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  1. Sgt Duncan The gun is a 3 screw single six. So I am assuming it is an old model. Need an XR3-Red frame not an XR3. Thanks for asking.
  2. Looking for grip frame in title. Would like it in perfect condition. If it is from the 60's could have Alcoa next to the numbers. Any help or ideas would be appreciated. How about a brass frame, or unfinished steel. Or educate me on places to look. Every place I have looked they are unavailable or out of stock no back order. Any help appreciated, Marlin
  3. It can be! You would need to pay whatever he charges to put it in his book. Probably $20 to $30.
  4. John, got the picture. Local machine picture is what I was hoping to do.
  5. Can I do it? And if I can how do I do it? It says choose URL, what is a URL and how do I choose it. Help please. Getting too old to learn more, Marlin
  6. Thanks for the responses. Planned on a plastic bag liner plus bagged individual lots of specific head stamped brass. I think I will stick with the midsize boxes instead of large. Thanks Preacherman, now I know how many boxes I need. And I am pretty sure the weight limit is 70 lbs like the Gateway Kid said. Thanks again for everybody's help, Marlin
  7. Can anybody tell me how many pieces of 38 special brass will fit in a USPS large flat rate box? How about a medium flat rate box? Thanks in advance for your help, Marlin
  8. Here is an update on the scam. I was able to get my money back thru Paypal. I always thought I was a careful person when it came to my money, well guess not.


    Fire Eater

    1. Marlin Buckhorn,SASS 51727

      Marlin Buckhorn,SASS 51727

      That is great!  Couldn't have heard better news.

  9. SASS MEMBERS please be careful responding to ads here on the wire. Evidently Fire Eater got scammed by someone pretending to be me. If you respond to one of my ads please realize that I am not able to take any form of electronic payment. I accept good checks from SASS Members, cashiers checks or USPS money orders only. It is also important that you remove any personal information from your SASS profile. Things like your real life name, email addresses, home addresses and any phone numbers do not , in my opinion, belong in your SASS profile. Again, be careful, Marlin
  10. Fire Eater Didn't get a PM from you. If it said I couldn't receive messages I have cleaned out my box should be room. Please send again. Marlin
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