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  1. Sixgun Shorty, I've never had the pleasure of meeting you or visiting with you but I want to offer you an invitation. Cherokee Gun Club (Cherokee Cowboys) shoot the 4th Saturday every month and is located in Gainesville GA, about 55 miles northeast of Atlanta and I am the match director there. If you find yourself in Atlanta the 4th Saturday of a month I'd invite you to come on out and visit with us. If you're game I have plenty of ammo and a variety of lever action rifles in .22, .357 and 45LC and several pairs of single action pistols in .22, .357 and 45LC with leather that you can use and we'd let you shoot the match for free. We'd make any accommodations that you'd need to shoot the match so you could join in the fun. I also have the shotgun if you can shoot it. At any rate we'd love to have you come out and join us. There are also other gun clubs around Atlanta that shoot the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Saturday of every month so there's one within driving distance of Atlanta every Saturday.. I shoot at most of them and I'd provide you with the same guns and ammo if you'd like to shoot there. If you want more info on them let me know. Krazy Kajun
  2. Czhen and Flinthills Dawg, I sent both of you a PM with Fast Eddie's contact info. Kajun
  3. I have a few Fast Eddie SKBs at my house. I've never had to press my back up gun into service. I've shot my main match SKB almost every Saturday at a match for the last 4 or 5 years and it still functions flawlessly. Driftwood Dan, I sent you a PM with Fast Eddie's contact information. Kajun
  4. I've been looking forward to this for a while....should be bon temps. Kajun
  5. .....I’m disappointed, you being from TN I’da thought sure you say you’d drink them. Kajun
  6. I'm hoping he makes it to the range in Alabama...the spirits are already preparing for his arrival! Kajun
  7. I just checked on the Whose Coming list and see that some of the Cracker Crew is gonna be there. It'll be good to see them ne'er-do-wells again. Kajun
  8. Given the entertainment value of this thread it would seem more appropriate to move it over to the Saloon. Kajun
  9. Gotta watch them young folks Widder, they gots Krazy ideas! Kajun
  10. Time is something I have a good bit of.....I'm retired. I also have a regional advantage in the knowledge of certain mysterious ways over that reprobate that brung them purdies to the match. You just never know..... Kajun
  11. I wuz innocent I tell ya! I wuz with Widder and Purly and Max the whole time. (I do, howsumever, know that scoundrel wut brung them purdies and they'll get theirs when the time is right) Kajun
  12. One thing I've seen more and more of lately are people using their phones to video someone shooting the stage. While there's nothing wrong with this there have been times that these same people are holding a spotting stick. I've have a rule when I run the timer, you can't video and spot at the same time. Kajun
  13. I got a feeling those little purdys are gonna show up again! Kajun
  14. Widder, what about short older shooters, they get overlooked all the time! Will you be awarding one of those lucky people a saw to shorten their rifle stock! Kajun
  15. Ya know, maybe ole Purly'll jump in there with you on that very generous offer from you and Slater and throw in a couple of chickel legs and a box of snd ammo. Is this gonna be a great match or what! Kajun
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