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  1. i Captain! Kajun
  2. Nah, pies are different in WY and CO, it's an elevation thing! Kajun
  3. Nah, I think it was an experimental development limited edition 45-410. Kajun
  4. Randy, you imbibe enough of them door prizes you gonna need a walker! Kajun
  5. Widder, if those primers you're fittintause have a smell of nanners I'd be a little suspicious! Kajun
  6. Naw, folks who use a 150 are wound a little differently! Kajun
  7. Did he have to have a nanner split break between the 2nd and 3rd shot? Kajun
  8. I use a #24 bushing of Clays with 7/8 oz shot and a #25 bushing of Clays with a 1 oz load of shot. Use the appropriate wad for whatever load of shot you use. Kajun
  9. Thanks so much for helping me out. Kajun
  10. I've looked around a good bit but could not find the dates for next year's Land Run that will be held in Oklahoma. Does anyone know the dates? Kajun
  11. I saw the title on this post and immediately thought "You better not be looking around for any Democrats!" Kajun
  12. ....and Snake Eye, neither one of those boys take nanner splits for payment. There is a guy in TN who does but his work is both questionable and sticky! Kajun
  13. Yeah but those Golden Boys are purdy! Like my nemesis Evil Bob says "Shiny guns shoot faster!" Kajun
  14. Whoa, you were hanging out with Saloon pards huh! Just one question, was any bail money expended? Kajun
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