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  1. well by golly gee I guess I will have to show up and show ya'll how to do it huh!
  2. I know,,, he could have contacted you about it. I'm sure for that price you woulda bought it all. Not good on his part at all!
  3. Garrison Joe,,, I have nothing in black and white to back up my statement, just what I was told about 2-3 years ago by a reputable source.
  4. Remington is phasing out the STS shells and basically going to a smooth hull gun club round at 1200fps.
  5. I like them and I like having videos of me taken that way my buddies and I can sit around and critique what happened and to aid finding bad habits. Plus the ribbing of watching the videos
  6. We have done that at Butterfield Gulch in Chapman, KS. We called it the all gun side match. We used all your main match guns, a 1911, a long range rifle, PP, derringer and 22 rifle and revolver. Its a hoot to shoot!
  7. Hey prairie Dawg I have a pair of adjustable sight ROAs with 6 1/8 barrels for sale would you have any interest in them?



  8. my offer to purchase stands if ya will ship. your wanting 75 bucks i'll entertain 100 bucks shipped for all of it
  9. sorry the closest ill get to Tulsa is Landrun, If ya want to figure shipping cost and let me know, I'm still interested in all of it.
  10. Lone Rider are you gonna be at Landrun? If so I'll take it and we could meet there so no shipping
  11. You had better keep your eye on that Sneaky fella!
  12. the loading gate spring is horrendous
  13. At my home club we do our best to accommodate anyone, one of our shooters has polio and he uses crutches to get around and he can shoot with the best of them. He used to write our stages and he would not factor his disability in. And like NOZ said ifin your not welcome there neither am I!
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