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  1. I’m speaking unofficially regarding BT, but it’s 3 flights and it was capped at 350+? Last year. @Too Tall Bob he will have the official answers soon I’m sure.
  2. BTT for a pard….…. These Blackhawks work well and I can vouch that Lil Rob has already used up most all the misses in this pair
  3. Will see you there next week
  4. I’m fortunate to own both a very nice SKB 200e (Japanese) that was done by the late Goatneck Clem and a Longhunter CZ Sharptail. The SKB is a pure joy to fire and handle with no issues whatsoever, but……I am addicted to the Sharptail which is a faster firearm for me. Ive never been able to understand why it has become my favorite, but everybody has one in their life. Yes they are both mechanical single trigger with a mid-rib bead. I haven't ever noted any shoddy parts in my CZ and it has been reliable since the 1st day!
  5. My current favorite. The SKB has become the backup to it!
  6. Contact George at Bang & Clang bullets. He is manufacturing one!
  7. Thanks for the info. Guess Fill yer Hand is getting a new toy!
  8. @Grass Range what is the barrel length,choke configuration and serial# prefix?
  9. Bought Federal large pistol match primers at local Sportsman’s Warehouse today ( Saturday)……. Limited to 200 per customer per day. They had plenty, plus a LOT of small rifle, encouraging!
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