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  1. long ago I was range clean up boy. very low pay but the brass i got made it a great job
  2. that was the guy who gave me a tetanus shot . both arms full tats sleeves
  3. I dry tumble 4 hours to get really bright brass 2 dryer sheets and lid on my machine keeps the dust down just fine I found a local feed store that has ground corn cob for a third the price gun shops sell it
  4. I got my 2 shots of moderna the kind that come in a needle not tiny glasses no reaction at all from the shot... Gf smacking me for drooling over the cute young nurses made a mark
  5. I put my window AC in Friday it was up to 80 ..it sure worked wearing long pants and long sleeve shirt this morning looking out over the SF bay nice cool fog
  6. hey that was my car and we sstopped racing at 10 pm no matter who was winning
  7. I leave a cart out for my mailman regular is big guy who can handle the weight sometimes a very tiny lady knocks on my door for me to pick them up
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