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  1. Since my health has driven me out of the game, and since I also have a Dillon 550 and Lee 4 Hole Turret press. I have decided to sell my Square Deal B because I can still load 38 special on my other presses if I need to. Selling Only As a Package Dillon Lifetime "No-B.S." Warranty Included from Dillon Square Deal B with 38 special dies Dillon Price $629.00 Strong Mount Dillon Price $110.00 Bullet Tray Kit Dillon Price $69.00 Cartridge Case Bin Bracket Dillon Price $42.00 2 Small Primer Pickup Tubes Dillon Price $22.00 Misc. Spare parts & Maintenance Dillon Price $60.00 more or less Total Dillon Price $932.00 more or less + freight My Price today $600.00 + freight Or it can be picked up in the Quad City area of Illinois & Iowa Thanks for looking, Marlin
  2. Cat Consider it sold. Sending PM with my address, how to you want the gold?
  3. Looking for a .22 caliber collet for a Herter's bullet puller. If you know of one that will work, please let me know.
  4. Hey John, if you blow up the pictures you will se that they 38/357. 3 or 4 Click I don't know.
  5. Major I will take #3 the Mark Twain book. PM on the way.
  6. Thanks for the input Three Foot. The Chiappa also has to go to Lassiter for a drop two mod as they aren't drop 2 out of the box are they? I had Lassiter do a drop 2 on another IAC I have but I don't remeber what he charged. I do know that his price is always fair and his work is impeccable.
  7. Because of my health I have to leave the game. I have an IAC 1887 with a Coyote Cap drop 2 feature. Haven't seen one offered in some time, don't know what I should be asking for it. But it is for sale. If I remember right rules say I need to put a price on it if for sale so, $1250.00 obo
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