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  1. Hard to believe it came out 50 years ago.
  2. Allie Mo, I understand how you feel. I too am a second generation Californian on my Mom's side. I was born and raised on the SAC base in the Central Valley my Dad, the original Arkie Lee, retired out of. My fondest memories growing up are hunting and fishing the Motherload region of the Sierra Nevada. I got married during Gov. Moonbeam's first term in office and decided to move my new family to the Pacific Northwest. At the time even the D's had politicians such as Scoop Jackson and Warren Magnuson that would be considered conservative by today's standards. It has saddened me over the years to see how my home state has deteriorated as I have returned at the passing of family members. This deterioration seemed to become faster after the closing of the airbase in my hometown. The family I have left in Cali are my sister and my niece's new family who are planning an exit strategy. Please don't consider this as rubbing salt into your wounds, but I also have to agree with Sixgun Sheridan. Both of my daughter's families and I are currently planning exit strategies leaving the state we love. I will no longer be able to live here when I retire due to the political and financial constraints folks from other states have voted in since they moved here.
  3. My next door neighbors from Czechoslovakia came across the first week the wall came down. Immigrated to the US. Devout anti socialist/communist. Breath of fresh air here in the Seattle area.
  4. The wife and I got the basic model about 12 years ago. Added a 3 inch memory foam mattress pad from Costco. Have replaced the foam mattress pad once. Had tried a regular bed after sleeping on a water bed for 18 years and my arthritic shoulders couldn't handle it. Hop in the sack, put on my cpap and sleep like a baby on the sleep number.
  5. Shouldn't think of these as Blackouts. Consider them practice if the "Green New Deal" ever gets implemented.
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