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  1. There are other calibers besides .45? Who knew?
  2. The thing with brass shells is, besides being occasionally stomped, if you use them in different guns they will probably have to be re-sized due to the differences in chambers and the expansion of the brass. I only use one shotgun for brass hulls.
  3. Sign up now! https://sassvets.homestead.com
  4. Yeah. More trouble than it’s worth usually. Make wind chimes or ceiling fan chain pulls outta em.
  5. Veterans Day rapidly approacheth. Come all you military vets. You Swabbies, Grunts, Leathernecks, Airedales, Bubbleheads, Squida, Wingnuts, Coasties , et al. Sign up and send your fuzzy cheeked recruit pics in. Let’s see how many new guys and gals we can get before 11/11. https://sassvets.homestead.com
  6. Armscor/RIA are made in the Philippines. They’re fine. Brazil makes the Springfield govt model 1911s
  7. I have to stop reading threads. First I wanted the double barrel 12 ga pistol. Now I want another 1911.
  8. I disagree. That can mean the team with the weakest schedule can end up on top. I think the playoff system is as fair as it can be given the number of teams in baseball now. Not perfect, but nothing is.
  9. Don’t get me wrong. I can cook a pretty tasty meatball. I am not advocating frozen over scratch built. But I feel they are a perfectly viable alternative when time or lack of experience is a problem. If you haven’t tasted the Cooked Perfect brand give them a try sometime. You have nothing to lose.
  10. Actually I have used thee in the past and they are really pretty good.
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