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  1. Sierra Game kings have served us well over the years. in 30-06 ,.308, 22-250 etc. I've personallly taken a mature cow elk with a single 165 BT at 365 yards. The 5x6 Bull hanging in my living room took a single 30-06 165 BT and covered maybe 5 yards before he piled up. There are other brands that perform well, but we as a family tend to stick to the bullets in green boxes!
  2. 1 day is plenty of time to see the sights in Tombstone.
  3. These activities in themselves aren’t dangerous, but they can become if not done with a bit of skill and common sense! Just cause someone wants to be ornery doesn’t make them skilled in verifying whether problem firearms are safe for use. Really if you want to chance your own well being is your call, but the TO, spotters, brass picker, etc standing nearby might not want to get caught up in the potential self disintegrating shotgun spectacle! Like it was stated that nobody is getting out alive...... just don’t take collateral casualties with you
  4. UH OH..... new bling for the December shoot? Looks like a purty nice rig !
  5. You gotta love Sportsman’s Warehouse deal! While many “sporting goods” stores drift off to clothing etc, Sportsman’s remains a well stocked sporting goods retailer!
  6. Don’t get started on..... NM—- New Mexico MN—- Minnesota
  7. Evolved? Perhaps your club is shooting Zoot Suit ?? Don’t take that personal, but your description of matches is far removed from Cowboy shooting IMO. CAS does have some rules... they’re actually written down so there is a level of consistency wherever you or I choose to compete. Are the non CAS guns scored separate from SASS categories? This past weekend we had a club member bring his BAR to the match! A BAR is a really cool Gun and We all drooled and played with it, but he didn’t shoot it in the match. Why? .... cause it isn’t part of the game!
  8. GJ speaks the truth on 4759! I too used up my last remaining few ounces and have transitioned to 5744 as well in 45-70 cast bullet loads. Whats next.... Alliant stopping BlackMZ production??
  9. Just like there are rules covering Cowboy Action! 1911s and stoked shotguns?? What’s next, maybe auto loader rifles? just shoot WB and call it what it is
  10. Try Jack First for an original manufactured Winchester, VTI for an Uberti, WRACO / Browning for the current import Winchester.
  11. Imagine how much of our dues are spent on the yearly budget line item for PWBs “ Blue Ink” supply Just the volume of WTC corrections he has to post is astounding! Guess some folks should.... RT*M
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