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  1. Those business you supplied do not match what TW told me. Ole TW had some “fowl” names for your business! Kajun
  2. In your spreadsheet you could assign a variable for the calculation of the rank points for each match. Of course it would change between matches but your spreadsheet would “automagically” be correct after you enter the scores for a match. It’s not too hard to make this running calculation using the method that Creeker explained above. Kajun
  3. Yazoo, those "visions" are caused by a "little something extra" ole Waimea mixes in with the lead. Badlands "Evil" Bob has been shooting Outlaw bullets for years and is always "way out there" with his visions. Waimea, I hope you and Mrs. Waimea have a great adventure on your new journey. Our best wishes and prayers go with you as you begin this new road. Adieu mais pas au revoir. Kajun
  4. How about PF = Pie R Squared or PF = Nanner puddin' R Round (Just trying to add a little math to the equation that we can all understand) Kajun
  5. I sure you remembered to load the "automagic ding" in with those newly found 45 acp bullets, it helps the spotters out a good bit! Kajun
  6. True the 1911 will run with sufficient amounts of BP propellant…..for a few shots at least. Kajun
  7. CBB, if you look real close you'll see Evil Bob has upped his game, that's a bullpup semi auto "furrin-made" shotgun. Kajun
  8. Hey PWB hows about emailing me a copy of the ROIII 2023 version....make it an editable copy too....if I'm king I wanna write the "unwritten" rules in that version. Kajun
  9. Dude's rolling something in that portapotty but I don't think it's coal....probably just a bad burrito! Kajun
  10. Nothing else need be said.....just a look at the US government NOT at work. Kajun
  11. Well this is a terrible thing.....thieves in Florida stole $1.6 million worth of alcohol from a regional liquor distributor.....you can read about it here. I know what the article says but I'm thinking all they got was some White Claw! Kajun
  12. He must have invested too much in nanner puddin' futures! Kajun
  13. Badlands (Evil) Bob is getting prepared in case we are invaded….he went and bought himself a Turkish made Tarkov bullpup 12g. Looks like an evil AK. We went to the range and he smoke tested it….no malfunctions. I just hope he left enough of the magic smoke in it to continue functioning. Kajun IMG_1351.mov
  14. You won't find reporting like that on US network news. Kajun
  15. I think half the problem in the Middle East could be resolved if pulled pork sandwiches were allowed. Nothing brings people together like a barbecue. Kajun
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