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  1. America's New Drone Killer Blasts Targets With Stringy Pink Stuff (msn.com)
  2. No little green men from outer space exist. We are it folks - and am not sure that the term "intelligent life" applies to us these days.... GG ~
  3. The latest update: Who's Coming - Waitllist 6.7.2021.pdf (sassnet.com)
  4. ^This is correct. Would not load a smokeless load in my 50-140 cartridges and send it through the Badger Barreled C Sharps ‘74
  5. Like BT Blade says "You came for the shootin' and stay for the people" - and what was said is true. Welcome. GG ~
  6. Thanks Widder - too kind. It was a pleasure and an honor to enjoy supper with ya. Thanks for the conversation and cordial time. Yessir, you rank with the best of them. See you soon I hope and keep up the good healing - shooting world needs ya back Your friend, GG ~
  7. unofficial name: OMV ('Old' or 'Original' Model Vaquero) = official name: VAQUERO stamped on the frame of revolver (bigger frame - based off the Super Blackhawk frame) unofficial name: NMV ('New" Model Vaquero) = official name: NEW VAQUERO stamped on the frame of the revolver (a wee smaller XR3 frame - close to original size of Colt SAA) GG ~
  8. Hope your new rifle brings you good shooting. GG ~
  9. SCOTUS Rules Police Cannot Search Homes Without Warrants in the Name of 'Community Caretaking' (msn.com) GG ~
  10. "Made in Grand Rapids Michigan.." Fantastic. GG ~
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