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  1. Proven effective and efficient battlebird. A life saver for our troops and a life taker for the enemy. GG~
  2. World is so depraved and lost. Then you have the illogical "Equality" Act. GG ~
  3. Been wanting a Winchester Short Rifle 44-40 for a long time, but cannot find them - if the Ruglin comes out first....oh wait, probably not in 44-40.....n'er mind :D GG ~
  4. Have used the Lee primer since '98 - still functions good Of course now that I am setting up the new Dillon it may just go in the drawer... GG ~
  5. Masks.... I know a number of people who wore masks since this whole debacle appeared on the scene and they still got the virus. They are more for the psychology than the physiology. GG ~
  6. Seems some in the Indian tribes are trying to cancel themselves more and more. https://www.cleveland19.com/news/national/2021/02/22/cherokee-nation-asks-jeep-stop-using-tribes-name/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=snd&utm_content=woio&fbclid=IwAR36Z2X0IlwsDwWLZUf-03hFHsHFPXWUqzhfzYY15tpe7LTsBsS3LE1hxVc GG ~
  7. Cool exposure - albeit some things have changed since '04, but the basics remain the same GG ~
  8. Regular Goex - I used the Olde Eynsford a few times and it seems to make near the same amount of smoke - that was back in '17. Target gets obscured. I think you'd be good with either in the smoke department. As a powder they do look a little different - the OE being more consistent in granulation. GG ~
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