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Yul Lose

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Alabama and Washington, Ohio State and Clemson. With the two winners playing for the national championship. I'm good with three of the picks but think Washington is gonna get steam rolled by the Tide. A better pick in my opinion would have been Michigan, they wouldn't get steam rolled quite as bad. I'm picking Alabama to win it all again. What say you?????

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I'm with y'all on the State Pen, er, ah, Penn State thing!! They beat Ohio State fair and square and they beat Wisconsin in the conference championship.



I know, I know, Michigan beat them bad early in the year, but I doubt Harbaugh's boys could have done any better than OSU or Wisconsin come playoff time!!



I'm not a fan of James Franklin because of the way he did Vandy three years ago, but he was right in what he said after the Little 10 championship game.



ANYWAY.............ROLL TIDE!!!

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Well, I still am wondering about the Washington team. I know that there are a lot of rabid Huskie fans here in

the great Pacific Northwet, but I do not see them playing Alabama.


That said, I do not see any college team beating the tide. Didn't say that I like it, just the way I SEE IT.


But that is why they play the game.

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I'm going to be rooting for the Buckeyes, but will be shocked if Alabama doesn't win it all. Having said that and acknowledged my bias, my understanding is that Ohio State made the cut above Penn State for multiple reasons. First and foremost among them was that Penn State had not one, but two losses, to Pitt and Michigan. It is hard to justify letting a team in with two losses over some others with only one, even if there was a head to head match up. Also, in looking at their win over Ohio State, Penn also had the advantage of a week off, while the Buckeyes had been in a brutal game against Wisconsin the Saturday prior. Did the committee get it right? I don't know, but the reasoning that I have heard makes sense to me.

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