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  1. You shoulda moved into a better neighborhood or had a better HOA! And yes CBB, GF. Kajun
  2. Well I made a dent in our new stamp collection.....one of them was used for the M7....so let's get this party started! Kajun
  3. Them younguns is growing up! Good on you for making it a family outing…memories are being made. Kajun
  4. Randy, fortunately I was able to advise Badlands Bob on which smoke replacement cylinder he needed to obtain! Kajun
  5. ....and remember Evil Bob....don't let the magic smoke out of the pump! Kajun
  6. I used a black permanent marker on the primer of every type of BP round I load. Kajun
  7. We've got about 35 applications in now and the deadline for ordering buckles is coming near the end of February so it'd be a big help if you plan on shooting the GA State match to get your applications in pretty soon. Kajun
  8. If your friend is a SASS shooter I'll probably know him. If he ain't just let me know when you'll be in GA and bring your SASS stuff, there are SASS matches almost every Saturday year round. We'll find you a place to shoot at. Kajun
  9. I seen you wuz joined up wif da Bayou Bounty Hunters! That right there is a good group of folks, you should have some "bon temps" there. I've enjoyed shooting at that club and they do have an interesting bunch of targets....and put on a heck of a good state match too. Welcome to the fire! Kajun
  10. I googled the term Pettifogger….wonder if there is a HOF for cowboy lawyers! Kajun
  11. Dang @Tennessee williams, yore good name has done been besmirched....there's no good that can come from this. I see bad things in the future of those that besmirched you. Even now there are chicken feet being hexed, boll weevil potions soaked in cotton being prepared, frog lip fricassee being cooked up and jarred, and all manner of mountain incantations being written all to the detriment of yore besmirchers! If they only knew the power and wonder of your talents they'd be shaking in there besmirching boots! Kajun
  12. You better be more nice to @Widder, SASS #59054 or he's gonna dip your do in a bucket of cursed chicken feet he got from @Tennessee williams and you'll have more hex than your do can stand! Kajun
  13. Now y’all quit badmouthing Widder….one day yore gonna need a hair transplant and you gotta find the best donor hair! Ole Widder may not be so generous to them that besmirched his mane! Kajun
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