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  1. Feeling for my Cali pards. Sad. Seems their governor and our governor here in Michigan are battling for the "suppress your people" award. GG ~
  2. Oklahoma eh? Just might be able to make a National GG ~
  3. but if you don't - you might want to remove Biden/Harris.... https://www.ammoland.com/2020/09/anti-gun-politicians-seek-to-tax-your-2a-rights-into-oblivion/#axzz6aBeIy3dH GG ~
  4. Thank you for your dedication of service to the community. God bless and hope your next adventure is enjoyable. GG ~
  5. Times have changed - I could get deeper, but alas...that get's into "political discussion" and can get me in trouble. GG ~
  6. Ok - I just took one man and another man debating - with the President being who he has always been (no surprise) and the other guy looking weak and impotent who tried, with the help of a biased moderator to get under the president's skin. Hence - you and I see it different per my original post. In America we have people who call themselves "Republican", but in talk only - they are RINO types. That's all I will say as not to get into political discussion - happy day GG ~
  7. Reckon Canadian "right wing Conservative" folks are different than the American versions GG ~
  8. President Trump thumped the beta male....all the while with me loading up 44 WCF and 12ga for the Indiana State Shoot this weekend. GG ~
  9. Maybe Ruger can add a harder steel to the '94 carrier/lifter GG ~
  10. Thankful for this video - Had seen it a while back and it taught me to be easy on the lever is something isn't right with the rifle. Got to employ this lesson at Range War this year. GG ~
  11. She's not using the flag for a "prop" or "advertisement" - my interpretation she is showing her support for a good president who loves America. Really, it's no big deal. You or I may not do it for whatever reason, but it seems her heart is in the right place. GG ~
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