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  1. We would start out with hand made primered only loads, then 1/4 loads, then 1/2 then full loads. Just remember you have to make the primer pocket hole bigger or the primers will back out and lock the gun up. And you can't reuse these for regular CAS after you enlarge the primer hole or I think Starline used to sell the blank brass. We used Jim Shockey 2F if I remember and put a punched out piece of cardboard on top of the powder to keep it in. I forget what size the paper punch was, it's been awhile. We did NOT use wax or any other kind of material over the powder other than the paper because it will become a projectile.
  2. Sent you a pm on the 73 rifle. Roper
  3. Still looking for all 3. Help a cowgirl out if you have some safe queens you aren't using. Thanks!
  4. If you have these guns as safe queens help a really nice lady get into the game!
  5. We have a new shooter looking for the following: 1. Ruger Bisleys, new model vaqueros in 357 2. 73 pistol grip rifle in 357 3. Skb 100 or 200 Sixgun Schwaby and I have been working with her. She's tried a number of different guns and configurations and these are the guns she shot the best and liked. She will be shooting duelist. Let me know what you have. Thanks. Roper
  6. Congrats on a well deserved win! You rock!
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