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  1. what caliber is your Marlin? Load data can be posted these days FYI..
  2. 2 thoughts come to my mind. 1. Why the need for the 4.75" holsters? 5.5" work well with shorter barrel guns. 2. If you going to sell the 5.5" Hellfire holsters.. what are you asking for them!
  3. Sportsman's Warehouse usually carries them as well.
  4. The Gun Clubs load great and run well in the 97 .
  5. Barry Sloe is a good pard to ride range with! His wife is even a better choice! Hope you enjoy Texas BS !
  6. That's why I'm looking for info on who does the work. Thanks..
  7. Do you have any contact info for Three Cut?
  8. That's something to be proud of , congratulations!
  9. So after 7-8 years of multiple matches per month on this rifle , the bolt tab has worn off to almost nothing. I just finished up installing the new style replacement but want to send the old bolt off for either welding or to be cut for the replaceable lower tab. So who does the best work on these bolts these days? Does anybody have any experience they would like to share? Thanks to all CC 89893
  10. Growing up doesn't mean they grow apart from you, but they do grow up too fast { Hang in there dad }
  11. You could ask the question over at the WB forum perhaps?
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