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  1. Trying to reach him through here but PM is not allowing that. Used to have his number, but have a new phone and my contacts didn't get transferred. If someone would let him know that Gunner Gatlin is trying to reach him it would be appreciated. Have a happy day GG ~
  2. Yeah, he was a supporter of real marriage once too. GG ~
  3. Merry Christmas Widder - tried to PM ya, but no go - just checking on something to make sure it worked. GG ~
  4. When speed and physicality is involved, given all things equal, usually men are better. As far as marksmanship itself, women definitely hold their own. https://www.nrawomen.com/content/are-women-naturally-better-shooters-than-men/ GG ~
  5. .429 BIG LUBE Toggle, 24" Uberti '73, 35gr GOEX 2F...works great. GG ~
  6. 100% Give an inch and they WILL take miles and miles..... GG ~
  7. 99% should be clean. Otherwise they are shooting too fast GG ~
  8. ...and then there's this: https://www.thestreet.com/technology/jeep-quietly-leaves-huge-market?puc=yahoo&cm_ven=YAHOO GG ~
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