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  1. I see you live in TN so you live in the same state with the original Outlaw, Tn Tombstone so you are in a good location. Several clubs in TN and the Southeast all recognize and allow the Outlaw category. You'll have fun. Kajun
  2. When I first started shooting I had a two trigger Stoeger and had the same problem. I found that I was not holding the stock firmly against my shoulder and the shotgun was traveling farther back and slamming the trigger guard against my middle finger. Try holding the shotgun firmly against your shoulder when you pull the trigger and see if that helps. Kajun
  3. I didn't know Lickskillet Charlie had a recent birthday. Ole Skittles holds up purdy good for his age. Kajun
  4. Merci translates to "thank you" and beaucoup translates to "a lot or very much" so Merci Beaucoup translates to "Thank you very much." De rien, Kajun
  5. Widder, if'n yer gonna tawk Kajun at leest spel it write. Beaucoup Ur welkomb Kajun
  6. Waimea, the Dillon dies work very well for .38, that is what I use. I also have a set from Lee that I used when I first started reloading with my Lee turret press. I eventually got a bullet feeder so I am now using the Lee combo set/crimp die in position#5, bullet feeder is in 4 and I wanted to keep my powder check capability in position 3. Some folks swear by the Lee FCD and I do use that die for all of my other pistol caliber ammo. Any of the 3 suppliers you listed would work just fine but if you are shooting benchrest or precision competition get the Redding. Howsumever I don't know no Outlaws that shoot for precision! Kajun
  7. Glad it went well. Kajun
  8. Krazy Kajun

    Big Drink

    Awwwright Noz Kajun
  9. You'll enjoy that Yul.....save LOTS of time. Kajun
  10. Well Max you have one other option available to you. I know you are not too "short" on help, you have a "little" help close by and she can be the "primer poker" whilst you are loading the ammo, chamber checking everything and cleaning the guns. Heck, she could even serenade you while you load. (No thanks are necessary, that's what true friends are for ) Kajun
  11. Can someone who mentioned using a plastic surgeon do perform carpal tunnel surgery explain the benefits of that particular medical specialty over orthopedic surgeon. I had mine done by an orthopedic surgeon as that was their specialty. I'm well satisfied with the results and maybe I am just missing something here....I'm trying to connect the dots as to why a plastic surgeon would be preferred for use in a joint or skeletal type specialty. Kajun
  12. I have the PALVIK and it is the best primer filler I've seen. One thing about it though, I've found that if the battery runs out you can still fill the tube up by just shaking it back and forth quickly and that motion gets the primers to drop quickly. It's a little more work but it fills the primer tubes just fine. I think the PALVIK was made in Italy and I think they have stopped manufacturing it. If someone knows different please provide updated information. Kajun
  13. Had my right hand done in Jan 2016. They made a small cut on the inside of my wrist and used 2-3 stitches. My hand was pretty bruised for about 2 weeks and then slowly healed up....recovery time was about 3 weeks. Took a month off from shooting then slowly got back into it. Kajun
  14. There's your problem Max, you need to shoot the black stuff about every 3rd match, it'll clean your rifle and pistols for you. If you shoot full case loads the brass will anneal itself! Kajun
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