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  1. I have my dad’s 20 gauge uplander. It is close to 40 years old. My mother bought it for my him at the corner store. It was his primary bird gun and an often used secondary big game gun where I grew up in the state of Maine. Almost every “hunting memory” I have of my dad while growing up that is a gun that was at hand. It has taken at least one moose, multiple bears, a few deer including my brothers first, and an uncountable amount of partridge as well as rabbits. My dad retired it a few years ago. And I had told him for years it was the only inheritance I was interested i
  2. 4K??? I have a mid 1880’s Winchester 73 in 38-40. It shoots very well and looks decent. 4K would tempt me lol.
  3. Yes, and a very good one. If I’m not carrying it , It is a favorite of mine.
  4. What are you selling? Feel free to text me.
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