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  1. I am alive because of 16 stents in my heart. First one was when I was 52, just turned 74. Been through all the blood thinners cumadan, Plavix and Eliquis. Fortunately I do not have any heart valve issues but I do have a-fib. September of 22 I had a Watchman placed in my heart. 6 months afterward I was able to go off all blood thinners except an 81 mg aspirin. The Watchman is basically a filter in your heart that keeps blood clots from leaving your heart to your brain. The watchman is not available to everybody, ask your Doctor about it. Not available to people with heart valve problems currently. It is Medicare approved. Now if I could just get my back problems fixed I could get back to a normal life. Unfortunately that is not going to happen, several different doctors have told me it can't be fixed. Listen to your body and do what you can do. Ride easy, Marlin T
  2. What a nice tribute! May Coltsweeper rest in peace as you hold him warmly in your memories. God bless and RIP.
  3. Palmetto State Army just posted Taylor's 1911 1A for $299.95.
  4. I like the Smith Enterprises sight on mine. Check out Smith enterprises Old West Division. Screws right on a Buffalo Classic, can be used with Lyman 17a front sight, full buckhorn when ladder is down and good to 1000 yds if you can see that far. Price $200.00 availability has been spotty in the past.
  5. What the Count said plus 100. Couldn't ask for a finer shooter or gunsmith. He choose the finest person and shooter to pass his knowledge on to as well!
  6. Not shooting myself right now. But Email from Weidners advertising AA Winchester $115.00 for those in need. Marlin
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