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  1. Bang and Clang really stepped up to help us with our last annual shoot and I look forward to giving them my business going forward.
  2. Random selections from my phone photo album. Long live Double duelist and Classic Cowboy IMG_1767.MOV IMG_1762.MOV IMG_1762.MOV IMG_1756.MOV
  3. I wish it were so. As I understand it we would need to convert our latches to “Russian latches” to be legal in Gunfighter or in my case Classic Cowboy. I have a pair of Taylor (Uberti) Frontiers and have been searching for these latches since I have purchased said revolvers with not a lot of luck. not to hijack OP’s post if anyone has a pair of Russian latches they would part with I would be interested in hearing from you.
  4. What she (Scarlett) said!!!. read the SASS rule book and go shoot a match. At our club we will get you a mentor to help you through until you have it figured out. It seems to work well.
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