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  1. Mike - you are killing me !! I just can't, I have too many !!!!! I hope these go to a great home ! The ROA is the best !!!
  2. Is that about two months supply for you and the family ?! And since your son shoots twice as fast as you, does that count as double the primers needed ?? (sarcasm added for humor)
  3. I will be the first "I'll take it " ! PM with details to send the money.
  4. On a more serious note, Jason Vanderbrink with Vista Outdoors has said publicly, the Vista Outdoors remains committed to sending ammunition's and supplies to all components in their sales channel. He has discussed the perils of only selling to the big guys, which will drive out the small businesses. He implied in the famous YouTube, that some Big Retailer could buy all their supply - just to meet the demand at a Big Retailer - but VSTO won't allow that. Manufacturers face great peril when there are few channels to sell thru - both moral and financial peril. Mr. Vanderbrink seems to present a Corporate image that VSTO is carefully weighting a multitude of pressures and supply chain forces when fulfilling orders. Vista Outdoors stock is up 67% year to date - and given the continuous and unending shortages, you might consider stocking up on some VSTO shares.
  5. Maybe we should have spot testing at major matches. The MD could send someone out to collect a cartridge specimen (keeping it out of the gutter) from each shooter. Tests can be run, and data published. It would make dinner that night on the range very interesting !!
  6. And I've seen them make loads that are so light that the bullet just rolls out of the barrel. You could catch the bullet in your hand ! Those questionably light loads are reserved for Senior's with arthritis or hand disabilities. Don't worry, they wont win - but they sure are here for the FUN and we love to have them staying in the game !!
  7. Fill your cases with Powder and not oatmeal - and you will have nothing to worry about ! People want entertainment, and the smoke and boom of a BP shooter give them the entertainment they seek ! FYI, at 5:20 EST Graf & Sons has Goex 3FFF powder - buy it now while you can - limit is 25 pounds
  8. Anyone interested in a Go-Fund-Me Page to raise $5m? That's about half of what it will take. We will get the other funding from Venture Capital. I think we can get the factory and the Brand - but we have to more quickly. We can set up an ESOP or other investment vehicle to share the benefits together. Maybe the COVID rescue plan has money available - I'll call Sen. Kennedy (La) and see what help we can get. I will also reach out to Vista Outdoor and see if they have interest in participating. Please see our Go-Fund-Me Page to raise funds to purchase the GOEX brand and factory from Hodgdon Powders ! https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-black-powder-matter-again?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=p_cf+share-flow-1 Please help, and spread the word ! T-square Sass no. 105817
  9. .................and the price / value goes up depending on what gunsmith work has been done to the ROA. Making the guns race-ready, with lowered hammer, new internal parts, lighter hammer pull, lowered hammers, new after-market nipples, new grips ......can add more than $500 in cost, which would raise the sales price. Sounds like your ROA is unmolested ($1,000 +) , and the race guns will go for more than $2000 each.
  10. Must be getting new springs and components that are likely on the ship that was stuck in the Suez Canal, and is now impounded in Egypt. Or the Gunsmith is custom making the parts and he is waiting for the iron deposits to form in his/her backyard mineral farm, or the guns will be ready when the Biden administration stops lying to the American people ! #sorrynotsorry HOPE that we'll see you at Dark Days with the subject 97 !
  11. So they could mis-fire at anytime - and he should not use them at matches in Georgia, right ?! (joke)
  12. Are you sure he put them back together correctly? ! I asked him to give you his best work, and to make your guns slower than mine. (JOKE) ! Can't wait to see them in-person.
  13. slick them up with a great gunsmith and put on new gripes - just increases the price. ...and a year later, they go so much FASTER !
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