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  1. When they come up with a vaccine I reckon. It seems the younger folks are coming down with it more now.I guess they’re not quite as invulnerable as they thought.
  2. If I thought that was the future, I’d hop the next plane to Costa Rica.
  3. Not sure about that one. Yup can find it by the crowd of hippies. Or maybe that’s a weed shop.
  4. I used to whip up a fine breakfast of skillygalee and Yankee beans for my outfit. Sometimes I can still smell the pine smoke and hear the cavalry horses nickering softly as the sun rose over the frosty battlefield at Olustee Station. Sgt Robt. De Groff Coy. A, 48th NYSV Inf ”Perry’s Saints”
  5. Doesn’t matter who started it, who perpetuated it, who profited from it or what the social norms of the day were. It is simply inhuman. Always has been. Every person should be opposed to it. Simple
  6. But Fort Pulaski in Georgia was occupied by Confederates during the war. And who was one of the main Engineer officers assigned to the construction of the fort in 1829? Why this young Virginian, a recent graduate of West Point! The connection is clear. Pulaski must have been a Confederate (while he wasn’t busy fighting the Redcoats) so naturally anything remotely related to him should be considered evil. Including the fire tool used by Wild land Firefighters, the Pulaski. I have used one myself, therefore I must be a racist. This is clear Liberal thinking.
  7. I think the ones who can make it through to re-opening will do fine. Wives and girlfriends have enough to do without being our personal free hairstylists. I won’t go. But then I haven’t been to a barber since 76, so I’m not a factor.
  8. As far as waking up, I think I’m one of those rare types who come fully awake for some reason. I don’t seem to need coffee or other stimulants to help. But I sure loves my coffee!
  9. Coffee is not the best Thing that can happen in the morning. But it is sure the best drink!
  10. True. And Sousa gets me motivated to maintain a steady pace for 3 miles or so. Although this southern humidity is making it difficult!
  11. Nobof.....oops I almost said something about the episode. I’ll wait till everybody gets a chance to see it.
  12. The 54th monument has been defaced in the past by suspected white racists. Makes sense. This time the culprits could be the same. Payback, in their minds, for the destruction of Confederate statues, or really ignorant BLM hooligans. I’ve been to Boston. Could be either side.
  13. Another shooting last night. https://q13fox.com/2020/06/21/police-investigating-second-shooting-inside-chop-zone-over-the-weekend/
  14. Thinking of you Dad. Thanks for your example and sacrifices. You were the best.
  15. No doubt that was the opinion of many who tried it. But they hadn’t got any.
  16. https://www.wcvb.com/article/shaw-54th-regiment-memorial-defaced/32733306#
  17. Cronkite’s statement on Vietnam in 68 after Tet was one of the reasons Vietnam is now a communist country.
  18. https://acwm.org/blog/myths-misunderstandings-grant-slaveholder/
  19. https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/20/us/seattle-capitol-hill-chop-chaz-shooting/index.html
  20. Thanks Pard, but we’ll be going throughTN, AR, OK, TX and NM sticking to I-40. Fastest route.
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