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  1. My first cart is a large wooden war wagon, 7 long guns, strongbox for 4 pistols, ammo, drinks and lots more stuff. I cut off 5” of the base length after the first match. Still use it if my daughter brings a friend to shoot and we have three shooters. My corral of carts has grown over the years to six. 4 wooden and 2 Rugged Gear carts. They carry 2-4 long guns. Each has advantages and disadvantages. I choose the cart for the match depending on number of shooters and guns I want to take, the weather is a factor too. You have a good start, modifications can be made over time as you find things that need to be altered. Wood construction is easily modified. My feedback would be to consider your axle placement for balance and stability. JSS
  2. Some of the best Walmart workers can be seen at the self checkout. But none of them get a paycheck from Walmart.
  3. The case engaging the powder die on upstroke is the force to operate the powder measure. The bell crank is the lever that transfer movement to the powder bar. Make sure everything, including the little square plastic piece on the slide, Griff referred to, are set up properly. If all parts are in place, I suspect it is an adjustment issue. Powder die height setting and fail safe rod may need adjusting.
  4. I use "Boomer Bags" my father in-law, Boomer Zak, made and sold them at cowboy matches for 25 years in PA, NY, NJ and MD. Canvas bag, about 7x10 with leather draw sting closure. Still have some left and have the pattern to make more someday. Maybe you had one of his.
  5. Well, I would look at the change more like a divorce anyway. Unless, like some that have cut and weld, ss kit and unaltered rifles in their harem; not married to any gunsmith.
  6. Why? Wouldn't a new lever and short stroke kit replace everything anyway?
  7. A local shooter wasn't reloading anymore. He had another shooter bring them to a match last summer and sold them for $40/1,000. Wanted to get what he had in them and help other cowboy shooters.
  8. In that post, the pistol was cocked, transferred into one hand then back to a two handed hold.
  9. Bring some extra brass pickers along. Every case and hull goes onto the ground. Like Wild Bunch matches, they are fun but take more posse workers to run them smoothly. Sounds like fun but, a lot of work setting up multiple pistol, rifle and shotgun targets for a few shooting one category.
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