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  1. Since your shooting these in revolvers, there really is no issue with the taper crimp. Actually it is helpful when running the 155 moly coated from Bearcreek bullets! Taper crimp, and no crimp groove... it’s almost like majic
  2. You need 45 Colt dies for 45 Colt on a SQD. The Square Deal machines use their own unique dies specific to the machine. You can do C45S on a SQD by using 45 Colt Shell plate and 45 ACP SQD die set! now isn’t that as clear as ... mud
  3. Lee 45 ACP........yes , certain individual dies depending on bullet profile 45 Colt RCBS...... yes, certain individual dies 45 ACP RCBS......yes, several thousand rounds with RNFP profile bullets 45 AR........ no Dillion 45 ACP......... YES! Have run several thousands using Dillion 45 ACP dies with 45 Colt shell plate on a Square Deal! YUP! I usually load 150-165 of various bullet profiles and lubes. Just finished Loading up about 2K main match rounds this month.
  4. Jack First. A reliable source of well made parts for years! https://jack-first-gun-parts.myshopify.com/products/winchester-97-extractor-left-12-ga?_pos=7&_sid=d850fa2cc&_ss=r
  5. Colts? I wasn’t aware that Colt produced SAA in stainless. Bet they are sweet, any chance of pictures?
  6. It’s been done for most of the last decade at various clubs in the Southwest. Picacho Posse in Las Cruces NM has raised 10s of thousands of dollars for rape crisis center and battered children’s organizations! We called it... Cops and Cowboys
  7. This scenario wasn’t hypothetical When it happened 4 years ago to me. As I turned to my right to transition to my SxS staged in the courthouse window, I was surprised by a brass picker oblivious to his surroundings bent down picking empties up off the boardwalk! So, I just stepped on his hand as I put all 240 lbs into a body slam in his torso area so my journey to the Window wasn’t delayed! Naw I didn’t permanently damage him, cause then I’d have to of replaced one of my very best friends! I was offered a reshoot.
  8. VTI bolt kit comes with all that GJ mentions above. PS... There has been a long back order on bolt kits recently. I waited 14 months for a 66 Uberti specific kit large caliber which finally shipped last month!
  9. I’m not Marauder,......... but the bolt itself was what has been changed. Yes a new bolt will fit an older gun, you just have to order the bolt complete with the extension from whoever. It’s an updated extension retainer, and now I understand the newest replacement bolts have a replaceable lower tab! For a 38-40 you’ll need the Large bolt , versus small caliber kit. I’ve replaced an old bolt with a newer design on a couple different 60/ 66/73 guns. You still have to be aware of timing, and head space with whichever style you have.
  10. The hat arrived today and it looks great. BTT
  11. That’s cuz us B-Western are some tuff customers! ( hit 102 our last shoot) I did wear a straw hat
  12. Longhunter comes to mind as they sell em all ready to go. Mine from them is smooth and quick. They have the experience!
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