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  1. Same thing happened to me. I tried to get a replacement from Dillon for mine. They didn't have one, but would refurbish my unit with a different motor. It would cost about the same as the original. That has been the only time I've been disappointed in Dillon. I bought a Harbor Freight Tumbler at 1/2 the price and never looked back. Tumblers are not Dillon's strong point.
  2. I'd like PWB to confirm this. That would settle the OP and then the group can go on with other scenarios.
  3. Can we stick to the OP and get an answer on it? Feel free to start another post with different scenarios and get an answer on them. Here, just to remind everyone, there are six SG targets. No order was given to knock them down. One SG target falls before the shooter gets to the SG targets. The shooter clearly misses everything with the first shot, then proceeds to knock down the 5 remaining targets. Is the shooter done, or does the shooter have to fire a 7th SG shot?
  4. At the Georgia state match and in the OP, no order was given. At least where I shoot, if no order is given, you're free to knock them down as you see fit.
  5. I had something similar when I first started shooting GF and had to go back to shooting two handed. My left arm would just give up. However, when I bought Ruger 32 H&R, the lighter weight and recoil helped me get over the hump with the left arm issue. I now shoot GF all the time. There may be a different style of gun or hammers that would help. I'd try some other peoples guns at matches and see if they feel better and would help.
  6. For PWB, the situation in the OP is exactly from the Georgia State Match. For the OP, is it A, or B or something else?
  7. Why do we have to make this hard. If a sequence is not indicated, shoot until all are down - standard rules. It doesn't matter which one was down prior to the initiation of the SG sequence. A clean miss means A CLEAN MISS. There is no possibility that the shot would hit a shotgun target.
  8. I shoot 32 H&R Rugers with 78 grain bullets. I shoot Gunfighter. They go out about 850 feet per second. The recoil is less that the other pistols I have shot (.357 and .45) but has a different feel. The big difference for me is the weight. I was having trouble with my left arm with the other guns. I have not had any issues with the .32 H&R.
  9. I posted this before the EOT and didn't get an answer and I can't find the original posting. PWB on the wire and a Black Pin at a match gave different answers and it was referred to the ROC. As far as I know it was never decided or answered. Scenario is rifle and pistol are shot correctly. There are 6 shotgun targets. During the rifle and pistol strings, one of the SG targets fell, so only 5 are standing. The shooter goes to shoot the first SG round and clearly misses all the SG targets. The shooter then proceeds to knock down the remaining 5 SG targets with 5 shots. The shooter has now shot 6 SG rounds and all six SG targets are down. A - The shooter is done, 6 rounds fired, six SG targets are down. or B - The shooter must shoot one more round to make up for the clear miss. Either way is OK with me. There are arguments for both. I just want to be consistent on the call.
  10. You can outrun the hammer fall if the hammer spring is too light. This can also cause an out of battery discharge as the links are starting to unlock as the hammer hits. I had some of both issues that I fixed by tightening up the hammer spring. If I jack one out now, it mostly because of the lack of live fire practice. I have not had an OOB since I tightened up the spring.
  11. Thanks for the heads up. I ordered 3000 Federal SPM.
  12. Been doing it ever since I've been shooting a '97. I've never had a problem. I do try to be aware where my brass is going.
  13. The shooter does not have to keep a hand on the gun. You have until the next gun is fired to correct an issue with a live round or empty round left on the carrier. So long as the shooter picks up the shotgun and shoots it, it is a no call.
  14. He got the P when he shot the 6th shot from window A. Because it didn't hit a pistol target, it is a miss. He can negate the pistol miss by reloading one shot at window C and shoot the targets there. The procedural remains. One can only get one procedural so shooting the rifle last is not an issue.
  15. It is a good movie. He's paying off a debt to a guy that helped him in the past. It's a tour of life lessons that he tries to pass on to the boy. It's not a shoot 'em up. It's about thinking and relationships, messy as they can be.
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