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  1. I have something similar but not what you want. Only differences are that it is a Cimaron / Uberti not a EMF / Pietta, and it also has an ejecetor. But it is an older model Uberti so it still has the 4 click action without the safety hammer. It is the right caliber and right barrel length and I am willing to part with it. Just wanted you to know that people are reading your post. Good luck with your hunt and a free ride BTT. Marliin
  2. Dahoney Looking for a forarm for a carbine or a rifle? I have one for a carbine. Marlin
  3. Mountain Wolf I wear 2X shirts but require a 3X vest. I have several I would sell. What are you looking for? Color, material? Marlin
  4. If you can get the coin together buy the one from July Smith. Extremely fair price and a real Winchester to boot. If you are looking for something cheaper then you have a problem. Just my opinion! Marlin
  5. Thanks for all the reply's. Stock is sanded now I just have to put the finish on.
  6. If you have used teak oil for gun stock finishing would you use it again? Why or why not? Thanks for the input, Marlin
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