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    Panhandle Cattle Company, Red Hill Rangers, Member of B.O.L.D. #1141

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    Bascom, JACKSON County, FL.
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    I’m the widow of Outlaw Hollywood Dave. Wish I weren’t. I have two Doxies, Emma & Izzy, who go every where with me. Trying to get back to CAS shooting on a regular basis.I love anything outdoors, Guns of any kind, History, Geneology, Acrylic Painting, Wood Working, practicing the guitar, and etc.

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  1. Charlie thanks for keeping up with all the 2a information and getting it out there:FlagAm::D

  2. How can you tell? Is a Montado hammer higher or lower than a Bisley or super Blackhawk hammer?
  3. Pm sent! Extremely interested. Need more info.
  4. Interested. May we talk on the phone? 850-569-2169. Have cash or check, but need to ask a couple of questions. Will you call ASAP.

  5. Thoughts and prayers for a smooth surgery and rapid healing!!
  6. Hey Jeb,

     I received the brass. Thank you so much! Great doing business with ya!!

  7. Hey,

    I just left you a voice mail. Call me at home when you have a chance. I tried to pm you, but mailbox full..:)

  8. I will take #50, .32 brass, all 300. Do you do PayPal?

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    2. Jeb Stuart #65654

      Jeb Stuart #65654

      Good to hear, glad everything arrived OK..  Is that you in the bio picture with red blouse and white hat shooting the 97?


    3. Sweet & Sassy Cindy

      Sweet & Sassy Cindy

      Yep, that’s me!!

    4. Jeb Stuart #65654

      Jeb Stuart #65654

      I really like your hat!

  9. Howdy,

    I am ISO a pair of Ruger single sixes, Sass ready, but with plow handles. I’d get those Birds heads from you, but I don’t want to worry about changing out the grip handles and grips. Any leads of a pair at a reasonable price?
    Thank you,

    Sweet & Sassy Cindy

  10. Tried to pm you, but don’t see a button for it. Do you have an email or phone number I can call tomorrow? Interested, but have a couple questions?

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    2. Sweet & Sassy Cindy

      Sweet & Sassy Cindy

      Call later this afternoon if you still have pistols. Thanks

    3. Thunder Creek Kid
    4. Thunder Creek Kid

      Thunder Creek Kid

      still have em. 

  11. Thank You Marshal, I’m planning on attending both Al. State & SE Regionals this year as long as thing’s quite down at home. My first big match for the year will be The Florida State Match (Ides of March). I figure I might as well restart my shooting (2020) at the same place I began in (2018). See ya at the range
  12. Sweet & Sassy Cindy SASS #106680 SASS Affiliated Clus:Panhandle Cattle Company, Red Hill Rangers, Panhandle Cowboys, Member of B.O.L.D. #1141 Shooting on & off since January 2018
  13. SASS Alias: Sweet & Sassy Cindy SASS # 106680 where I am from: Born & raised in the Florida Panhandle How long have I been shooting: Almost 2 years, but I don’t really count this past year.
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