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  1. I shoot Holy Black in .44-40 and with a homemade lube wad under the bullet, no problems over 10 stages with rifle.
  2. Collet rings with set screws to replace the clips. A very elegant and easy fix. I like it
  3. Warden, I prime mine using the Lee auto-prime II and Federal primers on the press and have not had any problems. Perhaps an issue with the antique capper?
  4. I bought the RCBS die set and am not greatly impressed. The resizing ring that screws into the die body has not had to do any work on my Magtech shells. The shaft that holds the decapping die is held in place by clips and they bent and came off the shaft so I am using the shaft to manually decap over the hole in my bench anvil. Not really worth the price, but that's just my opinion. I also have found that 1/2 " wads blow a hole in the pattern just about the size of 6-8" knockdowns. I put together a 1 oz square load , nitro card, shot and overshot card sealed with waterglass. Out of my Stoeger
  5. Waco, do you like Louis L'Amore book? I have a bunch I will bring to Grant if you want them.

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