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  1. we used to get them and use them as metal stud finders in the 1990 we could get a dozen for $30
  2. most stores have lots of 17HMR cause so few people shoot it
  3. Both are better than the finger pulling the trigger
  4. here is mine with 3x9 scope as soon as I get around to it will add a long mag release we use CCI quiet 22s the bullet hitting steel makes more noise than the round going off with Fed Black Pack ammo it groups are about the size of quarter at 50 yrds with T-22s and a better trigger finger on the gun 100 rounds all under a dime size big plus is using 10-22 mags that we already have 20 plus now that I remember I was going to buy a Ruger American but it would have to be ordered the pic was taken on my still clean loading table
  5. the precision is VERY heavy mine has bipod and cheap scope and can hit a dime every shot at 50 yard really fun at tin can alley
  6. I have one and it is nail driver Got mine at Sportsmans warehouse but it looks like that are " out of stock " now
  7. SKS I bought 3 for $200 .. and 4 spam can of 7.62x39 but always used ammo from cardboard boxes 2 years ago I sold them for $250 each then in july "found" my spam cans ammo for gun I don't have
  8. It is not midnight yet here but we have only heard 20 some shots 2 mags few 100 M80s last new years the shot detector heard 7000 rounds fired
  9. most people would call it a Living Room too many fast toys in the garage part number is 1003-951-491 but I only saw this one at one home depot good luck finding one
  10. my best doorbell ringer was a nice guy triing to sell solar panels but I already have panels and they can be seen long before you get to my driveway I had nothing better to do so asked him to show me on my roof where they would go he looks at my new roof and my Long range Nuclear power receivers OH sorry to bother you
  11. nope my old loading table is still arranged for easy case cleaning I do have a closed door locker that is kind of a mess with OCD girlfriend keeping thing in there place works best plus nice to find things
  12. Ok I had to add the get loading table but I found nice one at home depot and her niece bought it for me big plus it has crank to change the table height so I can use it for bar tooo yes I use a single stage press I used to reload with it for 2 hour when i was in stanbye before I retired . now I have even more time . my powder check is a LED flash light checking each case in 50 round loading tray
  13. Be glad you are not in CA when the shot first came out we saw plenty the heath care workers getting their shots first First responders too then the Woke crowd made this list it is getting worse now CA largest rest home has 50 case of the bat flu
  14. I want that them to write safety label for GUNS but I want one
  15. I have gas outside and when I need to boil 2 gallons of water fast I go outside GFs bestie broke ours she picked hot pan then dropped it Sears outlet had one ... open box $300 what deal ... did need to trim some tile but it was easy job and she paid inside the glass top is soo easy to clean we where in Lowes today shopping the You're doing anything project I asked if I could get 20 pieces of sheetrock curbside .... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  16. wait till your Doc sez "you need a Low Salt diet " .. they put the stuff in every thing good
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