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  1. It’s easy with plastic wads. I would use a pink or gray wad instead of a white one to create more space between powder and shot. I don’t like fillers on top of powder, so if I were using fiber wads I would stack more of them between powder and shot, not over the shot. If the shot rattles around loosely it’s more likely to leak out of the shell. Loose pellets can jam an action when they leak out as the shell is chambered. So I want some pressure on the shot as well as the powder. It doesn’t have to be a lot of pressure, just enough to keep the shell contents from shifting in there.
  2. If you want to make a statement with lots of smoke and fire and noise then use a big powder charge, like 60 + grains of 2Fg. If you want a lighter load with less recoil use less powder, down in the 30 to 35 grain range. The most important things are to eliminate air space between the top of the powder and the bottom of the wad, and get a perfect tight crimp over the shot charge. I recommend deciding on your shot charge FIRST. Then determine how far down inside the hull you need to seat the wad (plastic, fiber, whatever) to have that particular amount of shot positioned right up to the crimp fold. The space between the bottom of the wad and primer is your powder charge. Hold the hull up to a bright light and mark the bottom of the wad on the outside of the hull with a Sharpie. Then put powder into the hull up to the mark. That’s the amount of powder you need for that brand of hull with that wad and that shot volume. My normal 12 gauge load is 2.5 cc of 2FG powder (about 38 grains), white plastic wad, 1 ounce of #8 shot in a Remington STS hull. Red plastic wads allow the most space for big powder charges, then white, then pink, and finally the gray plastic wads minimize both powder and shot volumes. Using fiber wads, you will have to experiment with the stack to get the relative powder and shot volumes for the hulls you want to use. Shoot your trial loads at paper to check the pattern. Heavy powder charges under fiber wads have sometimes produced doughnut patterns and it’s frustrating when the knockdowns don’t fall because the shot missed the target.
  3. Calcium ions are involved with all muscle contractions and heart function. The amount of calcium in the bloodstream needs to be controlled very precisely and that is the main job for the parathyroid glands. Trying to change the amount of calcium in your system without the guidance of your doctors could cause other serious problems. You don’t know yet if calcium is the problem. Lots of things can effect parathyroid function. Before treating yourself with anything, in my opinion you should request a complete medical work up including consultation with an endocrinologist. If your present physician balks, get a different doctor.
  4. Maybe the Cohens could make a TV montage, 15-20 minutes each of Gunsmoke, Have Gun Will Travel, Wagon Train, Maverick, Wanted Dead or Alive, Brisco County Jr. I’d go.
  5. Redneck Margarita: Put in blender: 6 ounces Minute Maid frozen limeade concentrate 6 ounces tequila 6 ounces triple sec Add ice to fill the blender and make a slush. Serve in salt rimmed glass. You can save any leftover (Ha! As if!) and freeze it. Eat it with a spoon when you find it in the freezer later on. A nice reward after mowing the lawn in August.
  6. I was talking to some younger relatives, teens and twenties, at a reunion. I mentioned I had shot my wad at the racetrack and got some giggles and embarrassed looks in return. I had to explain it was a firearm term for spending all my money. Indeed.
  7. The only problem with aging is that it happens so damn fast.
  8. I absolutely hated history as a high school and college student. Turns out what I really hated was the the teachers. Bless Ron Chernow for getting me past that obstacle. His biographies of Washington and Grant, and Hamilton, have been a joy to read. After reading his biography of Grant, the Civil War and Reconstruction finally made some sense. I have recorded the History Channel's 'Washington', eager to digest it.
  9. Laugh-In and Cabbage Patch Kids.
  10. I have never visited the Whittington Center, but I have been to Raton many times. If you like Mexican food, search out some of the smaller family owned cafes. Incredible!!
  11. The sink in my bathroom has a hair problem:
  12. Mine are cut to make the overall shotgun length the same as my rifles. Can’t prove that makes them faster but they look good in the gun cart, and I can use the same cases for transporting all of them.
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