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  1. Looks interesting....new front end on the website. Kajun
  2. "Having you along is like losing two good men!" Kajun
  3. I hear tell that there just might be some antifreeze available! Kajun
  4. You may need to break out your Oklahoma credit card and siphon some gas from your car or truck into your generator if you aren't able to drive to get more gas at a station. Kajun
  5. Just stumbled on this thread and with perfect timing. I have a jug with 5 years worth of reloading mishaps which I just started to work on.
  6. Capt. Bill, I ordered two sets of Wolf springs for my pair of Ruger Wranglers and it took almost a month for them to arrive. I installed them and it makes a world of difference. Worth the wait. Kajun
  7. I don't know Max, sometimes when ole Capt. Bill has some good Mexican food he has been known to do a little fhooting! Kajun
  8. If you get a Henry you REALLY need to get Widder and Slater to do their magic on it. I have one and it is incredibly smooth, like butter. Kajun
  9. Got it, thanks for helping me with the process. Kajun
  10. It's kind of hard to "posse" yourself if you can't even find the match on ASN. Is it the expectation from the AL state match crew that each and everyone signing up to attend this match actually create an account on ASN and then navigate to the match and assign themselves to a posse? Kajun
  11. Well let's see. The Badland Bar 3 ranch is out near English Texas.....lots of cowboy shoots out ta Tbone Dooley's range. I lived in Cleburne (just south of Fort Worth) for 10 years before moving to Georgia and I really liked that area. Just far enough out of the Metroplex to not be in all of the traffic but close enough if you need to go to Dallas or Fort Worth. Plenty of shoots around that area as well. Lots of good medical facilities in that area as well. I really liked living in Texas but my sons have taken wives and given us 4 grandsons and they are all settled in Georgia
  12. Barkeep, you can find the Hodgdon shotgun load data here. In looking I found the only Titegroup shotgun load data was for 1 oz and 1 1/8 oz. The lightest load I found there was for 1 oz. 16.0 grains of Titegroup results in a velocity of 1180 fps. Kajun
  13. I've used 2.3 gr Clays and a 100gr bullet in .32 mag case. I also have used Universal Clays with good results. Kajun
  14. Misty told me on the phone that their online system had problems with the categories part of the application process and the SASS office had to make phone calls to a good number of the applicants to get that information correct. Kajun
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