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  1. Slow, If you still have the cart for sale, I have a new shooter that would take it. I can pick it up at a shoot if it would work for you. Let me know. Jax T
  2. Not only great rigs but also a great bunch of folks to be acquainted with and to shoot with!! I am really happy with my new holster and shotgun set up. They did an awesome job. Jax T 106617L
  3. My vote goes to Pony Soldier. He promotes the Classic category more than just about anyone I have seen. His Throw down in October shows how far he goes for this great category. No slights to any of the other fine classics, all would represent well. Jax T
  4. Thank you, I would appreciate the chance if Cojac passes. Jax T
  5. Is this the same one in the other ad???
  6. I would take the rifle if Cojac does not take it. Jax T
  7. Once again Flat Top and Missouri Mae and their whole crew did a great job putting on the regional match. Good stages, a fast match and the best banquet. I bet the next National match will be a great one. I believe everyone is looking forward to it. And a shout out to posse 15, great times!!! Jax T 106617L
  8. Wish you could have made it Sue. Maybe next year. See you at Land Run this week. Jax T
  9. The High Plains Highwaymen had their first annual match this past weekend. On behalf of the entire club we would like to thank everyone that came out and enjoyed our new range. Even though the weather was windy and cold on Saturday we had about 60 shooters hang in there and brave the weather. The food vendor did a great job with breakfast and lunch, and the music and dinners were great. The best part was the shooters getting together again and enjoying the commraderie. Again we hope everyone enjoyed the match and will come out again next year. Thanks to Everyone Again The High
  10. I have a Stoeger hammerless coach gun I could part with. It is not new nor a leftie but it shoots good. Let me know if your interested. Jax T 106617L
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