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  1. Ruger Bisley Stag Grips, very nice with good color and exposed bark. I was told these are Eagle Sanbar Stag but markings on back of grips are not clear. $400 shipped continental US via usps priority flat rate , insured for purchase price. Check or money order.
  2. Ruin a vegan's day, tell them how Jello is made.
  3. 200 new Remington 45 Colt brass. $100 shipped continental US via usps priority flat rate. Check or money order.
  4. High roots can pose problems for some zero turn mowers. Ground clearance may be limited on drive wheels. If you have smooth turf with long runs, higher speed may help. 48" is large enough, I would not go over 60" for your lot. My father in-laws neighbor did his lot when mowing, with a 60" Exmark, both lots total were 3.5-4 acres, lots of trees. He could double cut both lots in about 2 hours.
  5. Is your property level or have many hills? Most zero turn mowers don't have brakes, controlled with the drive wheels only. One upgrade worth having is a discharge chute blocker. I have one from Qwikchute. Works well keeping clippings from blowing in areas you don't want them going. I use it to mulch leaves in the fall too.
  6. If you are on FB there is a group you can find many from EOT uploaded. Other match books are on there too. SASS Match Book group on FB
  7. Just use them. They are only 50-100 fps faster than Remington STS & Gun Clubs. Recoil will be about the same as Estate target loads.
  8. It may not be adjusted properly. Should be smoother that that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwqazYqbx5M I do put some grease on the bellcrank cube #13871 to help it run smoother.
  9. Just saw this, what caused this action? https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-guns/national-rifle-association-says-it-has-filed-for-bankruptcy-as-part-of-restructuring-idUSKBN29K2LV
  10. I didn't look at it yet; hope there wasn't any mask rules added!

    #3: Maroon Stripe Wah maker brand $20  NOW $15

    #13: White Classic Old West styles brand $20 NOW $15





    Hello Toranado,


    I'll buy these shirts.  haven't used my paypal acct in a while but can login to see if it is still active.  Otherwise I can send a check or money order.


    Thank you,

    JS Sooner


    Jim Snyder

    45 Stone Edge Rd

    Sellersville  PA  18960

  12. The time has come, setup is tomorrow and the show starts Saturday at 9:00 AM. We have 37 members that signed up to help staff the show booth, however there are still three evening shifts without any help for Misty. Wed. 8th, Thurs. 9th & Sat. 11th, if you are planning on attending the show on any of these dates and could lend a hand, even for an hour or two, it would be most helpful. Dress the part in “Cowboy” clothes, stop by and help Misty for a while. SASS booth has been changed and we are now located at Booth #350, midway down the hall from the NRA booth.
  13. Over the past few years we have been hoping that SASS would be an exhibitor at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg. We almost had a booth in 2014, but timing was not on our side. Dates for the Shot Show and NRA convention didn’t provide enough time to ship the booth for use at all three shows. This year SASS has made that commitment, there will be a Cowboy Action Shooting booth at the show. Their space will be located in the Shooting Sports Hall, booth #880. The Great American Outdoor Show scheduled to be held February 4-12, 2017 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Misty Moonshine
  14. Dice, Your sign up is fine as is, you listed how many helpers and who will be there. Misty can see the signup live anytime before the show or at the show to view the helpers listed. Thank you, JSS Red-Eyed Kid, I signed both you and Lenny Dice up for the 2-7 shift. The only email I have is one for Lenny Dice, he should receive a notification on this signup. Please let me know if anything changes and I can modify the schedule. Regards, JSS
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