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  1. to fit my girth the inseam is to long so I just cut mine off and tuck inside my boots, to keep them from riding up I use my gators that I wear for duck hunting under my waders.
  2. if ya use purple locktite good luck getting it back out ifin ya need to
  3. we have done that at Butterfield Gulch in Chapman, Kansas. We called it an all gun side match, your main match pistols, main match rifle, main match shotgun, PP, Derringer, 1911, and sometimes a 22 pistol, and long range rifle. It was fun but took a lot of time to run all the folks thru that wanted to shoot it. Because of the time constraint ya only shot it once.
  4. we use separate bays for each side match, I was trying to think of a way to do it and be fair to everyone.
  5. Phantom, I like that idea, try as many times as you want but you must declare this is for score and live with the decision.
  6. ok Tyrel Cody if unlimited attempts whats a good way to keep the times correct for fastest time?
  7. When it comes to side matches, how do you prefer to score it? Meaning 1 attempt for time, or multiple attempts for time? Where does one draw the line for side match scores? I've been at shoots where 1 attempt and that's your time, others I've done is 2 attempts best time is your score. Even had one place that ya shot it twice and combined the scores for your time. Me personally I feel ya get 1 attempt for score.
  8. don't get the plinkertons, they are junk I have a pair. worst purchase ive ever made
  9. i can vouch for Widders work on the henry 22!!!! if your gonna have Widder work on your henry have the trigger work done at same time you wont regret it! When ya get your 22 back your gonna be like DAMN is this the same rifle.
  10. Now that's sounds like a blast!! I'm in!!!
  11. I'm goona assume that Shotgun Boogie will be at Winter Range,, along with other smiths.
  12. I've used a 2x10 to make duck decoy anchors before. It works it does char and it became deformed after repeated use due to the charring. So go ahead and do it.
  13. well I figured ya wanted a buck 85 for the one and a buck 75 for the other,, I figured at 4 bucks ya could make 40 cents!!!! nice knives by the way!!!
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