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  1. Ive had that happen, was using a different shotgun belt and hung the hammer on it putting the gun back in holster, didn't know till done shooting. And it was a good stage for me also such is life
  2. can you update what brass is left please?
  3. I use clay buster CB1138-12 wads,,,, 40.4 gr APP2f or3f and 1 1/8 oz. shot. if your using a MEC loader it is bushing #41 I also use an overshot card
  4. I sure wish you wanted a pair with adjustable sights and 6 1/8" barrels
  5. well by golly gee I guess I will have to show up and show ya'll how to do it huh!
  6. I know,,, he could have contacted you about it. I'm sure for that price you woulda bought it all. Not good on his part at all!
  7. Garrison Joe,,, I have nothing in black and white to back up my statement, just what I was told about 2-3 years ago by a reputable source.
  8. Remington is phasing out the STS shells and basically going to a smooth hull gun club round at 1200fps.
  9. I like them and I like having videos of me taken that way my buddies and I can sit around and critique what happened and to aid finding bad habits. Plus the ribbing of watching the videos
  10. Hey prairie Dawg I have a pair of adjustable sight ROAs with 6 1/8 barrels for sale would you have any interest in them?



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