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  1. Check out the Plains museum in Canyon just south of Amarillo. Also the Charles Goodnight homestead and museum is about 35 miles south of Amarillo down 287. Pretty nice buffalo store there also. Couple of good restaurants and antique shops on historic route 66 (6th street). The Texas Tumbleweeds shoot on the first and second Saturdays of the month and 2 different matches in Pampa 60 (miles east) on the 3rd and 4th Saturdays. The 3rd Saturday match is at Howlin Wolf's place, the new home of Mernickle Leather. Jax T
  2. Happy Birthday Billy. Hope you have a great one!!!
  3. Just wanted to say congratulations to Scott Wayne and the Lincoln County Cowboys on their first annual annual match. Fast stages big targets no p traps. It was a great time and everyone was more than friendly. Nice banquet with good food and good giveaways. Well worth the trip to Cushing, and will definitely be going back for the next one. Jax T 106617L
  4. I think both Dantankorous and Asa represent the Classics extremely well. Either one could be Classic of the year. Tough decision for the seven I would say. Jax T
  5. I would vote for Dantankorous also. He is a good ambassador for the classics I would say. Jax T
  6. Jax T

    Choice Ammunition

    I have used Choice Ammo for quite a while in both my OMV revolvers and Uberti 66 and 73, and an 1860 Henry and have not had any troubles at all. Them being a SASS sponsor is an added bonus. Jax T
  7. I have a Mustang wooden cart that works real well. It folds up pretty small. You might try them, Mustang Woodcrafters. Jax T
  8. Creeker, I missed your post about surgery. Hope everything heals as soon as possible and you get back to gunfighting. I hear chasing nurses makes you heal faster!!! Good Luck Jax T
  9. Charlie, I have a never worn pair of earth walkers that are supposed to be a 13 but are loose on me. I would let them go cheap if you are interested. I can send you pictures this evening if you will pm me your info. Jax T 106617L
  10. Hey Billy,

    this Jax T. Just wondering if you are gonna be a posse Marshall at EOT??  We sure did enjoy spaghetti western being on your posse. 


    Jax T

  11. Al I'll take the mule ears if still available. PM me with info for the gold please. 

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    2. Jax T

      Jax T

       Sorry, I forget about that. Tony Clemishire. Let me know the total. 

    3. Ninety Caliber Al, 50218

      Ninety Caliber Al, 50218

      If you’ve got a cell I can text you . Can’t get to the post office till around noon.

    4. Jax T

      Jax T

      806-206-8872. Text is fine

  12. I totally agree with X. Nice to see some of the history of SASS. Keep it up!!!!
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