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  1. I'm with Colorado, I am very proud of mine also but I think mine is the best looking!! Jax T
  2. Jax T

    Texas club

    It absolutely was a hell of a match!!! Ready to go again!!!!
  3. Jax T

    Texas club

    I live just outside of Clarendon. It's a good place. And 3 clubs within an hour and a half drive. Easy drive to Land Run, Great Spaghetti Western and EOT also!! Jax T
  4. Prayers for Johns family. He was a really nice man. Jax T
  5. Jax T

    Texas club

    The Texas Tumbleweeds shoot in Amarillo, 60 miles west of Clarendon. A lot of the shooters from Clarendon are there now. There is also Pampa close to Clarendon that has a small club and the Gruesome Gulch Gang in Kress about 60 miles south of Amarillo. Jax T
  6. Congratulations Hairtrigger, Great match my friend!!! Jax T
  7. I'll be there Tuesday!!!!!
  8. Looking forward to it also. Great time last year!! Jax T
  9. I think several of us need to practice for that challenge!!! Jax T
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