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Bad 9th Circuit firearms ruling

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Lots of coverage on the Team Sass page.


I will say, though, that it fills me with a sense of shame for my home state. :(

Worrisome for all of us in the 9th Circuit, even if our states (such as Washington) have good concealed-carry laws-- for the time being.


Washington State, for all of its political "liberalism" (a misnomer in my opinion, but that's another story) has good firearms laws, and a strong constitutional firearms provision. We've been a "shall issue" state for concealed-carry since at least 1959. But there are hostile forces gathering that want to change that; they have an incremental strategy.

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The 9th Circuit is known for its liberal bias. I have no doubt this will eventually wind up in the SCOTUS. Problem with that is that much will depend on what kind of judge will replace the late Justice Scolia. That, of course, will depend on who the next president is, and whether Congress will confirm, which in turn depends on the results of the Congressional elections this fall!

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Can't say I'm surprised. The 9th is known for decisions like this. If folks don't see the importance of the presidential election this fall we're in trouble.

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They're in direct conflict with the Heller decision by the SCOTUS, why do they think they can out rule the law of the land?? :angry:

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Glad this is moved to Team SASS. Now can say.....if Hillary is elected she will appoint very anti-2nd Amendment zealots - vote wisely.


GG ~ :FlagAm:

You are 100% correct Mr. Gatlin, now we have to convince the RINO republicans to get behind Trump. Like him or not he's a thousand times better than Hillary!

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IMHO, a large number of RINO's have had their heads handed to them and many of them are to blinded to see the danger of another Clinton presidency.

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...the danger of another Clinton presidency.

That ain't just dangerous. It's a nightmare, a disaster in the making.

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