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  1. Your correct on the you don’t know. It wasn’t a traditional lever gun from the beginning, but more futuristic like the Winchester 88!
  2. We’ll be having WB match at Mimbres on Friday of Memorial Day weekend if you need a fix then! @Misty Moonshine see you on the 28th
  3. Did You forget that back in those days you were going so darn fast cause all you swabbies were still swinging oars
  4. The membership anniversary pins are sent out as you hit your 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 ....etc years anniversary. They are not retroactive back to past anniversary dates, I asked
  5. @Matthew Duncan Put the one that your especially fond of on a scarf slide ... if you wear bandanas and such! This has served me well!
  6. Thank you John Barleycorn for selling me a rifle almost a decade ago that was going to be my backup! That used 66 carbine with a stock full of chrome tacks has served me well! I don’t remember what I paid for it back then, but it’s done it’s part in my limited success at playing this game. Those that are expounding negatively should check on that “ cowboy way” mantra that they seem to be forgetting IMO
  7. CCI large pistol on the shelf at $3.99 , limit 500 per customer week before last in Alamogordo,NM. There were Tula large pistol on the shelf in El Paso, TX last week at $3.79. / 100. Yes I bought both brands that were available. Tula have worked in for me in the past, and will be shooting the Tula at the match this weekend. The CCI will go bang in non CAS guns as well. They are trickling into the supply stream slowly
  8. Maybe Rugers positive manufacturing culture will guide those techs and engineers to excell rather than just hang on in a survival mode that has been mentioned in the last days of old Remington ownership. It’s doubtful they went to work with mediocrity as their goal on a regular basis. Working for a successful employer really serves to boost moral and quality IMO. Hopefully the Marlin product line will show improvement when relaunched!
  9. https://bangandclangllc.com/bullets/45-70/ picked up 405 coated from them today! They are SASS supporters and a member!
  10. Sent you a PM. Come over to Mimbres or Las Cruces anytime and visit
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