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  1. Thanks Smoky. I'll look into this …. MS
  2. Thanks for all the recommendations.. The golf bag thing would work, but just my luck when I come swingin into a hotel some dude will want to talk golf. There are many things I don't know much about, Pasture pool being one of them. That Hillary sticker thing would get some serious side looks around these parts. The golf club hard case might need some lookin into. Somehow I was under the impression there was a luggage type container available big enough to transport long guns in without attracting attention. While I generally don't pay much attention to this stuff, the times are a changing and the less noticeable we are the better. To many nuts out there. MS
  3. Hello the fire .. I'm looking for long gun cases that don't look like gun cases. Seems to me there was a thread here abouts on this subject back a few years. Any of you Pards recall any of this? Or do you have any recommendations. Thanks, MS
  4. I've been a life member of NRA since 1963, so have seen many internal battles come and go. Even if only a small portion of this young ladies speech is true, the NRA is in deep financial trouble. Lapierre needs to step down for the good of the organization. He ran the place while all these financial issues came up so he is in fact responsible. I sent a letter to NRA asking him to resign. Not that that counts for much other than to make me feel good. I had high hopes Lapierre would resign and Chris Cox would take over. Well we see where that went...... As stated by others here there are other gun rights organizations here that deserve our support Coming up on 2020 with all that is going on in Washington against gun owners and Liberty in general we need to have effective leadership on our side and VOTE VOTE VOTE !! Just my thoughts, MS NRA Life Benefactor Member
  5. Very nice! Thanks for sharing. MS
  6. Noz, you best hang onto that one. Sounds like a keeper fer sure …. MS
  7. First thing in the morning I go on line and check the headlines at the NY Times web site. That tells me what the enemy (politically) is doing. Then I pull up the Washington Times to find out what the rest of us are doing. Also check in on WSJ. Take the local paper for the local news. In order to get perspective you must read several sources. A wise sage noted some time back, "the farther a house fire gets from the day it happened the farther left the story will go" MS
  8. Blackeyed pea soup here .... MS
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