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  1. It gets him that 1/100th of a second he needs though! Kajun
  2. Tired of going off half cocked? One more plus, if you'd just weld that hammer to the frame of the rifle that'd cut down on those pesky misses too! Krazy "who wuz just funnin' wif ya" Kajun
  3. Max, you need to take Widder’s advice on your rifle and pull the trigger harder! Kajun
  4. I’m a see Fast Eddie on Sat....Purly, you gonna be at River Bend? That doll’s gonna have more miles in it than TN Williams number on Nanner Splits he’s eaten! I hear tell that it has an affinity for places north of GA! Kajun
  5. I always say "This could be a fast stage" or "What could go wrong?" Then things start going wrong! Kajun
  6. Sorry, what did you ask? Kajun
  7. HWTC = Hoodoo What's The Call Kajun
  8. I shoot with Fast Eddie almost every Saturday throughout the year and he told me he preferred to not have his contact info provided publicly. I've sent PMs to anyone who has asked on this thread. There are any number of folks here on the Wire who also have his contact info, I am not his agent! I'm just following what Fast Eddie told me to do. Fast Eddie is also on the Wire but he doesn't post very often. He does have a profile here on the Wire and you can send him a PM directly if you prefer to. Kajun
  9. I would also like Fast Eddie's contact info. I have a SKB 100 with some issues.





    1. Krazy Kajun

      Krazy Kajun

      Sent you a PM with info


  10. Sent you a PM with his contact info Kajun
  11. Well now.....THERE'S the source of your problems that you had at the SE Regional what with the strange things being found in your long guns! It's that lever lock, it's hoodoo! And leaving nanner split spoons in your holsters And chicken feet in your shotgun Dang it Widder, somebody stop me! Krazy (what is innocent of everything) Kajun
  12. Nope, she replied to my PM that I sent 5 minutes after her posting that I was 5 minutes too late. Somebody else musta got it. Kajun
  13. I’ll take it. I’ll PM you my address. Thank you Krazy Kajun
  14. Many thanks to the fine folks at NAR for the great match. The stages were well done and the range looked good; I especially liked to new water hazards and ponds that were added at the last minute. Those folks even worked at night making sure the water levels were maintained! It was a fun match and it was good to see some old friends and make some new ones. Looked like TN WIlliams has him a special couple of friends for his shotgun too! Kajun
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