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  1. CZ Sharptail, single trigger mechanical. Mine has performed excellently this past year!
  2. JT Wild trotted this idea around the room at the 2019 EOT TG meeting. I love JT, but the premise kinda fell on mostly deaf ears!
  3. A shooters level of ability should have zero affect on the correct calls being made! You paid your money just like everyone else IMO! The most positive outcome of the situation would be for an RO course at the club level to educate those that might not get out very often
  4. Uh... that’s why they have selectors on single trigger SxS guns. You are fully capable of selecting “on the fly” as well
  5. I am one of the many that donated to the church. In my mind it was a DONATION to help with erecting a church. I’m not sore about it, else wise I wouldn’t have donated!
  6. The Sharptail done up by Longhunter is excellent. Mine took me a bit to get used to it being 2” shorter barrels than my SKBs. I love the CC on the receiver, Wood is nice and excellent mechanical trigger operation.
  7. No advantage to taking it out, unless you just like replacing action slide bars that are damaged from pulling out of the action hook. I guess you can say it missing will adversely affect the operation I’ve seen the resulting damage on a couple 97s over the years.
  8. Hornady brass? They are known to be short out of the box. ( Leverlution)
  9. Slick has one that is for the simple post style front site as well, it’s been on my 66 for going on 4+ years. It taps into a groove. I put a spot of JB Weld on mine when I installed it. I aslso installed one on a Rossi 92 clone post front sight that worked perfectly! The current owner still is shooting it. search for ...... sight-large carbine.
  10. Since your shooting these in revolvers, there really is no issue with the taper crimp. Actually it is helpful when running the 155 moly coated from Bearcreek bullets! Taper crimp, and no crimp groove... it’s almost like majic
  11. You need 45 Colt dies for 45 Colt on a SQD. The Square Deal machines use their own unique dies specific to the machine. You can do C45S on a SQD by using 45 Colt Shell plate and 45 ACP SQD die set! now isn’t that as clear as ... mud
  12. Lee 45 ACP........yes , certain individual dies depending on bullet profile 45 Colt RCBS...... yes, certain individual dies 45 ACP RCBS......yes, several thousand rounds with RNFP profile bullets 45 AR........ no Dillion 45 ACP......... YES! Have run several thousands using Dillion 45 ACP dies with 45 Colt shell plate on a Square Deal! YUP! I usually load 150-165 of various bullet profiles and lubes. Just finished Loading up about 2K main match rounds this month.
  13. Jack First. A reliable source of well made parts for years! https://jack-first-gun-parts.myshopify.com/products/winchester-97-extractor-left-12-ga?_pos=7&_sid=d850fa2cc&_ss=r
  14. Colts? I wasn’t aware that Colt produced SAA in stainless. Bet they are sweet, any chance of pictures?
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