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Pat Riot

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3 minutes ago, Alpo said:

That used to be the alias of a SASS member.


A newbie signed in one day, using the name Purple Haze, and within about an hour this woman jumped him.




Her name was Purple Hays.


The newbie apologized. He said that he was related to Jimi Hendrix, and the name just seem to make sense. And he had not meant to be offensive.


No I don't know if he changed his alias or if he went away. And I'm pretty sure that's the only time that she posted. But man I remember how mad she got.


I'm looking forward to a picture of "Foxy Lady".:P

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On 11/5/2023 at 4:04 AM, Buckshot Bob said:



Today's Food Bank Seniors Nutrition Box: Some form of hot cereal, powdered milk, some protein - e.g. canned chicken or salmon, cans or pouches of chili with beans, canned fruit, canned vegetables, rice, split peas, lentils, or dried beans, and a 2 pound loaf of a processed American Cheese product. One box per person per month.


Regular food bank will be fresh veggies, usually carrots and cauliflower, sometimes onions, potatoes, bok choy, cucumbers.  Frozen meat, usually chicken drumsticks, although a couple of months ago we got a nice cryopac pork loin.  Fruit of whatever is in season, rice, beans, split peas or lentils.  Often a pound each of raisins and walnuts.  Lately we've been getting single serving containers of applesauce and frozen apricots.  


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