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    Bascom, JACKSON County, FL.
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    I’m the widow of Outlaw Hollywood Dave. Wish I weren’t. I have two Doxies, Emma & Izzy, who go every where with me. Trying to get back to CAS shooting on a regular basis.I love anything outdoors, Guns of any kind, History, Geneology, Acrylic Painting, Wood Working, practicing the guitar, and etc.

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  1. I’ll buy it, you wouldn’t happen to have 2 would ya. I’ll pm you my email.
  2. These are my babies, Emma & Izzy. Sister’s, Red/ Cream long haired Dachshund’s. They have saved me over the past couple of years and are my constant companions. They will be 4 years old March 6th.
  3. Hey, that’s kinda thought that’s what I remembered. thank you, Sweet & Sassy Cindy
  4. Is there anywhere that a go fund me donation page is allowed to be posted? I won’t send a link unless I get an affirmation. thanks, Sweet & Sassy Cindy
  5. Have these been sold yet. My math comes to $135.00.
  6. Charlie, Thank you for keeping us all informed of 2A information!!
  7. (SOLD- Thank you to everyone that asked and commented)! Brand new in box .357 Beasleys, 5.50 length Barrel. Maybe 50 rounds through them. Never shot at a match. Short stroke done by local gunsmith. Bob Cogan. Grips have been changed from Faux Smooth Ivory to Ruger Walnut non-slip grips. $1,750.00 + shipping. Too heavy for my small hands. Sweet & Sassy Cindy SASS #106680
  8. happy birthday early

    1. Sweet & Sassy Cindy

      Sweet & Sassy Cindy

      Why thank you! You’re only six months early, but better early than late!!:)

    2. Sweet & Sassy Cindy

      Sweet & Sassy Cindy

      You mean tomorrow!! I wish someone would give me a new darn brain:blink:

  9. I appreciate you answering all of those questions, but this PCC runs smoothly. No scalded cats here.
  10. (SPF) Hi-Point 4595tspi 45ts Carb 45 acp, Pink Colored Camouflage. Bought for me as a Birthday Present from Hollywood Dave. In order for me to Participate in The Steel Challenge at Coming At Cha (2018). Has Red dot sight, forward handle, and four Ruger High Capacity Magazines that comes with it. Less than 400 rounds shot through it. Has been sitting in my safe since October 2018, except as a critter getter. No problem with any type of jams using reloads or store bought ammo. Asking $350.00 with everything listed. Stock does not extend or swivel. Comes in Original box with safety flag.
  11. thanks J.J. I’ve been attempting to answer you, but my internet went down. SPF Preacherman
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