they picked it up again and fired the last round that was on the carrier before firing the next sequence make it any safer than if they had left it until the end of the stage? No So, why does the SDQ take affect when leaving the hands but not the MSV? Does not make sense.
  9. Wouldn't the round being on the carrier of the "out of the shooter's hands" rifle be an MSV? Not because they hadn't started the next string but because it had left their hands.
  10. Ohhhhh, I'll buy that. Not a Wild Buncher so...
  11. If you add the solution slowly without the brass and let it run for a bit, it will mix up ok
  12. My question is why would you want this? I'm sure without a proud rim, the ACP round would have issues. Are .45 Colt rounds that scarce?
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