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  1. This issue is where you apply the ROIII learning ( common sense) . C&B shooters aren’t in the habit of dropping the hammer on nipples that are already fired and peening the nipples. The OP says the shooter was using both hands to advance the cylinder which sounds like a methodical slow way to get back to the cap. In my mind, that’s allowed in this instance. No reason to be a hard azz at this point, No call IMO. Interesting scenario still.
  2. Shooting Fox beat me to the answer
  3. Guess I’m not understanding the problem? If the rounds that fit the case gauge fit the gun as well, Isn’t that the point of using a case gauge? Seems that’s what you would want IMO.
  4. So what I’m understanding is your looking for 7.5” gun, but a 5.5” would be ok?
  5. You have some pretty knowledgeable WMOWS members that Are 97 shooters. I don’t think many of them frequent the wire much so get hold of Fred Sharps or Monty Rio to put a set of local eyes on it with you. It’s a good chance to learn from others experiences!
  6. Congratulations Sage Chick! That quite an achievement!
  7. Been there done that and got a buckle to prove it! The 1st time I shot B Western was on a dare from Moonshine Millie ( the wife ). she bought a shirt and bet me I wouldn’t do it...... I did. The shooting STYLES that are available makes some interesting discussions among spotters occasionally. Throw in some FC loads along the way just to see if they’re staying awake
  8. I’m not sure what is currently being stocked, mine are a few years old. They run well with smokeless Schofield and 45 Cowboy FC loads. They do have the typical tiny front sight, which doesn’t really matter as the guns are natural pointers. They are worth a few “style points”
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