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  1. We held a raffle for a Radical Firearms AR two weeks ago. Mad in Texas. Our lgs gives us a good price on our raffle guns each year. https://www.radicalfirearms.com/
  2. The gas inventories on hand at the stations will not be depleted. Each new delivery is priced accordingly. But the fuel already delivered and in the tank will be boosted up to the new price. Happens every time there is an oil “Crisis. Been doing it since the 70s. The petroleum industry is far different than your average widget company.
  3. And squealed and farted. Very talented. Shoulda been in show biz.
  4. Har. That has nothing to do with it. They’ll raise the price of the already refined and stored gas. They do it all the time. It’s the Economic law of greed.
  5. Good thing nobody from the utility company drove by.
  6. I always use TarnX on my sterling silver stuff.
  7. “This untruthful characterization of the video is naive, misguided, and unfortunate” I could add several more words but I’d get in trouble.
  8. Tarn-x. Completely removes tarnish but doesn’t polish. Smells bad. Works great.
  9. Fortunately there were no animal rights activists in my living room. https://fox13now.com/2019/09/12/big-cat-rescue-sanctuary-allays-fears-over-condition-of-lion-at-lagoon/
  10. Let the Saudis handle it. They’ve got a pile of US tanks, jets, bombs, uniforms they got from us.
  11. Bummer. It’s a sweet shooter. I carry factory ammo in my defense guns but reloads for training or I’d go broke. As far as the myth of getting hammered for handloads, it’s pretty much a myth but defense trainers like it. I suspect maybe it comes from police officers using non issued ammo in their duty weapons, like when we were using lead rn and hollow points came out back in the 70s. The media called them, “...dum dums, banned by the Geneva Convention!”
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