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  1. After my first Stoeger coach gun rib blew off and dotted me in forehead ' I thank God I am not a pirate Buying the second gun was fun .. very young clerk just got her CA permit to sell guns "can you show me how to open it so I check that it is unloaded ". then showed her how to take the barrel off to put it in the box I was told you cant sent it back for warranty cause of all the work done to make it decent gun my second one is slicker and faster but I had small piece or stock break off and could not find the piece of wood .. oh well First Stoger said since I am CA the whole gun must be sent to factory from an FFL so the stock could be fitted when I pointed out that they sell a new stock for $140 on their own wed site .. the very nice guy on phone said he needed to check on this. 5 hours later I get call ..well that is our policy BUT I can sent you a new stock but it wont be warrantied . Great sent it too me . When people do a good job for me I need to thank them
  2. since know quite few retired pole dancers . some days they dont make alot of $$$$$ the ones that claim 2K a night are doing extras in the private rooms Sad the clubs in SF bay area are closed and some will never reopen
  3. 1972 when the Toyota pickups where Tincans ... they have gotten alot better
  4. we drove san leandro to la sitting on a love seat in the back of toyota pickup wearing leather flying hats and googles . we waved to CHP as the passed us most waved back
  5. at noon we could not see the sun but at 3 pm it was seen for a few hours I look at my white truck and see it covered in ash .. has to be good for our lungs the wacko are bitching that are firefighter was defending homes and not working harder on fire in a park with no homes around
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