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Lets see some dogs

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Such a regal looking canine....












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My next door neighbor had a big grey pit bull.  Nash was a great dog and a lot of fun!! He’d chase sticks until you couldn’t throw them any more. LOVED to drag big tree branches around and was just a great dog!!


My ex-daughter-in-law didn’t know about Nash because he was usually in the neighbor’s house when she was around.  One morning she dropped my grandson off at the house on her way to work and the dog approached her.  She picked up a stick and poked it at him and he grabbed it and pulled it out of her hand! Then he rushed up to her to give the stick back, but she jumped into her car and called the cops!


Took a lot of explaining when they came to try to take the dog.  The neighbor had no idea what was happening and I had to intervene on his behalf!


My dumbass ex daughter-in-law had to be convinced that the dog was not dangerous, so my grandson grabbed a stick and played with him in front of the neighbor, the cops, and his mom!!


By the time they were through carrying on, everyone but Bopper’s mom was

rolling on the ground laughing!!



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