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  1. There are 3 clubs 1 hour or less from Wilkes Barre. Mainville is closest, 2nd Sunday. North Mountain, 4th Sunday. Matamoras, 2nd Sunday.
  2. I'll take the drain-n-change.  Let me know your PayPal address and I will get the funds to you right away.


    My mailing address is:


    Kevin Brister

    PO Box 233

    Vail, AZ  85641




  3. Sold Uniquetek Powder Measure Drain-N-Change for Dillon powder measures. New in package, never used. $18 shipped to US destination. Pay by check, money order or PayPal faf. https://uniquetek.com/product/T1347
  4. I didn't read every post in this thread, missed this one. I looked at my kegs and 1 lb bottles. They are all HDPE, high density polyethylene. Peroxide does come in brown hdpe bottles as does many other products like bleach and antifreeze. I would not want to risk having any residuals left behind after cleaning that could be detrimental to the gunpowder. A new 1 or 2 gallon gasoline container is probably the easiest to pick up quickly. Just mark it well and if you are worried about uv protection, just keep in a dark place or inside a black trash bag. Ot
  5. #1 - I have one of these powder measure drains from Uniquetek. Never used it, probably should sell it when I dig it out of my spare parts drawer. #2 - Much easier to just unhook the fail safe rod, pull the two pins for the tool head and dump the powder while on the tool head. I use a funnel on my powder bottle/keg and dump powder back in. For any left in the bottom, just work the powder measure over the funnel a couple times drops any powder left in the hopper and powder bars.
  6. Why make things difficult? Assuming you are using these powders now and have a smaller 1 lb can or bottle now, why not keep the powder in the original containers and just refill your 1 lb containers when needed. Just log on the 8 lb keg who did a refill, easy to work out with only two of you. Keep the kegs at your house or his.
  7. Yes, only have this one pair of Colt SAA grips. Others he had were all ivory and were on the guns he sold through a local ffl dealer.
  8. Update: After further investigation on fitting grips on Colt SAA frames, I am withdrawing my offer to ship these to a buyer. The only way to give a potential buyer a fair opportunity to evaluate the grips for adaptation to their grip frames is to offer a firsthand evaluation where they can overlay them to match them up to their existing grips and grip frames. I will do this in my local area, SE Pennsylvania. Sorry for the inconvenience, JS Sooner I'm helping a fellow shooter that cannot compete at SASS shoots sell some of his gear.
  9. Yep, been using a large plate for 38/357's for years. Had to pick up a small pistol plate for 9mm. Besides, I don't want to fight you. I fight big guys, like Butch Cassidy did; I cheat.
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