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  1. You got me there ole TW, I ain’t no gamer nanner split connoisseur! Kajun
  2. I’ll have you know that spoon was one I got when last I consumed a nanner split! Kajun
  3. I wondered what that loud bang in the back of my truck was in Alabama! Kajun
  4. You gotta watch ole TW, he’ll lie to ya straight faced. Shucks, last time I saw him he told me he was heading off to compete in a beauty contest and he fully expected to win the Humpty Dumpty fall face reconstruction contest, said he’s been working on his looks since ole Widder gave him a sideway glance and it skartem’ so bad he fell off his perch on the gut wagon. Ole TW is a notorious liar. Kajun
  5. Hey Widder, Barkeep Casey asked me to pick up his new SKB shotgun for him and it felt a little stiff after I shot a 10 stage black powder match through it. So Badlands Bob suggested that we treat him with cowboy kindness and see if we could loosen it up a little bit for him. Two things here, I do recall that you mentioned having a "special" lube for your best friend's shotgun that you used and also since Barkeep Casey dispenses a little medicinal spirits and since he shoots in my category I felt that it would be in my best interests to imbibe a little whilst administering the lube. Badlands Bob supervised and provided invaluable advice. Ole Bob gives good advice when he's drinking. Whilst working on the shotgun we found it really really really difficult to close so Bob suggested that I dollup a rather heaping tablespoon of said smooth peanut butter on the lugs and inside the action. We think it will work better if it sets up for a few days. The grease in the peanut butter seems to have dissolved the black powder fowling but we'll know in a few days if we were successful in our kind endeavor for our good pard, Barkeep Casey. Barkeep, no thanks is necessary, ole Evil Bob, when he's drinking and Kajun, when he's not, will always be available to properly lube your guns, especially when you shoot in our category. Kajun and Evil Bob, at your service
  6. Barkeep, what else are friends for....we just want what's best for our sport and you using "speshul" lube in yore scattergun is what's best for our sport....well at least the rest of us in our sport. Would you like me to prelube yore new SKB before I get it to you....no charge and it would be my pleasure! Kajun
  7. Barkeep, I encourage you to hold out for a Kenmore 10g single shot, it’s very dependable. Kajun
  8. If its for the good of the group then by all means. Just some pinned things just seem to remain longer than their contribution to the good of the group. My opinion and YMMV! Kajun
  9. Just wondering if some of those pinned posts have run their time. We have to scroll past a long line of pinned posts just to see new content. Kajun
  10. Ringer, that's what happens when you substitute a substitute for the holy black....all kind of hoogityboogity stuff happens. Come back to the truth, Goex, and all will be forgiven and your load will be true and smoky! Kajun
  11. Widder, I bet you'd think different if Joe was back shilling panty hose! Kajun
  12. Ah something close to home. I gradjumifikated from McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana and Jole Blon was our fight song, every time we scored a touchdown the band would break out in Jole Blon. I grew up hearing Doug Kershaw and several other Cajun artists singing that song. You can find more info about that song here. Kajun
  13. Things must be slow around Ranch Relaxo Kajun
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