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  1. Tuition not covered by scholarship: $3000 per semester, plus $300 for books Rent when not in dorm $600 per month, $100 per week for food, beer, and gas Budget about $1000 a month.
  2. There are times when the "majority rule" isn't in our best interest - case in point, look at the White House - unless you believe the 65% of the population who know the election was stolen. Far, Small, Lots of running-n-gunning, unusual patterns / sweeps - and wind, lots of wind !
  3. Let us be honest for a minute. These buckles are going to wind up at a flea market or in a shoebox in the attic after you receive your Great Reward. If the buckle has some swag, like real jewels, gold and silver inlay, great design that will give it prestige and "value", then your grandchildren may keep it and display it on a shelf on Holidays. When awards go 10 deep, and you've been shooting for 10 years, and have 100 buckles - how will your family know which to keep ? How many shoeboxes in the attic do you really want? And If I hear the remarks about how old the participant population is, and how our game is "aging", I'll ask you to re-read the first paragraph. IMHO, buckles should be very hard to get, and very expensive.
  4. This thread is pretty awesome - full of intrigue, mystery, folk lore, insinuations, and mischaracterized historical facts. I'm pretty new to the game (3 years), I've heard most of the lies and some of the truths, and I differ to the Legends on this thread, , but offer the following: 1. It would be great if SASS would 'publish' the official history of SASS. (not a one paragraph marketing-speak, but a 500 page full color tell-all autobiography) 2. Long Hunter - you are an idol to many of us. Your original videos have sparked many into the game. I thought you were a ghost, I am so glad you are here !! 3. MIsty has commented on this thread - so there is proof she does exist and she does read The Wire. This is cause for celebration, and for many of you to behave !
  5. Branchwater: We have; Slut shaming; Russian Hoax shaming, and Conspiracy Theory shaming - how about Cowboy Shaming !! ( joke ) But every month this is a very active topic. You would think Misty and the Match Director's would get their heads together for some "Clarity". Maybe they are, we're just waiting for the new website and other improvements.
  6. My Apologies McCandless for missing you. I literally flew-in from Madison Wisconsin on Thursday night, and back to Atlanta on Saturday after lunch. My industry is very busy, racing against future interest rate hikes and commodity prices, before the bubble bursts. Let's hope we can just last until the mid-terms. See you on down the trail !
  7. Just wanted to share an observation about name tags / badges at major matches. The shooter "alias" should be the largest text on the name tag - that's why we have "Name Tags". That is all.
  8. Captain: Those "don't encourage him"" remarks are just gratitude disguised as sarcastic humor. You are one of the few free thinkers who will speak his mind and encourage others. And you are one of a few to take a pounding at the hands of these on-line Karen's - and punch right back !! (love ya man !) The professional Association world has these things figured-out, and we should take note. The American Academy of ( insert the name of your industry here) doesn't go to Vegas every year, because people will stop coming for various reasons. There will always be a core of attendees regardless of location, and moving locations draws fresh faces from the different regions. Three year contracts are typical for larger meeting because of all the logistical items already mentioned. And the idea of Volunteerism is great, and having everyone in The Club pitch-in is important - but naïve, Every Association or Group has people who give more of themselves, but to be a successful event, "value" changes hands. Whether it's cash payments, payroll, or hired 3rd parties - don't think the Masters (Golf Tournament) is put on by the volunteer efforts of the good members of The Club. There is a huge difference between a "almost-Free & Volunteer-only" event and a professionally managed affair. See ya down the trail !
  9. yes, filled up before the Government told me about the Putin Price Surge. If they hadn't told me, I would have thought the 130 percent price change BEFORE the Ukrainian invasion was all Biden's fault. In November, I am going to vote so many time that Stacy Abrams will look like a freaking amateur compared to me ! MAGA
  10. Capt. You should bring them all ! I'm going, probably should stay in Georgia and work, but I'm registered, have the hotel, and a tank full of $4 dollar gas !! See ya soon !
  11. As a libertarian, I believe that you can do as you choose, unless there is a specific rule against it - and theretofore, we should have a much more limited Rule Book. If 10 rules is good enough for The Big Guy upstairs, than why do we need more? Maybe because you are a Gamer and you are trying to take advantage of something? Rule number one - don't shoot nobody. What else do you need ??? Joke and sarcasm alerts.
  12. I always enjoy a simple "Yes" or "No" answer. The question had no mention of safety issues - simply "...finishes the rifle string..." YES, YES, YES. As a new shooter I always communicate with the TO that I will accept as much "coaching" as they are willing to give. (without the intentions of getting re-shoots) But then again, I'm here for the entertainment not the Prize Money and Sponsorship income. (sarcasm alert)
  13. Thanks Branchwater ! Your Channel is the best for SASS. Hope you move the channel to Rumble & Truth Social soon.
  14. Wasatch - they sold for $5 dollars each. How many do you have to sell - I'll take them all !! LOL
  15. Word was Minden plant was "not worth" repairing. I hope these guys have access to capital to re-build the factory.. It's probably extremely more difficult to "relocate". If ya'll are reading this - plan to join us next year for "Dark Days" and burn some real black powder with 200 hundred of your Cowboy friends.
  16. just got two from Jimmy Spurs - so the factory is working again ! (celebratory cheer ) These are my match gun and back-up (not for sale) - but you should call Jimmy. He will sell it, and short-stoke it, all in one seamless transaction.
  17. yes, and they sure make those stages FAST; like my favorite stage: with pistols - dump ten on any target with rifle - same as pistols' with shot gun - shoot until down. I can turn that into a 30 second stage with no problem !! (joke) (#sorrynotsorry) Looking forward to seeing Catherine Zeta-Jones again too !!!!
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