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  1. Did it found one other cowboy with the same problem we bought are racking our brains over this look for something out of the box nothing in the box is out of place
  2. No have a different power measure do not need the rod
  3. I rebuilt this press twice. due to worn out parts. Been using the 650 for over 15 years talk to Dillon and we bought drew a blank After talking to them went back and reset it up like it was a new press I am checking what everyone is telling me to look for just in case i miss something Thank for all of your help
  4. I did tight the center bolt down till plate did not move back it off very very little thill plate move but did not drage and the plate does not wobble . I used a dillon gauge to set the alignment of the primer Call Dillon and they can not come up with an answer. they ask if i was using after mark parts i ma not thank everyone for helping but we still have a puzzle to solve.
  5. Is anyone having trouble with a 650. have been using this press for 15 years now. The last time i used it the primer were not seating all the way it to the pock. Call dillon and they change [23] Punch support bracket. Now thw seater assembly only push up even with the shellplate. So, if the shell move up the primer does not go all the way it to the pock. there is know move in the plate when seat the primer
  6. I have a set of hammer that are like ruger that fit Cimarron gu call me for more info 919-830-8054

  7. Please send photos

    Thanks Gary

    1. Bad Blueridge Bob

      Bad Blueridge Bob

      Hi Deputy King,

      if you will txt me a telephone number to (703) 586-2028 I'll send you 3 or 4 photos I have on my phone of it. If you want more detailed ones let me know and I'll take them when I get home this afternoon.



    2. deputy king

      deputy king


  8. Call Three Cut he has a new way to reinstall them that it is all most very hard to break 980-581-6992
  9. What do you used in your sonic cleaner to clean fire arms and what mixture ?
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