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    Bascom, JACKSON County, FL.
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    I’m the widow of Outlaw Hollywood Dave. Wish I weren’t. I have two Doxies, Emma & Izzy, who go every where with me. Trying to get back to CAS shooting on a regular basis.I love anything outdoors, Guns of any kind, History, Geneology, Acrylic Painting, Wood Working, practicing the guitar, and etc.

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  1. Thoughts and prayers for a smooth surgery and rapid healing!!
  2. Hey Y’all, question for anyone that wishes to contribute their opinion. I have an old unused top loading box freezer. I’m out of room in my gun closet for ammunition and was thinking about storing the over flow in the unplugged, unused freezer. The freezer is inside my home, so it’s always climate controlled? Good or bad idea?
  3. Dave & I saw him concert many times. Rest In Peace. Charlie Daniels will be missed.
  4. My thoughts and prayers for Preacherman! A Wonderful and kind man!!!
  5. Well, I do love my Cowboy’s; Lonesome Dove, Tombstone, The Sackett’s, Cross Fire Trail, and etc. I could go on and on..but I won’t, because y’all understand.
  6. I’m with you Allie!! Give me some Patrick Swayze!! The entire video was extremely well done and beats the heck out of the news!!
  7. Hey Jeb,

     I received the brass. Thank you so much! Great doing business with ya!!

  8. Hey,

    I just left you a voice mail. Call me at home when you have a chance. I tried to pm you, but mailbox full..:)

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