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  1. Removed lever and that releaved pressure on spring. Screw was then loose and came out without a fight. Thanks much for all the help. MS
  2. SUCCESS!!! Now to install new Slix Springs, new screws and some other work and I should have a fine running 66. Thanks again. MS
  3. Thanks for the info. Plan is to replace stock springs with Slix Springs. Also have one of those impact drivers. The screw I can't remove was buggered up by a previous owner. so this is part of the problem. MS
  4. Hello the fire ! I know this horse has been beat to death, but I can't find the discussion. So, I am trying to remove the lever springs on subject rifle. One came out easy the other on will not budge. I have it soaking in Kroil, but no luck so far. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks you for your time, MS
  5. First thing in the morning I go on line and check the headlines at the NY Times web site. That tells me what the enemy (politically) is doing. Then I pull up the Washington Times to find out what the rest of us are doing. Also check in on WSJ. Take the local paper for the local news. In order to get perspective you must read several sources. A wise sage noted some time back, "the farther a house fire gets from the day it happened the farther left the story will go" MS
  6. Blackeyed pea soup here .... MS
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