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  1. My electrons usually go "blooey" a couple of times a year. Usually it's at Black Gold and Comin'At'Cha.
  2. Fannie and I have her at the top of our prayer list. She and Freddie are truly wonderful folks, hoping all goes well.
  3. SASS Alias: Fannie Kicker SASS #: 71706 Where you are from: Missouri How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 12 years
  4. SASS Alias: Titus A. Gnatsass SASS #: 71705 Where you are from: Missouri How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 12 years
  5. Got it figured out. Checked Firefox, got the latest and greatest. Cleared DNS cache. Disabled firewall. Still wouldn't work. I use my phone as a hotspot for internet access. Rebooted phone and all is good again. Don't ya just luv technology! Oh, and by the way John Boy, THANKS!
  6. Anyone else unable to access this website? Link opens a tab but won't connect. Get a "Server Not Found" error using Firefox. Get a "Connection Error" with Internet Explorer. Can't get to it from my smartphone either. Tried off and on for the last couple of days. No problems with any other web sites. Would like to know if the problem is on their end or if it's possibly a setting on my end. Thanks in advance for any replies. Titus
  7. Rogers Sporting Goods are good folks. And right next door to my eye doctor's office in Liberty, MO. How convenient for me! Even though I shoot only BP myself, Fannie shoots smokeless. And with that price and Winchesters $2/box rebate every year, I find it's not worth reloading for what little savings are to be had.
  8. "Some of y'all sent in yer applications before this was discussed, so as of a coupla days ago we only have FOUR (4, Quattro, one less than five), and fer you Marines, hold up the fingers of one hand... NO! put your thumb back down... shooters signed up for Plainsman." OK Griff, checked my confirmation email. It didn't mention Plainsman on there so I sent her an email to add me to the Traditional Category. Now you marines can use yer thumb!
  9. Hey Bill, just saw this. I shoot a H&R Handi-Rifle single shot in .38special. Yes, it's legal for Plainsman. Be glad to share it with ya. You'll hafta shoot my ammo. Nuthin' personal, just my thing. And like Griff, I'll have BP shotgun shells for ya to use.
  10. As you probably suspected, some liked them, some not. To each their own. Personally, I LOVE them!
  11. Hey Johnny, hope to see ya at Black Gold again this year. And yer right about the Oak Ridge Outlaw bunch, fine pards, all of 'em!
  12. Nice run Mohawk. And now that you've been bit by the Darkside bug, I'm sure you'll find (just like I did) that smokeless just won't cut it any more! Nothin but real black for me for the last 6 years now. And thanks Grizz for the help you provide to us 'technically challenged' cowfolk!
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