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  1. Being a former Lt is like being a former cop. Never tell anybody at a party. You will have to listen to dumb Lt or Rookie Cop stories the rest of the night. Everybody with a beer in their hand will have a tale to tell. Some true. Most BS.
  2. Lots of stories about the phrase. Nothing has ever been proven to be entirely accurate though. One explanation I read involved the length of a man’s Kilt.
  3. Interesting stats. What was the source if I may ask? And the survival rate is complicated. Several factors factors such as age, overall health and pre existing conditions need to be considered.
  4. Yes I do. And I’m reminded of it every time I bend over to put on my boots in the morning.
  5. Clontarf! https://www.crownwineandspirits.com/clontarf-irish-whiskey-750ml/
  6. It takes a lot o& research to find out what suits you in beverages. Price has nothing to do with it. It’s strictly an individual taste thing. Wine and liquor snobs be damned. I spent a long time researching wines. I have a list of several hundred. Some of the top shelf ones were great! Some were not at all. Same for the bottom shelf ones. I watch The Whiskey Vault guys on you tube. I’ve gotten some good tips from them. Unfortunately I’m on the wagon right now but the study of adult beverages still interests me a lot.
  7. That says it all. Until the investigation is concluded I don't make judgements. Especially based on media reports.
  8. Idiot. Probably a fired cop not a retired one. Or maybe just a wannabe that never even got into the academy. That is NOT standard training. When someone puts there hands in their pockets you tell them to take them out where you can see them. You don't pull your pistol;. That moron is a danger. I'd report his stupid a$$ in a minute.
  9. Yup. And because of West Side Story they made switchblades illegal. We might as well move congress to Hollywood as they apparently listen to them more than us.
  10. Never considered it. Even in my youth while roaring drunk.
  11. Misread it. I thought it said “Sat on your watermelon”. No never have. Even during Covid lockdown.
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