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  1. The last I knew Matamoras PA had been interested in doing it (alternating w/OH) but then decided they didn't have enough local staff to handle it and decided to keep their annual 3 day shoot as is (ie not make it The Noreaster). I agree w/Cat Brules to check with SASS so there aren't any issues/misunderstandings between clubs as happened earlier between the IL clubs. I am not aware of any other clubs interested in it so I am sure if OH put in for it they would get it. I believe the deadline was September so any club interested should have put in for it by now.
  2. I have 2 sets of Ruger single six 32's with half cock short strokes & SBH's. I noticed when dryfiring them that with 3 of them if you put them in the 1/2 cock position you would really have to yarn on the trigger to get the hammer to fall. But one of them the trigger pull is only slightly harder than normal to get the hammer to fall, if in the 1/2 cock position. I asked a friend about this and he said the one that falls easily should not do that. He said to make the 1/2 cock a gunsmith has a jig they put the hammer in and cut 2 notches. The one gun that falls easily either has the notch broken off or worn down so much that it allows the hammer to fall too easily. (Not sure if I explained that correctly or not.) So is there something wrong with that one gun or is it just that guns have different tolerances and on this one the tolerance is lighter (as far as the trigger pull when on 1/2 cock)? Btw I do not intentionally shoot the gun on 1/2 cock, I just happened to notice when messing around with them dryfiring that you could pull the trigger on 1 easily but not the others. I have sent this gun and it's mate to a well known gunsmith and it came back the same even though I noted this issue. I also noticed that this same gun has an "indexing" issue (not sure if that's the correct term). When you open the loading gate to remove the shells there is no "play" in the cylinder to rotate it back a little to get the shell out. Instead you have to rotate to the next chamber otherwise the shell will only come out 1/3 of the way before hanging up on the frame. So is this related to the issue above, a different issue or just normal and the tolerance for that gun being different than the other 3? I am just trying to understand if there is an issue with the gun how to explain it better to the gunsmith so we are on the same page. Thanks. Roper
  3. Great job Sassy! Congrats! Roper & Schwaby
  4. Like Painted Mohawk said, Smokestack uses a bandolier extremely well!
  5. Hi RBK, did you get my response asking for the additional info you have on installing the mercury reducer? My email is dschena@frontier.com Thanks I look forward to hearing from you.

  6. 518-883-5981 is my home # and I am usually home after 6:00pm EST. Thx.

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