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  1. UH... "Welded up hammers to make them taller" ? My understanding is that you may reprofile SxS hammers, ( Pg 40 shooters handbook) but nothing is mentioned about taller. That kinda sounds like an external modification you are describing. Maybe I'm missing something.
  2. Only speaking for the LR shoots around the Southwest, it is almost always 10 shots per each category you choose to participate in. It might vary depending on the Match Directors discretion, and some regional preferences.
  3. If your holsters don't have a toe plug I say try it with the short holster if you don't hang up the front sight... like Steve McQueen in Magnificent Seven! Occasionally I shoot my 5.5" with holsters cut for 4 3/4" guns. Not all appliances have to be a perfect match in CAS matches!
  4. Cause they are sweet to shoot They got it right when they built them!
  5. Uhhh to be period correct.........44WCF
  6. Several years ago was pulled over for 84 in 70..... Texas Trooper conducted his business through the passenger window which happened to be my wife's that day! Heck with the ticket, her looks were enough for me! I think he enjoyed the glare she was shootin towards me
  7. OMG......shotgun porn! That's beautiful
  8. There is such a category where this is legal.......B Western
  9. 10/22 flip up sight has worked well on mine for near 10 years!
  10. Was at a match in Arizona a couple years ago and one fella couldn't seem to keep his beautiful high end hat from flying off in the slightest of breeze. He was worried about "hat hair"it seemed. Towards the end of the day while he was standing at the LT waiting to shoot it again decided to fly down range and landed amongst the shotgun knock downs and gained some instant character from shot and splatter! After the laughter died down and the hat was retrieved, he then managed to mash it down on his head and keep it there! Wear Your hat with pride, and always have a good story about how it happened ready to tell!
  11. They leave paw prints on our heart. Me and Moonshine Millie putting you in our prayers.
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