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  1. Thank you Chase Randall. Pleasure doing business with you. Look forward to seeing you down the trail. Thanks again for a fine Rifle. MoonShine
  2. Sounds like a fine rifle; however, I'm looking to use this rifle for NCOWS and it is not anapproved rifle for that game. Not sure why. Thanks,' MS
  3. Thought mebbe some of you Pards could dig around in yer safe queens' for something I can use. I promise to take good care of her... Action job is ok as long as it is NOT short stroked. Thanks, MS
  4. Thanks again for all the info... MS
  5. Thanks again for all the information. The Lightning I have was manufactured in 1877, first year of production. It is in great condition and locks up tight. I understand the best practice of using black powder for loading. However, I was hoping there was a load with smokeless that would be safe. Maybe Trailboss. I have some 148 gr hollowbase wadcutters I can use for bullets. They are soft lead and should expand into the grooves. They are left over from my Bullseye shooting days. If BP is the only safe way to go, I need some advise on how to get started. Never have used Black Powder. Ae substitutes best? Need info on how to safely handle it and not get blown up! Thanks, MS
  6. Thank you much for your help. Any recommendations for loads? Thanks, MS
  7. I have a Colt Lightning, 38 Long Colt Caliber. Is it possible to use 38 Special dies to reload? MS
  8. Right you are! We are very lucky. Regardless of problems/issues post WWII has been a great run. Parbly won't last much longer though .. MS
  9. Yes, JFK was a 2nd amendment supporter and Life Member of the NRA... MS
  10. No! Just look at any state run by democrats. Virginia being the latest example. MS
  11. Looking forward to another great shoot!! See ya in April …. MS
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