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  1. I had to click on the "translate" button to get that one.....first time I've ever seen "Happy Birthday" in the KJV Bon Anniversaire Monsieur Randy! Kajun
  2. One of the RV Youtube channels I subscribe to is one called Long Long Honeymoon. They have an Airstream and have traveled all over the US. They have all kinds of videos but there are some just about their Airstream and maintaining it. You can find it here. Kajun
  3. We now have 73 shooter's signed up as of today's Pony Express run and getting applications in almost every day. We are farther along than we were last year at this time so it looks like we might be selling out a little earlier than last year. If you would like to shoot this match please get you application in soon. Kajun
  4. So that's why it always smells like breakfast when I shoot wif ya! Kajun
  5. Since I seem to always shoot agin ya at some state matches let me offer one more piece of advice. Make darn sure to shoot them cartridges in the trusty old reliable .45 colt rifles and pistols. Kajun
  6. How about you be the TO for Max for the whole match....that oughta get you started! Kajun
  7. I do have the applications. The Who's Coming list will be updated again next weekend, ya'll's (is that a word?) names will be on that list. Kajun
  8. We already have 32 shooters signed up and it’s not even February yet. It’d be best to get your apps in early if you want a place at this match. Kajun
  9. I've got no problem with people either wearing video cameras or videoing other shooters if they agree to it. I do, however, draw the line at someone wanting to video with a camera in their hands and spotting at the same time. If you are spotting then spot, if you want to video someone then hand off the spotting stick. Kajun
  10. Fast Eddie and the folks at the South River Gun Club in Conyers GA cordially invite everyone to come on to Georgia and shoot with us at the 2020 Georgia State SASS Championship. You can find match information on the state match website located here. The match will be held Thurs May 14 – Sat May 16. The Georgia State Black Powder Championship will be held on Thurs May 14th in conjunction with the SASS match. Side matches and the state black powder championship are on Thurs. The first 6 stages of the main match will be shot on Friday and the remaining 4 stages and banquet with awards will be held on Saturday. The banquet will be held at the world famous Georgia International Horse Park facility, equestrian venue for the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games. You can find more information about this beautiful facility here. The banquet is being catered by the renown Atlanta catering company, Proof of the Pudding, their website is here. The banquet is being organized by Annabel Lee. There are 54 camping spaces with electric and water hookups on the range and are several hotels located about 12 miles from the range in Conyers at exit 82 off I-20. The match director is Fast Eddie and the stages are being written by Blackhawk Henry and Fast Eddie. There is a limit of 180 shooters for this match Ya’ll check out all of the information and if you have questions about anything please let us know. For match questions contact Fast Eddie and for registration questions please contact Krazy Kajun. Our contact information can be found at the bottom of the match application. Krazy Kajun
  11. I’d be kerful if’n ya gets the opportunity to cross paths wif OLD TN Williams! You’re liable to get a bad case of cooties, have a funny lookin’ doll amongst your belongings and have an unnatural hankrin’ fer namner splits! Kajun
  12. My gunsmith gives Dremmel tools to all of his best customers. Kajun
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