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  1. Might be fun for a monthly that runs the "outlaw" category if the club allows it. However in SASS sanctioned matches it's a no go. GG ~
  2. Wish I could make it - however may stop in during the match at some time to "howdy" to folks. Have a great shoot and FUN time together. GG ~
  3. Sure, but a little "clunky" for fast-CAS shooting though. GG ~
  4. There is no such thing as "unholy" black powder. It's actually the holiest of all powders. GG ~
  5. Just an update - will try and be more involved with getting legislation updates on our 2nd Amendment involving the state of Michigan. House Bill 4003: Would eliminate the felony for carrying a concealed pistol on an expired concealed pistol license if the license had expired within the previous year. It would be replaced with a civil infraction. State gun groups including Michigan Open Carry, MCRGO, and MGO reached an agreement with the Michigan State Police on the H-4 substitute. The bill passed the Michigan House on a strongly bipartisan vote of 74-27. We are hopeful this bill will be signed into law this session. House Bills 5187 & 5188: Would modify emergency powers relating to firearms when a state of emergency is declared and prohibit issuing an emergency order that restricts certain gun related activities during an epidemic. These bills passed the Michigan House with votes of 61-40 and 62-39 respectively. While it is unlikely Gretchen Whitmer would sign these bills as they reduce executive authority, passage sends a strong message to future governors. GG ~
  6. Another vote for Paradise Pass. Also think that Bluewater Sportsman Club in Port Huron, MI might at least size wise. GG ~
  7. Just saw this on the SASS FB page... may she rest in peace.
  8. For a deer? full load real black powder (3f) with a 250gr projectile will work. GG ~
  9. Yessir, was able to meet and enjoy dinner last night with Mr. "Mo" Lasses and his kind wife when he came to visit the West Michigan area. Another one I can say is better as the real deal than just on the Wire. Wishing he and is wife safe travels back to South Carolina. GG ~
  10. Maybe than can take a lesson from Ruth's Chris.... "Ruger's Marlin"? Sorry, just had to have fun here. GG ~
  11. Yup, my first EOT last year and first National in 2022. Pretty exciting stuff. GG ~
  12. Signed up online today - email says they are processing apps soon. Hope to get in. Heard about it here: GG ~
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