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  1. Good, I'll look you up. Good luck to you and Lily.
  2. Slick, I'll take it. I think Dana will like it. I will get it from you at winter range if thats ok. Jax T
  3. I have 2 IAC 87's. Both have the drop 2 mod done. As said before they are great fun to shoot, but when they go wrong , they go way wrong. If you do decide on an 87 and want to get it worked on, Lassiter did the work on mine and it works great. And yes it does take lots of practice. Jax T 106617L
  4. From Pure Country. Drummer says you're a flat lyin cur dog to George Strait. Jax T
  5. I take Eliquis so I use a styptic pencil and bandaids also. Still any little nick leaks like a faucet. Try to keep a pretty good stock of bandaids, gauze and tape in your cart. Good Luck Jax T
  6. Oregonian, Ii will take them if they are still available. Please pm me for details on the gold shipment. Thank You Jax T
  7. Funny, my 87 gets that same talk pretty regularly. Jax T
  8. Wildphil, I will take it. Please pm me for instructions on the gold transfer. Jax T
  9. Beautiful buckle Creeker, wear it proudly
  10. Asa, the Goodnight ranch and home is about 35 miles southeast of Amarillo. Well worth the trip. They also have a store there with lots of buffalo products, boots, jackets and other stuff. Jax T
  11. If you go I40 the quarter horse museum in Amarillo is nice. Also the panhandle plains museum just south of Amarillo is great. Hope to see you at Winter Range. Be Safe Jax T
  12. Don't do it HD. We need to make a few more Classic Challenges together with the Major!! Jax T
  13. I think you feel like any good father would. Straight to hell with them for what they have done. Jax T
  14. Very sorry for your loss. My condoloences. Jax T
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