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Question about the Mec Grabber

Rance - SASS # 54090

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I'm currently reloading on a Mec Sizemaster..

Upon readin' another thread on this ol' wire

I thought I might investigate into a Mec Grabber


I've found a used one.. a Mec Grabber 761R

Lacey asked me if I will still be able to load glitter shells for her on it..



When reloading.. and all stations are filled with hulls in the reloading process...

Can the shell that just had the shot dropped into it be removed to add gliitter and such?

and then be replaced back into the same spot without having to cycle the machine or waste anything?


Thanks ahead of time..

Rance ;)

Thinkin' I can't ferget about Lacey's glitter shells.. :)



Also.. any downside or need to watch fer thingy's info you know about?




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Guest Cactus Cris SASS#2790

I use a Grabber to load all my SG shells. You can remove the hull that has just been loaded with shot! You will need to be careful so that you don't spill out any shot. Tip the shell back towards the center post and slide out towards the front. Slide back in carefully too.


The biggest difference in the machines is a hull sizer in the final station. It squeezes down the leading edge into a smooth end. Great for sxs loading. I like my Grabber- still have control- unlike the 900 where hulls move every time you pull handle, wether you want them to or not. Like the diffrence between the Dillon 550 and 650.


BTW -have loaded BP and smokeyless shell by the 1000's and have had no problems IF I pay attention to what I am doing!

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^ What he said. Once the Grabber is all dialed in it will load a bunch of shells in a hurry. Removing them after the shot drop is possible, but do it carefully.

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Is it possible to load one shell at a time (not that I'm gonna') with the other stations vacant?

or does every station work (do their thing) on every pull?


Thanks again..

Rance ;)

Thinkin' the more I know..


Are the adjustments the same as the Sizemaster?

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no if you load one at a time you will have shot and powder everywhere! dont ask how i know. that being said you can disconnect the auto system on the charge bar and load one at a time, but ifin your gonna do that just use the sizemaster.

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Guest Cactus Cris SASS#2790

What he said !! adjustments are the same. There is one more station - #6- that can be adjusted for taper of end of shell.

I have the ajustable bar in mine so I don't use the powder bushings or have to change bars for shot amount. Worth the extra $$ IMHO !! Only thing I have to remembr is to weigh the shot in GRAMS NOT GRAINS. Then convert to ounces. 1 oz = to 28.35 grams. My Dillon elec scale will do grains or grams.

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Thanks guys...

More questions...


Will the powder and shot bushing that I use in my Mec Sizemaster drop into the Grabber?

Is it a fenicky machine?

or reckon I'm askin'

Adjust it once and it stays there and I can reload without any future adjustments?


The fella I'm buyin' it from says it's in excellent shape and probably 15-20 years old...

Anything for me to look for as far as wear items to replace?

He says it has a steel 8 star crimper on it..

I'm thinkin' that's good..


Thanks again

Rance ;)

Thinkin' I'm tryin' ta learn all I can about this reloader :blush:

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The universal charge bar would be a great addition to the Grabber. You won't need bushings then and you can adjust powder and shot charge very easily. Keep some hulls available that are cut a little shorter to stick under the powder and shot drops, that way you won't dump either when you cycle the machine the first few times. Trust me on this it really, really helps.

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I had a universal charge bar on my grabber and took it off,I just did not like it.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well... I got my Mec Grabber set up..

New learnin' curve.. :wacko: but gettin' use to it..


Yul Lose mentioned about keepin' a couple extra hulls sittin' around..

I can see why now... Geesh.. what a mess... :blink:


Rance ;)

Thinkin'.. all cleaned up agin'.. :blush: got the extra hulls now :)

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Hey Rance


I've got the Grabber 8567. Love it. Loaded 1000's of smokeless as well as BP on it. YES, spare hulls to slip under the powder and shot stations are necessary. I use a couple of odd hulls that don't match what I load so I don't get em mixed up. As for the messes that do happen occasionally, here's a little trick that helps contain the spillage. Get a cheap jelly roll pan at Wally World or the discount store of your choice. Lacey may even have an old one around that she'll donate to the cause. Unbolt your loader from the bench, slip the pan under the loader, drill holes to match and then bolt the loader down with the pan under it. Spilled shot and/or powder will now be mostly contained when the occasional spill happens. Happy loading! :)

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What Titus said - take a cookie sheet and drill through it so the press is located within the pan. Saves BBs and shot from all the nooks and crannies. If you spilled shot, you will be finding it for years! And yes, you can ask me how I know.



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While were talking about shot and powder disasters, never and I do mean NEVER, tilt the shot/powder bar back without making sure the plugs are in the bottoms of the shot/powder bottles. :wacko: Oh, I've done it twice.


Rick's cookie sheet idea has merit! :)

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Thanks fer the info folks...

I made a nice wooden station with sides on it.. stained it..

Wrote my reloading info on it with indelible marker and clear finished it..

Yeah... I can do woodworkin' a little...

Slips right onto my table saw table and there I sit.. Loadin' away.. :)

Got 2 of her cookie sheets already fer lubin' brass... :mellow:

Figured I'd better not take another one :blush:

and yeah... the gliiter shells are fer Lacey...



Rance ;)

Thinkin' happy camper... :)

May have a Sizemaster fer sale :)



Oh yeah Titus... I used 2 different colored shells too...

Help with confusion at this age :D

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no if you load one at a time you will have shot and powder everywhere! dont ask how i know. that being said you can disconnect the auto system on the charge bar and load one at a time, but ifin your gonna do that just use the sizemaster.

Howdy Dawg. If the Reprime tube is set to the correct height and there's no primer in the holder, this shouldn't happen. The charge bar is supposed to lock out when the reprime/powder dump stage is empty.


Go to page 11 of the pdf link below and read "Station No. 2 Reprime". If the tube is too low, you'll dump shot & powder. If it's too high, the primer won't seat properly and the charge bar won't cycle.


I used to run into this problem on my 650 until I got it set up right. (The adjustment is the same on the 650 and Grabber). If you want, we can discuss next we see each other at the range.


Grabber Manual


As you said, if one still has a Sizemaster, that's a whole lot simpler for loading one shell at a time.


Good luck!

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First let me say you will enjoy your MEC Grabber. Great machines.


You have however gotten a lot of BAD information about the machine, along with some good information. I service and repair all models of MEC's here in the Houston area, and am very familiar with all the machines MEC makes.


First, the MEC 761 is a very old machine. Built in 1981 or earlier. The 762 was built from '82 to "85, and the 8567 was introduced in 85 and continues to present day. However, in good condition, they are all fine machines.


You ask if you could remove a shell to add glitter. You can remove a shell from ANY station, if you so desire.


You asked if you can load one shell at a time. The answer is a resounding YES. However, if you bar lock mechanism is out of adjustment, then you will get shot and powder spillage. With everything adjusted PROPERLY, loading one shell at a time is a piece of cake.


You can download a handbook on the machine by going to MEC"s website, where you can download any owners manual for any current or obsolete machine they ever made.


If you have any problems and need assistance, feel free to E-Mail me at dlmarcum1@gmail.com . I will walk you through the problem and any adjustment you may need. www.mecreloaders.com

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Howdy Rio Brazos Kid..

Thanks fer yer reply...

I had already downloaded and printed out the manual for my reloader..

The fella I bought it from said he'd had it around 15 years and he bought it used..

but.... everyone that has had it has taken great care of it.. looks new..


Only problem I've incountered is keeping the drop on the primer feed in one spot..

It wants to move and nick the edge of the hull being deprimed and resized..

I made a larger washer for it and put some gripper dings on the underneath side

to make it grip more material on the reloading frame better..

Seems to be workin' so far..


I also adjusted the precrimp station like you advised me to on the Sizemaster a couple years back....

Ya said.. about the size of a pencil eraser if I remember right..

That helped a bunch there and also did here..

I've adjusted the other crimp stations and I am getting a good crimp..


You can bet if I have questions... I'll PM ya..


I've gotta' be able to remove a shell when the shot drops ta make Lacey's glitter shells.. :wacko:

Seems I can.. and that's great..

I don't plan on doin' single reloadin' but was just wonderin' if I could..


Rance ;)

Thinkin' yer a great cowpoke fer helpin' us newby's out :)

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I have a 8576N Grabber, you can remove a shell and place it back in the station. You would have to be careful with the shot in the shell, but it can be done. Where do you put the glitter? On top of the wad? On top of the shot?


If on the wad, you could put glitter in the wad before inserting in the shell.


Another idea. Why not just mix some glitter in the shot bottle with the shot. If that would work, you would not have to play around with the shells, just load them. An extra bottle is only $8-12.

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Thanks J.S.

But I'd just as soon put the glitter in after the shot drops..


It's time consumin' but fer Lacey ... I figur' I'd better do it.. :blush:

I dump out a little shot... put in some glitter and stars..

then I put it on top of my brass tumbler... turn it on and it vibrates the glitter and such down into the shot..

put the shot back in that I dumped out and replace it into the same station..

and yep... I cover the top of the hull when I take it out and replace it back into that station..

Heck... I've messed that up on my Sizemaster.. :D


I'm thinkin' that if I put shot and glitter together in a bottle.. I'd have glitter all over the place.. :wacko:

I get enough of that the way it is..

and I'm also thinkin' all the glitter would work it's way down to the bottom of the lead shot bottle

Might get a complete lead drop of all glitter....

I'm thinkin' now glitter is purty :blink: but wouldn't do well on a shotgun knockdown :)


Thanks folks..

Rance ;)

Thinkin' I've been thinkin' too much today :D:(

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It would be easier to load the glitter shells on your Sizemaster doing it that way. I would opt to keep the Sizemaster for loading them. Set your Grabber up for the regular shells, I don't think you will save much time loading the glitter shells on the grabber; it may only add frustration.


You also asked about charge bars and powder bushings, the charge bars for the Sizemaster are different from the Grabber, the holes are spaced differently. the Sizemaster has one drop tube where the Grabber has two. The powder bushings should fit either one. There are older charge bars that Mec had where they did not use powder bushings, I would avoid the older charge bars.


How much shot do you dump out each time to add the glitter?


If you use a Lee dipper or make one out of a trimmed down shell, to measure the glitter out. You may be able to use the next size smaller charge bar (7/8oz - 3/4oz) and not have to dump any shot out. The smaller shot bar could even be adjusted by enlarging the hole size slightly, to throw the amount you need. Then remove the shell and add a dipper full of your glitter/star mix. A funnel clould help keep the glitter in check.



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As you may know Wapsi Belle and I have prove many times that lead is optional for knockdowns! ;) So I think just filling the shot cup with glitter would not only be pretty but still functional. Any additional shots needed would just be entertainment for the rest of the posse. Did you forget to put shot in your shotgun when you missed the flyer at Fall Round-up? I notice Lacey didn't miss hers. Must have been the glitter! :D

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Dang it Marlin... :angry:

Ya ain't suppose ta bring that up..

Hopin' it gets fergot about by next year... :blush:

but... :wacko: with pards like you, T.A. and Whiskey Rick..

Probably ain't gonna happen.. :blink:



but thanks anyhow..


Rance ;)

Thinkin' yeah... glitter works wonders :) somtimes :wacko:



By the way Marlin.. if ya get around that guy ya buy shot from..

I could use 100 lbs, or so... (#7 1/2 or #8)no hurry.. Maybe swap meet?? :mellow:

Purty much almost done with shotgun for next year :)

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