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  1. At the Kansas state match we will have a Henry Golden Boy 22 with a Widder soft stroke and Slater trigger job as a raffle item!!
  2. For those that may be coming to this shoot or any annual held at Butterfield Gulch in Chapman, Kansas I need to inform you that if you plan on staying at the range in a camper we have dry camping only and the new landowner is going to charge $15.00 per camper per night. It is on the entry form ,but I felt it needed to be known. The monies will need to be sent in with the entry form we at Butterfield collect the monies, then we pay the landowner. My phone number and email address is on the entry form if you have ANY questions please contact me. Dawg
  3. For those that wanna play along,,, with your entry form legibly with a sharpie write your alias on a dollar bill, mail it with your entry and Saturday morning at the safety meeting we will draw one of the dollars out and the name on that dollar gets ALL the dollars mailed in!!
  4. Hey folks entry forms are now up on our web page check it out!!
  5. even though I got my ass handed to me, I had a great time at Parker. The stages were good, weather was good for the weekend. Met up with some good friends, told stories ate some good food what more could a shooter ask for? Cuddos to Beans and Cornbread for a job well done!!
  6. yes we have ample room for campers, it is dry camping only so come prepared.
  7. John Wesley we would enjoy having you at our match!!
  8. Howdy all,,, I am happy to announce that the Butterfield Gulch Gang in Chapman, Kansas has been awarded the Kansas state match for 2022. The dates for this match is May 6,7,8/ 2022. We also have been awarded the Kansas state BP match in 2022. the dates for that match is September 16,17,18/ 2022. Please watch our website Butterfield Gulch Gang of Kansas - Cowboy Action Shooting! for more information in the coming weeks. Flint Hills Dawg
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