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  1. I'm with Duece, PROUD to be part of a great organization!!!!! Jax T
  2. Welcome to the game!!! Have a Blast!!!
  3. Marshall, Send me your info if you want the leather ones. I will still send the tan ones to Mountain Man.
  4. Marshall I only have one extra pair, but its up to Mountain Man if he has enough.
  5. Mountain Man, I have a leather pair as well as a tan elastic pair. Send me your info and I will send them to you. JAX T
  6. Congratulations on the championship Hud !! Hope to shoot with you some day.
  7. This was my first Winter Range also. Even with the weather I thought it was GREAT!!!!! Can't wait to go again!! Thanks to all of the workers who made it happen!!!
  8. Sounds Like a Great time!!!!! Jax T
  10. I have had good luck with Choice Ammunition. Good price and pretty quick service. Jax T
  11. Jax T


    Yes I've heard of all them and they are both pards of mine. But I'll sure try not to let it happen again. Didn't know it would upset you. Sorry Rattler if I hijacked your thread.
  12. Jax T


    Hey Jim, whats happening Sunday??? Jax T
  13. Thanks CoJack. You are right, it is SASS history. Can't wait to get it at Winter Range. Thanks again Buck Jax T
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