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  1. Me'n'Fannie, Cash'n'Ginger and Digger John'n'Cameo Sue are headin that way Thursday. We're gonna spend the night at the Downstream Casino and catch a show by KCZZ Thursday night. We'll be rolling into the Bar 3 on Friday. IT'S FINALLY HERE!
  2. Hey, when ya spot him, point him out to me....I think I remember that alias. Seriously though, it will be good to see you again AA. And Blackwater, Texas ain't never gonna be the same! Lookin forward to this years match, gonna be a good one!
  3. Congrats Mohawk! Nothing like fresh, wild meat in the freezer.
  4. Even though the pistol version is shorter, it will work in a pinch for a rifle. Simply cut the cord section in the middle and splice in a piece of cord long enough to clear the muzzle of your rifle and you're in business. I've done just that a couple of times in the past to get thru a match. I use a bore snake after every stage in my rifle(I shoot BP) and have now learned to carry an extra rifle length in my possibles bag, but the pistol snake saved me in the past.
  5. Batwing, shotgun, chinks, got more than one of each. Personally, I like the looks of the batwings. Shotgun, usually, are a little more comfortable, although I typically tend to wear the batwings more. Chinks.... well, yeah, they are actually the most comfortable, especially in hot weather. I do wear them from time to time, but like full length better. Personal preference. I've shopped many a chap/chink vendor. Hands down (IMHO) you can't beat Doc's Old West for value for $$$ spent. Doc and Andrea WILL do you right! Titus A.(who loves his chaps) Gnatsass
  6. Sure lookin forward to our next face to face Mohawk! And I agree with ya, that's a habit he needs to quit.
  7. Right you are Blackwater! Woke up this morning a year older. Shoot'n Newton and I will be headed that way later today. See y'all tomorrow afternoon!
  8. I assume you will be conducting this class in the air conditioned pavilion.
  9. I'm thinkin maybe in some cases it's to protect the guilty!
  10. Whoops, don't know what just happened. But I'm kinda like Iron Maiden, I mighta had something important to say....just not right now!
  11. I don't know....she seems pretty 'sweet' to Fannie'n'me! Besides, they been spellin' my alias wrong periodically from day one (look at this years list as an example) and it ain't put a damper on my fun. Why, I don't know if I coulda stood it if they'd spelled it right every year!
  12. Hey Johnny One thing that I've found that may be a concern for you is the nose piece. You mentioned that you don't have a "big nose." I've found that most of the wrap around style glasses have a non-adjustable nose piece, although some of them have adjustable nose pieces. I've got a narrow bridge to my nose and it's crooked/off center. The non adjustable styles are usually always too wide to fit my nose properly. They won't stay up, constantly sliding down. Also, since my nose is crooked, the lenses aren't centered on my face/with my eyes. The adjustable nose piece styles allow you to fit them to you. Just one more thing to think about. See ya soon! Titus
  13. Thanks for keeping us informed J-BAR. Prayers continuing from Titus'n'Fannie.
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