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  1. We will be on pins and needles waiting for your report. Nice job though.
  2. We are talking about the same "other guy" right? I'm going to get in contact with him to see if he can help mine work a little faster.
  3. Howdy Crusty:

    I enjoyed shooting with you and your Bunch .

    Hope to get back your way in 18 .

    Thanks for your Kindness with the Camping and all ...


    Jabez Cowboy

    1. Crusty



      Man I’m sorry.  I just saw this post or I would have responded earlier.


      Yes, I had a great time too.  I always enjoy shooting with you and your compatriots.  You’re welcome any time, and I’ll make sure the gate is open for ya!

  4. Rooster,

    Do you still have that Rolling Block?


    Also, what part of Michigan are you in?  I'm originally from Davison, about 10 miles east of Flint. Lived in Marquette while stationed at K. I. Sawyer AFB.

  5. One of the finest human beings I have ever known. Our thoughts are with Montana Prairie Dog and his family.
  6. Quoted from Lumpy's post--don't know how to fix it. Yup- Make sure you keep the 2 carrier pivot screws 'TITE' OLG +1--also I'd suggest keeping a couple EWO spares on hand. Don't ask how I know this.
  7. Crusty is a Pard you can ride the river with.

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