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  1. I had this problem years ago when I was shooting a 66 yellowboy.. I had been backing off the hammer spring tension to make it easier levering and I started jacking out live rounds.. An experienced shooter said I might be out running the hammer fall.. I tightened my hammer spring back up and the problem was gone.. Rance Just sayin’ oh.. and I ain’t a gunsmith..
  2. Muggins.. sorry I just reread yer post.. All my 38 specials reloads have been shot through.. a tuned up Uberti 1866 yellowboy and a super stroked Uberti 1873 Delux.. I have shot Winchester small pistol primers for about 10 years and then switched to some Federal primers mixed in with the Winchester’s.. just sayin.. no misfires.. Rance
  3. I’ve been reloading cowboy ammo in 38 special cases since 2004.. I clean it in a vibrating tumbler with half corncob and half walnut media.. I ain’t never cleaned a primer pocket yet.. I reload on a Dillon 550B.. No misfires yet just sayin
  4. May your retirement be enjoyable.. Your gunsmithing will be missed by a lot of cowpokes.. but hey.. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.. Again.. enjoy yer retirement and especially them grandkids.. Respectfully.. Rance
  5. When I started reloading shotgun I found a used MEC Grabber.. a retiring trapshooter had it for sale.. I bought it and have used it fer about 10-12 years.. and I can’t keep up with it.. Not big money invested but it works for me.. Just sayin…
  6. My thoughts.. Rifle required 10 rounds loaded.. Rifle required 10 rounds shot.. 1 fail to fire.. equal 1 miss.. Shooter could have done a rifle reload to avoid miss..
  7. I messed around long enough that I got an avatar back.. Hope it pleases Longfingers
  8. Went on our SASS website and my avatar is gone.. Then I looked and it seems a whole bunch of them are missing.. Just sayin’..
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