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    I’m Married to Outlaw Hollywood Dave. I have two Doxies, Emma & Izzy, who go every where with me. I love anything outdoors, Guns of any kind, History, Geneology, Acrylic Painting, Wood Working, practicing the guitar, and etc.

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  1. Sweet & Sassy Cindy SASS #106680 SASS Affiliated Clus:Panhandle Cattle Company, Red Hill Rangers, Panhandle Cowboys, Member of B.O.L.D. #1141 Shooting on & off since January 2018
  2. Stag horn grips are beautiful!!! btt
  3. SASS Alias: Sweet & Sassy Cindy SASS # 106680 where I am from: Born & raised in the Florida Panhandle How long have I been shooting: Almost 2 years, but I don’t really count this past year.
  4. Pm sent. I’ll take the 12 gauge if it isn’t spoken for.
  5. I’m sure my opinion counts for squat to Walmart, but I at least called their customer care center this evening after I read the entire Memo released by Walmart’s CEO. I was transferred to a supervisor in the State of. Texas. I very nicely explained to the supervisor on the phone my complaint regarding Walmart’s newest policy change on infringing on my rights to protect myself, family, and other shoppers should the need arise. Not selling rifle and handgun ammunition will not solve the mass shooting incidents, because the bad guys don’t follow the rules. As a matter of fact, Walmart’s CEO is so proud of his new gun and ammunition policies that he is willing to share his plan of Action with any other corporation or company that is interested in implementing these so called common sense measures. Why, this brilliant CEO is sending his ideas to the house, senate, and the POTUS. So Walmart is not the first, nor will they be the last large scale company to implement this policies. I will officially boycott Walmart on principle and the fact that I hate shopping in their stores to begin with, but this infringement of our constitutional rights did not start with Walmart and will not end with Walmart, unfortunately. Y’all have a good night!!
  6. Thank you to everyone who gave me input. I’ve come to an accommodating price with the buyer. Y’all take care and I’ll see y’all on the range!!
  7. Thanks, I’ve been there, but I’m looking for an individual that can kinda grade it for me approximately . I’ve got a friend interested in it, but one to make sure I get decent value from it, but not over charge. Thank you
  8. Hi Folks, I’m looking to price out a Colt 1911, series 70, Mark IV, Government Model. Product date: circa 1982. This was carried as a police service pistol for a number of years. I still have the original wooden grips. Who would be the best person(s) to help me come up with a fair price? Thank you, Sweet & Sassy Cindy
  9. There extremely well made and beautiful! I went to your page. Give me a couple weeks and I will get back with you. I love tan suede and would really love it if I can use it as a full closed cover as well. I’ll be talking with ya soon. thank you!!
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