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  1. And you were the next one in line it looked like to me. I guess things go like this for a reason....
  2. They work well in most.... but each gun is different. I’ve used them in SKBs, Stoegers, and LC Smith with no problems. An added bonus with Gun Clubs is the hulls work well for reloads, both smokeless and HOLY BLACK! PS..... Winchester 97 will gobble them up like a kid in a candy store as well!
  3. Yea..... it’s a curse that some of us have learned to live with
  4. Ok, just a couple questions! whats the barrel length, serial number prefix { D, E ? } ,LOP and does it feed off the magazine tube reliably? Thanks...CC
  5. Oh that could turn out to be a wretched PC mess!!
  6. This^^^^ and shooting sticks work well with longer guns for side matches. The OP was in regards to side match use, so it seems. With a shorter barrel gun you will be stoking the magazine during a side match as most are 10 shot events and timed as well for a tie breaker.
  7. Bang & Clang carries 200 Gr .454 bullets coated or non coated as regular stock items. He is a SASS member and supporter as well!
  8. I always got a chuckle when using Mitsubishi VVVF drive tech manuals. Their translation always used “ break” in place of “ brake” in the regen brake setups! there were many such issues throughout their technical translations! sleep well knowing this the next time you are on an elevator
  9. He and his wife Crissie are separated and have mutually agreed to an amicable divorce. I imagine his 2 little girls may influence his ultimate decision. Careers are temporary, life goes on after careers are over.
  10. Believe me when I say that 26” barrel will make a difference when shooting side matches! My 26” 1895 makes a mediocre long range shooter look like an almost decent shot Take advantage of the long rifles potential, go with the 26”!
  11. Have contributed to NRA Whittington Center for almost 35 years and having taken many trips there for competition when my kids participated in 4H and YHEC, I heartily recommend Whittington! There is a fine firearms museum display at the main visitors center as well as cabins, RV park, multiple ranges, as well as trap and shotgun sports facility! The Center has fantastic scenery and there is wild game everywhere. The city of Raton is interesting as well. It’s a bit old school still to this day. contact NRA Whittington for schedules and info on using the various ranges!
  12. If your traveling through southern New Mexico on the 22nd on your way to WR, Las Cruces NM is shooting their regular monthly schedule at Butterfield! Stop by and shoot!
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