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  1. Had the pleasure of shooting with Allie Mo many years ago. A genuine and very sweet person. So sad she's gone. She will be missed.
  2. Been in the precision measurement equipment biz for over 30 years and the Mitutoyo and Starretts are the best... but not really needed for what we do. No need for the cert even if you do go with the Mitutoyo, they will give you years of great service. Only reason to check the cal is if its dropped. We calibrate on a regular interval because we have to; measuring in the reloading shop should be fine without a cert.
  3. Congratulations on retirement! Hope only the best for you in the future. Enjoy!
  4. Sometimes I leave the "then" out on purpose. Shhhh
  5. The "shooter" figured things was slow on the old wire and decided to stir it up a bit.
  6. I thought we was doin' pizza and nanner splits???
  7. I keep hearin' this "split" thing and TW and it all makes sense... He probly (if it WAS him) just gave the TO a wink and said "hold my nanner split and watch this". And the rest is history
  8. Split strings used to be more common but in our quest for ultimate speed, we have gone to no splits at all, even pistol and when someone writes one or is given general instruction and decides to do one, we have problems with it. I like to write stages that give folks choices so they can shoot the stage in a way that best suits their own style and right or left-handedness (mostly because I shoot long guns left-handed). I love to give options and see what folks come up with.
  9. Know what I think? I think TW just concocted this whole deebockle in his own twisted mind just to get us all a goin'. That's what I think. Maybe he just needs a nanner split is all.
  10. And that's why wew put it in there... I'd give the OP a P just for causing this thread!
  11. Competed as a Duelist for about 20 years and had to always place no better than 2nd in category due to World Champs like Potshot Parker and risin outlaw. Changed to two-handed and now I get faster stage times... yes Potshot still beats me. Dangit!
  12. Mikey, I have one very similar made by Forehand & Wadsworth (F&W) and it is very hard to find any more than basic information about them. I used a very low-end Trail Boss load (probably 500fps) and mine works just fine. I used the TB formula in the Hodgdon data and even went lower than that by a little. Works great!
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