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  1. Great topic. Just picked up a Browning 1885 Competition in 45-70 from Gunbroker. Can’t wait For it to arrive and shoot it. GG~
  2. It's my carry gun with the 38 Special + P Hornady FTX - love it. It's the hammered version. GG ~
  3. What a HOOT of a SHOOT!! Old school fun!! The stages had a mix of this and that - looking for shotgun shells in a bucket of mixed with dummy shotgun shells, flipping over a playing card to see how many rounds were to be placed on the center targets, riding a pony thing, shooting snakes off a plate, shooting with chickens attached to you, shooting through various window panes, blasting open the "barn doors", making sure you don't spill the beans, and trying to hit little targets was yonder for bonus. Paradise Pass ROCKS! GG ~
  4. Fantastic indeed - nice to have met you Texas Red. GG ~
  5. https://www.ammoland.com/2020/08/ca-mag-ban-goes-too-far-9th-circuit-strikes-ban-unconstitutional/#axzz6VU1a8iUD GG ~
  6. Was able to find the No. 150's here in West Michigan - bought 2k myself. GG ~
  7. Hope they get steered to these folks - fantastic organization: https://mcrgo.org/ GG ~
  8. Yup - one can take the sharp rifle crescent butt plate and modify with a piece of wood and add the leather cover to form more shotgun style butt plate. My 24" Uberti Sharps Deluxe is this config and it is great to quickly shoulder the rifle. It rolls right into it. GG ~
  9. Check out 'We the People 'Munitions" http://www.wtpmunitions.com/pages/mainpage.html GG ~
  10. Hope it doesn't involve the lifter GG ~
  11. Good for Henry - great USA made products. GG ~
  12. https://voiceofoc.org/2020/07/santana-orange-county-supervisors-kill-off-john-wayne-airport-renaming-discussion/ GG
  13. Thanks to all our police n' pards (family) that keep our community safer. GG ~
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