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  1. If you just pull the roller off the handle, leave it in the paint can for next use, clean up is easier only dealing with the pan. Your roller has to be small enough to fit inside the can, 9-12" rollers drop into a 5 gal. can. One gallon can would need smaller roller cover.
  2. Looks like a Marlin 60. Little difficult loading 45 Colt in the magazine tube.
  3. Can you read the note on the bed? May give a clue of country he resides in. BTW I have a similar rifle, no scope. I’ll work a deal at half his price.
  4. Your primer issue may be due to shell plate alignment. Adjusting the shell plate may help with your case problem too. https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/186691-dillon-650-shell-plate-out-of-alignment/ Alignment tool from Dillon. https://www.dillonprecision.com/13713
  5. WOW... Donations or do you have some of Junior Johnson's kin making night runs for you?
  6. I witnessed a magazine tube detonation, eight 45 Colt cartridges due to a high primer. Not worth the chance. Use your round nose ammo in pistols.
  7. From what I see he is considering purchasing a JM Marlin 1894 and selling his 2014 (Remington) Marlin 1894. He does compare the two, only having photos of the JM 1894. His wording seem to be missing some context. I'm no English and grammar guru but, his sentence may make more sense with better clarification. Haven’t seen it in person yet, but the wood furniture looks much nicer then what I have; in the pictures (Provided by the seller). In my opinion, his inquisition on this forum, seeking advise on differences in a JM Marlin vs Remington Marlin seem legitimate enough. All the man is asking for is your opinion. Maybe I missed something but he hasn't tried to sell his Remington made 1894 to anyone here. has he?
  8. Members 5 Location:Florida SASS# Guest Posted January 20 Hi folks! New to the forum and Marlins, and was hoping to get some insight. I got my first Marlin (a JM 1895 450) through the passing of a dear friend and mentor of mine. Was given a couple boxes of ammo along with the gun, and a month ago I took it to the range for the first time. Now I’ve been in to shooting on and off ever since I was a kid, but I’d never shot a lever action before. Might as well have tried crack for the first time, because I was addicted. Loads of fun. Anyway, fast forward another couple weeks and I now have a 2014 1894 44 mag. Mint condition. Got it for $1000, new in box with manual, hardcase, and a box of ammo (blazer aluminum shell). I’ll let you guys be the judge of wether I got a fair deal. Keep in mind I bought this with plinking at the range and maybe hunting in the future in mind. While I’m relatively new to working on guns, I am mechanically minded (aircraft mechanic by trade) and actually prefer the challenge of tinkering/modding/improving. If it’s not perfect cosmetically I couldn’t care less. If it’s something I can pull apart, get to understand and marvel at how it works, tweak a few things, and put it back together working better then before I’m happy. Heck, just pulling stuff apart for the satisfaction of knowing how it works makes me happy. With that in mind, Couple things I noticed when I got it home. Little bit of a poor fit of the stock to the receiver as compared to the 1895. Not a big deal to me if this is just cosmetic, and it seems to be tight all around. Sights seem low quality, front sight looks off center, which seems kind of off putting for how much these guns are supposed to be worth. Still not an issue, since I was planning on replacing with skinner sights anyway. Action seems pretty smooth, but I’ll have to get some higher quality ammo to cycle through it. That aluminum stuff seems like it doesn’t work very well. Although I could be wrong there and it might be the gun at fault. Anyway, would appreciate y’all’s thoughts, and any suggestions for parts to replace/tweak to make it more reliable. And although I don’t intend on getting into CAS, (yet) I wouldn’t mind any beginner tips on slicking up the action a bit. Got too handle a Henry in store recently, and say what you will, but that action is glass. Would love for mine to feel like that eventually. Also, any recommendations for specialty tools required to work on them would be great. Thanks guys! First Marlin in this post is a JM 1895 in 450 Marlin caliber. Second Marlin in the post is a 2014 mfg date, 1894 Marlin in 44 magnum, Remington mfg gun. In this post dated January 20 he is comparing fit and finish on his older 1895 to his 2014 1894. That is what I referred to in my prior post.
  9. It depends on what you want to do with the rifle. If your 2014 is working well for what you intend to use if for, I wouldn't make the drive or purchase. If you really want an older Marlin then go for it. 2 1/2 hrs is more than I am willing to drive just to inspect a rifle unless I have something else to do on the same trip.
  10. You may want to read his January 20th post again. I think he bought a Marlin 1895 from a friend, and it was an older Marlin JM gun. Then a few weeks later picked up a Marlin 1894 - 44 Magnum, Remington mfg. In his post he ever compares the fit and finish of the two.
  11. Gus and Woodrow used Henry 1860's in the show. This photo shows them on the rack, look like 24's to me.
  12. I kept it simple. loader is mounted to a smooth flat top. To contain any shot spills I use a metal picture frame around my Mec laying flat on the table. It's heavy enough to stay in place. If I need to clean some spilled shot off the table, all I need to do is use a card to guide all the shot into one corner, then slid the frame over the side of the bench while holding a pan underneath to catch all the shot. Easy, just pour back into my shot can. Works well since I have three loaders on this bench. Just move the frame to the loading station I'm working with. Frames come in different sizes, purchase at thrift shops for a buck or two.
  13. My case feeders are older, two speed 120V supply. I have a meter on my house that can measure live load. When I turned the case feeder on, high speed, no cases in the feeder just the motor turning the feed plate, my electric draw went up 165 watts.
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