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  1. Fast Eddie will be at the TN state match, just bring it with you and let him fix it for you. Right now its just a BBQ box gun. Kajun
  2. Yep, that's Hellbender from Lake Charles.....my home town. Their range was destroyed by a hurricane and they are slowly getting it rebuilt. I bought tickets for their previous raffle and will buy more for this raffle. You can contact Hellbender here on the Wire through Messenger. Kajun
  3. That voodoo and hoodoo stuff don't work on the locals....I'm good. However I've been corresponding with some of my Ida contacts and the spirits have been disturbed, there's gotta be a reckoning amongst the foreigners. Kajun
  4. You reckon ole Buck will allow some last minute write-ins like they do in the local AL elections? Kajun
  5. Sooooooo.....I went out to the gun club last week and shot the first round of skeet that I have EVER shot and my buddy had some pink shotgun shells. So we used his pink shells and I collected them up and loaded them with BP and will bring that to shoot at the BP side match. I won't say how many little "skeets" I hit but I did miss WAY more than I hit. It was all in good fun for me to get some pink shotgun shells to reload. Ya'll, I'm getting excited about this match....it's gonna be a goodurn and there just may be some "truths as we best remember them" shared along the way. Laissez les bon temps rouler ya'll. Kajun
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