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  1. Yes. S&W Offers several revolvers factory cut for moons. J frames in 38/357. S&W 627 38/357. To name a couple. as far as the original question safariland is by far the best option for a speed loader. You will never use another HKS twist loader again after using the Safariland. Weak hand reload with a HKS is very frustrating at best to accomplish quickly or smoothly. You really need to use 2 hands, the cylinder will want to turn as your trying to turn the release on the HKS. Safariland is push and play, much easier with either hand. Safariland has dominated the shooting sports as the go to loader for years, know one uses the HKS. LF.
  2. Had this built for carry optic division a couple years ago. Didn’t spend the time with it to get comfortable, went back to limited division. Less than 500 rounds through it. Everything is like new. CZ shadow 2 9mm Cajun Gun Works full upgrade kit 6# lb da, 2 7/8 sa after kit install slide milled for Trijicon SRO 5 moa Lok Bogie grips Red Hill holster & Boss drop hanger, belt not included. 10 mags, 4 with Henning extra cap base pads and Gram springs / followers all original parts and box’s included. right at $3000 to put this together today. $2200 plus actual shipping to your ffl. Open to trade options also 1911 commander in 38 super pair of 357 or 44 Bisleys vaqueros,prefer stock condition. Higher end 1911?? Thanks for looking, LF
  3. 3.9 of clays under a 230gr bullet gives me around 750fps = 172pf out of a 5” springfield. Load I used for years for USPSA. Moved to WST when clays became unavailable the first time several years ago. 3.6 should give a nice mild push recoil impulse. Should be under 700 fps depending on the gun. LF.
  4. I only see 31.5 max for 180 bullet at 1,896fps on Hodgons page.,,, which is still over the recommendation. I like the xtp bullets and use the 240gr at just under max loading in 44 mag rifle. But like others have said they don’t work well pushed real hard. Tried in the 444 with mixed results, they just don’t stay together. Much better results with the 265 Hornady or 270 nossler, however not much fun for the shoulder. LF.
  5. Thanks guys, I got it back together. Made sense after it was explained were it goes. My other 73s don’t have that. Hate when stuff goes spoing and have no idea what it is. Thanks, LF.
  6. Does anyone know what this is and where it goes. Fell out while cleaning. never seen this in other 73 rifles, assume it’s something Boogie puts in???
  7. Here’s a few different styles from over years that were fairly easy to read. The early Illinois state and this year’s paradise pass were pretty good.
  8. Went through the same thing with fedx several times, frustrating!!! Someone at there office told me if I left a signed note on the door they would leave the package…..they did. I have also left notes for them to deliver to the next door neighbor. Lately I just send packages to my parents house, there more Likely to be home. Might try the signed note on the door, nothing to loose at this point. LF.
  9. Lobo Gun Leather. single clip, easy on, stays put. Have them made from horse hide, easy to reholster if needed. LF
  10. I don’t think they made/make NM Bisleys in the shorter barrel length. Think 5.5” is your only option?? Could be wrong but never seen them, Ruger only lists the longer. You can get the OM Bisleys in the shorter length. Good luck with your search. LF.
  11. Can’t answer your question either but I’ll second Made targets. Purchased from them, close to where I live so I could pickup. Quality targets, good guy to do business with, promptly returned phone calls. I think they will cut special orders if they do not have what you want. might be worth a phone call. LF.
  12. What’s a Plainsman match? Heard of it but don’t know the details. Thanks, LF.
  13. Just tell the bad guys your the world famous Cowboy Rance, all you will need is a pen to sign autographs. S&W pro series mod 60 makes a nice carry. All steel, 3” 38-357. Replaced grip with Hogue, +p 38 is very manageable, 357 not so much.
  14. What’s the number it has to get to before we start seeing social breakdowns?? $6,$7 per gallon National average, are we already there at $5 and just a matter of time? I have a feeling it could get really ugly in the next few months. LF.
  15. Congratulations to Grace & Deuce for the overall wins and all the Iowa state champs. Anyone putting on a state or above match should copy the Iowa templet. Stage scenarios where straight forward, targets big and close, lots of shooter choice on how you shot the stages. Well done match, this one will be on the list for next year. Thanks, LF.
  16. Leather shotgun belt, 34” to the center hole. 12 single loop 12g. Bought for my nephew, only test fit but never used. Decided he like a different set up. $60 shipped. Or I can deliver to Iowa state match this weekend or Indiana state in a couple weeks. First I’ll take it wins. Thanks, LF.
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