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  1. Yul As retired Union trim Carpenter I can only say WOW I saw one of your carts that a couple won . I was so impressed on the workmanship
  2. I have Long range nuke power panels on my roof 15 years ago I worked in building that heated and cooled from deep earth wells great idea . big $$$$ but over 30 year it will pay off
  3. I have 400 MM wrench from a Volvo truck tool kit !! it has WON me quite a few bets
  4. Sorry about that No one told me that Dodge lug nuts where left handed but I did get to pay for your New wheel studs... I learned
  5. Oakland is back to "Normal" only a few 100 round of gun fire last night
  6. I think they blew up everything last night very quiet for a sunday watching the getto GF is sure we had 1000 booms in a minute last night from 10 pm till midnight stilll have not heard about the damage from when the bullet fired in the air come down
  7. the one thing we have learned we treat old folks with NO money like crap half the deaths in my county have come from 3 welfare rest homes then go to san fran and sidewalk camper are 75% infected Stay safe everyone
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