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  1. Don't have a Ruger Wrangler, but love my Jeep Wrangler (sorry, couldn't help it)
  2. Starline usually gets it out quicker than you think - Jump on ordering via backorder. GG ~
  3. Video was cool - thanks for sharing. Being a dad to our one and only - our daughter - makes me happy to see these things. GG ~
  4. "“During the encounter both patrons and protesters brandished firearms. " - who knows if a protester pulled a firearm and the guy reacted feeling his life was threatened. More here: https://heavy.com/news/louisville-diner-pulls-gun-blm-protesters-video/ GG ~
  5. Must be the weight.... I may look older but am easier to look at GG ~
  6. Thanks UB for setting the record straight. GG ~
  7. PB & Jelly - add potato chips! Not on the plate or in the bag - in the sandwich itself! GG ~
  8. It would be a better world if folks just kept their medical decisions to themselves. GG ~
  9. You will love the badge - VERY high quality - I cherish mine GG ~
  10. My first purchase was a Pietta '58 Remington with adjustable sights from Cabelas for $99 - back in 1989. GG ~
  11. PRGF 12ga requirements being: Shotgun Double or 87 Only 60 grs by volume of black powder or BP substitute 1 -1/8 oz or more of shot I was having "blooming" issues but after changing over to a Claybuster CB1138-12 wad filled with a smidge over 1-1/8oz #6 shot atop 70grs Goex FFg ...it's great. Works for me. GG ~
  12. I still have some in all three shades - bought maybe 10 each and gave most of them away. I dig my Team SASS badge too GG ~
  13. So it's just 3 misses with no procedural - correct? GG ~
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