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  1. Quick Draw I will take this fire breathing dragon knife! Pm sent with my info. Thanks, Marlin
  2. Major I will take item #1 the 44 special brass. Pm me your particulars and how you want paid. Marlin
  3. I am impressed with his help also. But he has helped me before with a cowboy hat that needed a pencil roll fixed and ribbon bound plus a ribbon around the crown. He might not remember it but I always will. Marlin
  4. Blackwater Do you think a Model 43 barrel and forearm might just match up with my Model 42. Looking at photos I think it might.
  5. If you have one of these I would be interested in trying to buy it. One on ebay with forearm and action but the price is pretty s_________ I will let you fill in the rest since this is a family friendly forum. Don't need anything but the magazine tube, I have the spring follower and cap. As far as I can tell this has to come off a Model 42. If somebody knows what else will work that would be good. I have searched all the normal sources but couldn't find what I needed. Thanks for your help, Marlin
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