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  1. I have made several purchases on the wire from different folks and all of my experiences have been great. Nice to know you are dealing with straight up pards when making a deal over the wire. Nothing but pure cowboy way in my dealings. Thanks to All Jax T
  2. You schedule it in the office and put the ticket on your rv and they will come by when they see it. I caught them servicing others when I was at my rv and they would come over while I was there. Worked pretty well last year. I was there 5 days and used them twice.
  3. There is a pumping and water service at EOT that can be scheduled. A little pricey but at least you don't have to pick up and move.
  4. My dad said If ignorance was bliss he would be a big a** blister!!!
  5. Major, Got my app and the gold in the mail today. Bringing my Henry, hope its a classic posse!! Jax T
  6. I started as a 49er but after seeing some of the classics and reading up on the category rules it sounded like a load of fun. Found a set of 45 pistols and went from there. I think the classic category is the most old west of all!!! Jax T
  7. I'm with Duece, PROUD to be part of a great organization!!!!! Jax T
  8. Welcome to the game!!! Have a Blast!!!
  9. Marshall, Send me your info if you want the leather ones. I will still send the tan ones to Mountain Man.
  10. Marshall I only have one extra pair, but its up to Mountain Man if he has enough.
  11. Mountain Man, I have a leather pair as well as a tan elastic pair. Send me your info and I will send them to you. JAX T
  12. Congratulations on the championship Hud !! Hope to shoot with you some day.
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