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  1. the shells MUST be for Shirttail Bess
  2. if your gonna split the pistol and shotgun classes give out first place only award in side matches
  3. I will nominate High Plains HUD ,, you cant find a better person that personifies Classic Cowboy
  4. This weekends Spring Roundup was a BLAST!!! I shot extremely poorly but I had a ball. My posse worked well we shot the breeze, we picked on one another, the stages were not difficult at all although the stages were well written and executed. The shitter stage was fantastic!! I believe it was my favorite stage. A big hand goes out to Cornbread and Beans for a JOB WELL DONE! So if you were at Spring Roundup and didn't have fun well then you need to do some soul searching!
  5. I have a brand new set of Lee 3 die carbide set, never been out of the package,,,, how about $55 bucks shipped???
  6. Hey prairie Dawg I have a pair of adjustable sight ROAs with 6 1/8 barrels for sale would you have any interest in them?



  7. Hey Slim what category did you sign up for? I'm trying to get my awards in order


    1. Abilene Slim SASS 81783
    2. Flinthills Dawg

      Flinthills Dawg

      that's what I thought thank you!

  8. my uberti 73 kicks them forward, i just got used to it
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