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  1. BTT The gold is on it way to You this afternoon via good ol pony express
  2. I tried to PM you but it appears your inbox isn’t receiving messages. Get back to me with your contact info when your able,
  3. I’ll take 100. It’s always good to have some extra! PM coming your way
  4. If I understand correctly, Your interested in the Richard Mason style conversion guns?
  5. You two definitely fit the description of robbers….. Shanley and Sue! Y’all could be stunt doubles for Bonnie and Clyde
  6. The number after the X is the cartridge case length expressed in millimeters. IE …9x19, 9mm bullet diameter and 19mm case length.
  7. I see your point. Pistols and rifle will be within the SASS recommended ranges, perhaps some a bit closer but nothing further out. Although I really enjoy Bordertown, we won’t try to emulate their target distances either
  8. No worries my friend! Anybody that hasn’t been to Fowler City in the last couple years is going to be surprised at the replaced ranges and updates to existing stages! Last year alone we built a new saloon, the Alamo,and the railroad is finally making it into town! Take a look at the Gila Rangers FB page for some of the recent improvements.
  9. The range is up in the Mimbres River valley on a wooded ranch away from the everyday distractions of these modern times. The main match itself is not a long range event, but plenty of scenarios set a “normal”reasonable distances. There are some stages that have down range movement, plate racks, shooting out of a full size cabin, a stage coach, swinger targets, and of course that darned Wile Coyote runner that comes out of the gold mine.! We will also have plenty of long range events, lollipop shoots, golf ball shoot launcher and grouse in the woods shotgun! Yes you do cross the Mimb
  10. Great idea philosophically, but to require mandatory TO training is not practical IMO. It’s sometimes a challenge to get more than a couple VOLUNTEERS to TO on a regular basis so imagine the level of enthusiasm that would generated by a requirement for continual mandatory training. You add in the logistics of geography and scheduling this training, and it’s likely to be met with little to no participation. Those that do TO should be mentored and encouraged to continue. Many personality traits which go into a good TO are not something that can be taught in a classroom. A persons demeanor, i
  11. My OTs are smooth, but not worked over professionally.I’ve done all the work myself including parts and repairs. I can say that they aren’t reliable if aggressive light hammer springs are used. I actually think the RM type guns are balanced better than the 1871 style guns. My current RMs are a pair of odd ducks being chambered in 45 Schofield!
  12. The OP says he knew the rifle had issues when he acquired so it’s quite possible that it’s got nothing to do with the lifter arm itself but the rifle may have a partially bent lever from an OOB discharge which mimics a worn/ damaged lifter arm. OP says it’s his 1st 73, so he’s doesn’t have another for a baseline comparison OOBs definitely can wreck the timing if it even bent a little.
  13. About 3 years ago at a match in Arizona I had the pleasure of attending to the partially shot off ring finger of the Match Directors hand while he was giving the safety briefing on how to “ safely “ operate and fire a derringer that was going to be used to shoot a paper plate on the clock! Lucky for him it was ONLY a wax bullet 38, so he didn’t lose his finger. After he was shipped off to the nearest ER, the match finally got underway and it was ugly to watch some of the younger/ petite less nimble shooters struggle with those short barreled stack barrel derringers! I think Phanto
  14. Yes he is one of the original founders of the club. He’s a good leather craftsman!
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