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  1. Not to kick TGs in the sack, I was in contact with the TG for my club, I sent an email to club members for their opinion on the 2 items. 26 people were emailed I had 4 respond so maybe just maybe club members didn't give a darn as to what the outcome was to be. So I would be inclined to think that maybe the TGs that didn't vote didn't get any feedback from club members? But yes I'm all for posting how the TGs vote on all subjects.
  2. We did something similar at my home club for a side match we called it the all gun stage. Main match rifle, pistols, shotgun. Plus derringer, pocket pistol, 1911 45acp, 22 pistol and a big bore rifle. So 10, 10, 4+, 2, 5, 5, 5, 1. so 38 and 4+ it was a hoot!!
  3. I had the same issue on my Bakail, I called a smith in Springfield, Mo. spoke with him about it. Was $250.00 to solder it and $200 to reblue. He suggested JB weld. So I did and so far no issues with it. Another suggestion from him was the glue that the automobile industry uses to glue door hinges on.
  4. ok dumb question is there a printable entry form?
  5. I have a friend with a 22 Colt lightning that is in need of an extractor spring. Where would be the best place to look?
  6. Snake Oil George in Sapulpa, Oklahoma does them as stated. Boomstick Jay in Leanord, Texas also does them.
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