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  1. I don't remember.....but I do kinda feel the same way I do after a week at Black Gold!
  2. I just came out of a turkey'n'stuffin induced coma. Did I miss anythang?
  3. That's where I've landed with all the subs I've tried. Triple 7, Pinnacle, Black MZ and APP have all been relegated to shotgun. Full .38 case of Graf's Reenactor under 125's for rifle and revolvers. My perception of "more smoke" with the subs vs. real BP is that while there may be the same volume of smoke with any given load, the subs all (in my opinion) have whiter, denser smoke than any real BP that I've tried. This renders the smoke produced by the subs harder to see thru than the same amount(volume) of real BP smoke.
  4. My congratulations to you as well. It was truly a pleasure to meet and shoot with you and your lovely sidekick.
  5. Okay Sassy, ya beat me to it. You said pretty much word for word what I was gonna say about the last week. One thing I do want to echo quite firmly from your post....Tn Tombstone is one of, if not the best posse marshal yer likely to run across. Titus A.(who can't wait til next year) Gnatsass
  6. Well deserved honor for a wonderful cowboy that Fannie and I, like so many others, feel privileged to call our friend. And like I told you, I want to be the first to buy you a drink when y'all get here in Tombstone! See ya soon.
  7. Is Whiskey Creek supplying the 'hillbilly poi'? Wait a minute....maybe we don't need to be giving him any more ideas!
  8. Yeah, I have to agree wholeheartedly. Haven't missed this match since '08 and I gotta say, this one ranked as one of, if not the best one yet! Fannie and I are leaving the Bar 3 in the morning for a couple of months in Arizona. But we are truly sad to be leaving this fun place. Oh, and Pinky, I had no idea you could jump that high! P.S. Fannie doesn't like snakes either.
  9. Bone told me yesterday we may hafta go to three weeks instead of just two. Works for me. Too much fun to be had to squeeze it into two weeks. Oh, TnT, the parking lot is already purty full.
  10. Me'n'Fannie, Cash'n'Ginger and Digger John'n'Cameo Sue are headin that way Thursday. We're gonna spend the night at the Downstream Casino and catch a show by KCZZ Thursday night. We'll be rolling into the Bar 3 on Friday. IT'S FINALLY HERE!
  11. Hey, when ya spot him, point him out to me....I think I remember that alias. Seriously though, it will be good to see you again AA. And Blackwater, Texas ain't never gonna be the same! Lookin forward to this years match, gonna be a good one!
  12. Congrats Mohawk! Nothing like fresh, wild meat in the freezer.
  13. Even though the pistol version is shorter, it will work in a pinch for a rifle. Simply cut the cord section in the middle and splice in a piece of cord long enough to clear the muzzle of your rifle and you're in business. I've done just that a couple of times in the past to get thru a match. I use a bore snake after every stage in my rifle(I shoot BP) and have now learned to carry an extra rifle length in my possibles bag, but the pistol snake saved me in the past.
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