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  1. Don't know what the speed limit is on the Wire but your PM hasn't gotten here yet.
  2. Ozark Okie, I have a brand new, never used, setting on my bench Square Deal B Quick change for 32 H&R that includes SDB tool head, powder measure & SDB tool head stand. I also have the SDB 32 H&R Conversion Kit. Don't have the x-small powder bar it requires. Only selling as a complete set. PM for pricing. Dillon's price is $322.00 plus freight. Send a PM for my pricing. If Ozark Okie doesn't buy this I will post my price here. Marlin
  3. Jonny I think I have a Model 20 Marlin with a messed magazine on it. Willing to sell it just don't know what is worth anymore. Send me a PM and we can discuss it. Marlin
  4. Mike we miss the game and especially the people too. Just hasn't been safe for us to shoot. We are hoping for next year. Miss you all, Marlin & Belle
  5. Got a men's rain coat and one my wife used. Here's was more of a unisex in size large. This is one that was mad with the cheaper imported fabric, still waterproof, from Wyoming Traders The other rain coat was made by River Junction in Gutenberg, Iowa. These were made with American cloth and were much more expensive. You had to seal the seams to keep them water resistant. An applicator with the sealant will come with this raincoat. First 2 pictures are the Wyoming trader coat, the second 2 are the River Junction coat. The third 2 pictures is a denim duster and is a ladies size large. The fourth set of 2 pictures is a duster by Frontier Classic and is sized XXL. Prices, Wyoming Trader rain coat $30.00 shipped, River Junction rain coat $55.00 shipped, denim duster $25.00 shipped, Frontier Classic duster $50.00 shipped.
  6. Gambler, Never got them on the grandson. Size would probably be a YOUTH SMALL. In other words not real big. Sorry I can't give a better answer, thanks for asking.
  7. The reason for selling these is that cancer & septic hip has kept me off the range for 3 years. Hope to get back at it next year but no more traveling so we don't need everything we have now. Sold The first 2 pictures is the Guide Gear fringed jacket. It is a size Large and is $65.00 shipped. Sold The second 2 pictures is the Sully jacket I bought in 2008 at the Midwest Classic. I have worn it less than 5 times and paid over $250.00 new. Very heavy jacket size 52. I am 6'4" tall and weight 290 + lbs and it fits me. I need $215.00 shipped for this one. See photos;
  8. Bought these at some auction. My Grandson out grew them before we got them fixed up. Selling for $15.00 shipped. See attached photos!
  9. I think I have a corn cob style E. If interested I will find an send you a picture.
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