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  1. Brisket + beer + 6 hours on low in the Crockpot = delicious. Thanks to all, especially my evil twin.
  2. Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas delivered this address at Hillsdale College on April 9, 2019. I learned a lot about Arlington and the Old Guard from this. With Memorial Day upon us, I thought some of you might find it interesting. https://imprimis.hillsdale.edu/sacred-duty-soldiers-tour-arlington-national-cemetery/
  3. Warden Callaway is posting in other threads this morning, so he and Sawmill Mary are OK.
  4. No comments on trimming or crimping, just glad to see you on the Wire after last night’s storms. Back to the topic...
  5. Warden Callaway and his Owl Creek Raiders are close to Jeff City. Here’s hoping they are all OK and they check in soon.
  6. FR- You just got a compliment that the rest of us yearn for. Well done Grandpa!
  7. There’s an Irish Setter across the street that may get a special treat! edit: That’s not Haiku But it’s the best I can do!
  8. Dental floss or toothbrush and jeweler’s rouge?
  9. Without conducting a range test I would expect the 200 grain load to kick a bit less. I doubt the increased powder mass and bullet velocity would compensate for the extra 50 grains of lead.
  10. It is cut cross- grain: learned to do that a long time ago. And I was looking forward to sandwiches using the leftovers, but this one is still too chewy. Chewy-I guess I have a Wooky brisket!
  11. Sometimes it’s just best to buy a new car.
  12. We buy several corned beef briskets around St. Patrick’s day. The one we had in March was superb. My missus cooked another one for supper tonight and I was disappointed because it was tough to chew. What suggestions do you experts have for tenderizing corned beef brisket that has already been cooked snd sliced? Or is it unsalvagable?
  13. You are my hero! You helped an animal and you buy at least one bottle of single malt per week. Salud!
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