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  1. Yeah, but it's worth it! And once you get finished with that pesky job thing, you can extend that "trip out west" like Fannie and I did this year. October thru March with one little trip back to Eastern Tennessee for some good 'Holiday' fun at WCJ and IM's little get together.
  2. Got word from a 'very reliable source' that me, Fannie Kicker, Whiskey Creek Johnson and Iron Maiden's apps are in. Yee Haw!
  3. Part of that blue/not blue/frequency scattered/absorbed sky must have fallen and konked ya on tha noggin!
  4. BTT=Back to the top Bump=Bump it back up to the top Check out this thread that was once pinned at the top of the Wire. (Thanks Allie Mo) https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/topic/251186-abbreviations-and-acronyms/&tab=comments#comment-3274492 Also remember, Google can be your friend.
  5. He was definitely one of the good ones. Fannie and I are in shock. Sending our love, prayers and condolences to Cindy.
  6. Yee Haw, looks like there gonna be a good crowd at the Buffalo Chip! Fannie and I can't wait for all the fun.
  7. Some days faster than others! We're currently in Casa Grande, AZ, shooting the Gathering of the Posses. Didn't have such a "fast" day today. Not the worst I've ever shot, but not the best either! But I still had a huge smile on my face as I was cleaning my guns after all the smoke cleared! Maybe tomorrow I'll fare a little better.
  8. I bought several cases of it (Pinnacle) back when it was discontinued...it was cheap. I tried it in pistol and rifle and liked real BP better. The Pinnacle works just fine in the SG so I'm just using it up. I also recently bought a case of Black MZ to try. Not fond of it in rifle or pistol either. Will use it in the SG when the Pinnacle is gone. I've loaded real BP in the SG, like it fine, just using up the subs in the SG.
  9. I always thought you were kinda weird! You know I'm kiddin' ya' pard. I do just the opposite of you. Shotgun - Pinnacle. Pistol and Rifle - Real BP (Grafs Reenactor) And as I've posted here before, I have been shooting this way for eight years now. Never once have I used a black powder lubed bullet. Either a standard smokeless lubed bullet or moly coated from Bear Creek. Everywhere from below freezing temps to hot and humid to dry and arid. Never a problem doing 5-6 stages a day. Pistols, hardly ever have to touch them. Might pull the cylinders out and do a quick wipe with a damp cloth, but that's a rare thing. Rifle, I pull a damp bore snake thru at the unloading table after each stage. Quick shot of Ballistol in the muzzle once it's back vertical in the guncart so it runs down the bore keeps any remaining fouling soft. On the rare occasion that things start getting sticky, a quick shot of Ballistol on the carrier and all is good again.
  10. I've got an antique bank vault/safe of similar size and weight. Like J. D. Daily described above, mine weighs right about 4K lbs. I've had it moved twice since I first purchased it in 1993. The first time I used a wrecker service. They brought a flatbed truck with a boom. They simply slung it, picked it up and chained it down on the truck and away we go. The second time, I used a different wrecker service. They used a tilt bed car hauler. I think they are called a roll off? Anyway, they tilted the bed, winched it onto the bed, chained it down and off we go again. Just thought I'd pass this along in case someone decides to look into moving the beast. Colonel Shep, wow, haven't heard that name in a while. Don't know if you remember or not, but we shot on a posse together at the Missouri State Match in, I'm guessing, around 2007 or 2008. Glad to hear you're still out there! Hope all is well with ya. Titus
  11. Had the pleasure of shooting on the posse with both Lead Finger and Molly Magoo. Wow, what a show! Congrats to both of you. And a great match to boot.
  12. See ya there I haven't talked to Griz lately, but I'm sure he's got a message he wants me to deliver to ya!
  13. Fannie and I should be back from wintering in Arizona by the first of May. We plan on bein there. Had a great time at this years match. And if I got a say in this, I know who I want to write the stages again!
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