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  1. Hey ya'll, will there be any Hillbilly Olimpiks trials at the KY state match? Kajun
  2. Dang Max, you just get back from the FL state match and found your computer, it's a good thing Ophelia was there to turn it on for you. If the nail rehab doesn't go well I might have to switch to the Rimfire category.....prayers always appreciated! Kajun
  3. Spray a little Ballistol on your wrist! Kajun
  4. Get all that rust to fall off ya and you'll be even faster....looking foward to you getting back in the game regular again. Looking forward to yet another family gathering where a match breaks out. Ponderosa Pines and the fine folks that run that place are famous for that! Lassiez les bon temps rouler ya'll. Kajun
  5. Matches are still being held on the same date as they have been for many years, the 4th Saturday of the month at Cherokee Gun Club near Gainesville GA. Registration opens at 8am and the safety meeting is at 9am. The paperwork for SASS affiliation has been sent off to SASS. If you have any specific questions or need additional information please send me a PM here on the Wire and I'll be glad to help you. Kajun
  6. I checked and indeed we are not on the list. Let me look into that and see if we can remedy that. Kajun
  7. I've had some folks wanting to change categories but its time to order the buckles. So if anyone wants to request a category change you'll need to contact me by April 1st. We are ordering buckles on April 2nd and there will be no more category changes after April 1st. Kajun
  8. We are SOLD OUT!! Thanks everyone who signed up early, we appreciate it. Any applications received going forward will be added to a waiting list. Kajun
  9. You'll have a more harmonious outcome if'n you'd actually load yore guns afore ya stage 'em over to Copperhaids place! Kajun
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