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  1. I watched my shotgun fall off the table ...I called it on my self I always try to shoot pistols first so if drop an empty pistol it not a Match DQ
  2. oh i learned the hard way to use lock tight on all screws my kind of fast time went bad when my lifter stuck up I had nothing to push it down To gave me his knife so I was over a minute this one is in my shotgun shell belt and i hold it stays there
  3. perfect fit I hope now I have this I will never have a stuck lifter
  4. So last year we had range office clean out, found a bunch of stuff that had been around for years I took home box of new once fired 270 brass " But you dont have a .270"... oh well it was a perfect fit just little hammering now I have tools that can lose and not worry about I can make 20 of them the one on the right is the one I got from my club made from a 30-40 krag
  5. in the heart of crazy san fran bay area the store is Guns Fishing and other stuff when they opened we where happy to get big store they have displays for over 500 hand guns and at one time it was full one of stores that started off great now we hope it makes it
  6. pallets of 12 and 20 gauge shells ...all rifle calibers in stock just not .223 9mm 10mm 40 cal and 45 acp Sorry same with 22 LR same store had 20 less than handguns after the riots now they have at least 200 pair of shiney Sass rugers of course NO primers
  7. thanks I have some in my garage just need to find the can of them
  8. this is better than Grandma giving her kid a smoke
  9. make one with 45-70 brass I need to shorten it a little bit very slippery handle but my gun belt has loops for 38 round ... looking for 38-55 brass now
  10. I brought 10 black powder shells to the trap range one young boy watching his dad shoot said "Wow those are awesome "
  11. not to be rude but I get very nice gift I dont tell the giver how to make it better
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