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  1. I'm so sorry you lost your fur buddy. They are such a comfort and it sure looks like you cared for Taz. My prayers are with you.
  2. I shoot brass shells in both 12 and 10 gauge and real BP. Had a new belt made for the 10, one wrap of tape around the shell, stuffed the shells in the belt and left for 2 weeks. Still snug but stretched just enough to loosen up. I shoot 'em dry !!
  3. Thanks to all who have responded, both for and against. I never thought this level of discussion/arguments would be generated. Perhaps this is a better way to state my intent. How do I achieve more smoke and flame out the end of my barrel using ONLY (no additives) real black powder and organic wads in brass shells ? Size of the powder grains, internal compression pressure of the completed shell, amount of powder, type of wad (paper in my case), amount of shot, barrel length and other variables all make a difference. I bought my 10 gauges in response to such match categories as "King of Ka-Boom" and "Sultan of Smoke" etc... This is a shooting sport and black powder was and is a part of it. The boom and smoke and fire, that's part of it too.
  4. Lithium grease on the links, Ballistol on the carrier and barrel.
  5. Overshot card on top of shot and then raw popcorn to fill up the space.
  6. A decibel meter app, that might be just the thing. What a great idea !! Thank you for this suggestion !!
  7. You don't know me and I would hazard that were we having this conversation face to face that your attitude and verbiage would be lessened. I am allergic to shrimp. If I go to a seafood restaurant, I do not have the right to demand that they not serve shrimp. While I feel for you and your medical condition, you do not have the right to ask me to shoot less than full power loads. Yes, I want more and it is okay. I have broken no SASS rules. As for showing close to total disregard to my fellow shooters, your words, we are allowed leeway by our governing body as to no less/no more velocities and power factor. If I choose to go to the high end and someone else chooses low, then no harm/no foul, but we BOTH have the freedom to choose. As to serving as a TO with full house BP loads, did it today. Love the smoke or no smoke and the flame or no flame and the crack or the BOOM. If you cannot enjoy that, then I feel sorry for you. I hope one day to meet you, talk with you and perhaps even shoot with you.
  8. I am currently looking for data from that time frame (late 1880-1900), would you please direct me to where you found your load data?
  9. My dipper has both ounces and drams marked. I like the old tools and ways of loading BP.
  10. Nothing but real black powder and organic wads in my brass shells. No chalk, glitter or anything else. I don't want fireworks. Just a real honest-to-goodness period correct black powder 10 gauge load.
  11. Ounces by volume, I use an antique adjustable dipper to throw my charges. Same setting for both powder and shot.
  12. I appreciate the tenor of your reply but nothing more than it would affect mine since we wear hearing protection. No offense meant.
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