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  1. At my home club we do our best to accommodate anyone, one of our shooters has polio and he uses crutches to get around and he can shoot with the best of them. He used to write our stages and he would not factor his disability in. And like NOZ said ifin your not welcome there neither am I!
  2. I have not seen CW in a long time, sad to hear the news I hope for the best for CW and his family
  3. gunslinger, he did both of mine when I got them back I thought dang shoulda done this a long time ago.
  4. Widder and Red Knee your BOTH standup fellas in my book!
  5. I would be interested in Fast Eddies info also please
  6. I see the front sights have been filed, what is the load ya shoot thru the guns?
  7. Its in Albany Oklahoma I believe its in September its the Oklahoma state shoot
  8. It is listed on our website. there is also turn by turn directions. The directions are pretty straight forward, we just don't have a physical address.
  9. my club doesn't have a physical address, as we are in a pasture.
  10. Hey Slim what category did you sign up for? I'm trying to get my awards in order


    1. Abilene Slim SASS 81783
    2. Flinthills Dawg

      Flinthills Dawg

      that's what I thought thank you!

  11. my uberti 73 kicks them forward, i just got used to it
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