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  1. The question the OP asked has been answered definitely, further discussion isn't required to complete the OP's request for the WTC. Nuff said. Kajun
  2. Capt. Bill, it took me longer to poll the spotters and tally up the bonuses than it took you to shoot it! Kajun
  3. Hey Widder, is St. Silver Eagle the patron saint of nanner splits? Kajun
  4. You man cave has a DQ sign out front and a parking lot. Kajun
  5. Ah, you must be a patient of Dr. TW! Kajun
  6. Good to see progress on the range....looking forward to seeing all of the improvements at the match. Kajun
  7. You wanna put fear in the heart of ole TW just start taking banana supplements! Kajun
  8. Widder, is that the Jif or Peter Pan version of 5W-20 lube? Kajun
  9. You mentioned that he was putting on a stainless steel mag tube....I haven't seen anyone in recent years that had any. So he has them and is installing them? Kajun
  10. Evil Bob, doing something like that would cause your dog to take up smoking! Kajun
  11. TW, I'm all over closing the gate on CBB CBB I'll take the gumbo and Dixie and then I'll think on my decision. I'ma thunkin ole TW is gonna hijack CBB's or Cardboard Cowboy's street rod to make midnight runs to the DQ to assuage his nanners split addiction. Kajun
  12. Well, maybe we oughta start shooting for sheep stations! Kajun
  13. There it is again, one of Yul Lose's works of art disguised as a gun cart.....man what craftsmanship. Kajun
  14. Noz, if'n you'd slow yore roll just a mite you'd see that my post was immediately after PWB's definitive ruling and both were posted at the same time. Don't be so quick to try and jump on folks and say "Next shooter!" We all know what PWB says about the rules is gospel. Geez! Backwater, see my post to Noz above. I'll take all the stars I can get, don't many come my way! Kajun
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