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  1. I have reloaded with TrailBoss since it came out.. 38 special.. I reload 110 grain TC to OAL of 1.435.. for pistol and rifle.. I use 3.0 grains for pistols. Little less recoil and 3.6 grains for rifle.. I have also used the same powder load with 105 TC and 125 TC with no problems.. Rance Thinkin' it's just what I do..
  2. Illinois is months behind on issuing new FOID cards.. and many months behind on new concealed carry and renewals.. Approval to buy a firearm with a valid FOID card.. A week.. Ours is controlled by the Illinois State Police..
  3. I shot a '66 with 38 special for a little over 10 years.. No problems with 1.435 Overall length.. i switched to a Uberti '73 a few years back.. It would not cycle as smoothly.. Somtimes it would lock up.. I took the brass lifters out of both.. I used an angle gauge and changed the angle of the ramp on the '73 lifter to the same as my '66 lifter.. Haven't had problems since.. Rance Thinkin' I ain't a gunsmith tho..
  4. Dang!! Thinkin' I finally won High Overall!! Who woulda' thought??
  5. My license plate # SASS90 My SASS # 54090.. Not enough room for complete SASS #.. only got my last 2 numbers
  6. I turned better times with a 3rd. Generation SS than I did with the Super Short a Stroke.. but hey.. I got older too Rance Thinkin' age and attitude might have sumthin to do with it
  7. Empty holster rig, SASS badge and holder on the back, and a small knife and sheath on the back to hang my loading strip on when ready to shoot.. I wear a separate shotgun belt with 8 rounds of shotgun and 5 rifle reloads.. Rance Thinkin' Keep it light
  8. Most cowpokes have cartridge loops on their first rig.. Most cowpokes have them full when they're new to our sport.. Most cowpokes empty them out after about 5-6 matches.. Most cowpokes find they don't need to haul around the extra weight.. Most cowpokes don't have any cartridge loops on their 2nd. Rig.. I have 5 rifle cartridge loops for reloads for my rifle on my shotgun belt.. Rance Just my thinkin'
  9. As of now.. 297 views.. 2 responses.. seems like lots of interests?? Thanks Cypress Sam for passing along your info.. Rance Sorry folks.
  10. Just wondering if some cowpokes that are in the know.. Could post some pictures of how the carrier is modified for loading "Over the top" Many pictures and suggestions would be great.. Oh yeah.. Shooting 38 special in Uberti rifle 18" barrel.. Rance Thinkin' I'd sure appreciate it
  11. Stef75 There was a '66 Yellowboy for sale in the SASS classifieds for maybe 3-4 months.. decent pricing but it had a 24" barrel.. I realize it's not a '73 but.. I thought the reasoning for it not selling was the 24" barrel.. The seller kept lowering the price and it finally sold.. Barrels can be shortened but if you really want a 24" barrel.. Get it.. If ya don't really want one?? I wouldn't buy one.. Rance Just my thoughts..
  12. Just kinda wondering about an update on your carrier situation Hellbender?? Rance
  13. Howdy and welcome.. From reading yer post yer an old frustrated kid.. (Just like us) You dream of the toy guns you had as a little kid.. (Just like us) You have yer favorite cowpokes like Roy & Gene.. (Just like us) Ya might read up on the Classic Cowboy or the B Western catagories.. Cuz they are gonna have requirements of gun leather, guns, costuming.. Like some have said.. Go to a match to look and see.. Touch and feel.. Yes.. Those other cowpoke shooters will let you touch and feel all their Shootin' irons.. Probably offer to let you shoot them.. When ya go to a match.. To watch and learn.. Notice the pards not shooting too.. (They're called yer Posse) They'll be busy helping other shooters shoot the stage.. Don't get in the shooters way but help the posse.. Figure out the game (class) ya want to play and THEN.. BUY ALL THE GUNS YA CAN!! Trade in some of them there police firearms.. Yer retired ain't cha.. JUMP IN WITH BOTH FEET!! Rance Thinkin' just some friendly advice.. Oh yeah.. the class ya pick ta shoot may determine what kinda holster rig ya want..
  14. If your replacing the loading gate.. Be sure to reinforce the tab.. Not for "IF" it will bend or break.. But "When" it does.. Rance Just sayin'..
  15. Ok.. I ain't a gunsmith.. the first thing that popped into this ol brain.. over travel of the links.. Kinda like if lever is closed the links should be straight?? maybe the middle section going too far up locking it up.. I think I understand that with lever closed the 3 link pins should be in a straight line?? Better cowpoke gunsmith's know a lot more than me tho.. Rance Thinkin' I know I ain't a gunsmith..
  16. Uuuhhhh.... CLEAN!! Rance Thinkin I'm outta here
  17. When I purchased my Dillon back in '03 it came with the stock handle.. in about 2 years I ordered the roller handle.. Love it and haven't looked back.. Rance Just sayin'
  18. I switched from a '66 to a '73 a few years back.. I think either the Uberti or Miroku '73 would suit your needs.. I chose the Ubert Delux.. Curved stock grip.. it came up to my cheek better and made the sight picture better.. I don't know if Miroku makes the Delux model.. but might be something to consider.. Rance Just my 2 cents..
  19. He will be missed.. Shot with him a lot at the St. Judes Charity Shoot.. Rest in Peace.. Rance and Lacet Corsette
  20. ^^^^^ This.. Only we shoot once a month.. i've thought it would be nice if we gave out clean match pins?? But.. if you have a clean match you shoot free at our next match.. Rance Thinkin I don't need no stinkin participation ribbon
  21. Marauder.. I was kinda thinkin' the same thing.. He's got a 24" barrel and said that's the longest spring he could get.. I was always told 3" of spring hanging out of the magazine .. He's only got 2".. Maybe a 1" length of dowel rod right under the cap screw?? Rance Thinkin I ain't a gunsmith tho..
  22. I load my 38 ammo to 1.435 OAL for my '66 and my '73.. My carriers show none of those marks.. I use the lightened (skeletonized) brass carriers tho.. Like Abilene said.. Check your magazine spring.. You should have approximately 3"-4" sticking out.. Rance Thinkin I ain't a gunsmith tho
  23. This thread made me curious.. I see shooters accidentally slip hammer and the round doesn't go bang.. They don't stop and cycle all the way around to find the round they missed.. For that instant the hammer is down on a live round?? Didn't go bang?? Until they cycled all the way around again?? and it's a No Call?? Please fill me in.. What's the difference Rance Thinkin I ain't tryin to be a smart a$$ just wonderin..
  24. Since wearing glasses I've always gotten a bifocal progressive lense.. I think I'm on trifocals now with still the progressive lense.. I've alway had one pair made with the shooting lense stuff.. I don't seem to have my problems.. Rance Thinkin' that's just me tho
  25. This^^^^ Rance Thinkin' ya got yer indoctrination... Welcome
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