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  1. Picture of the pair and a comparison with an original
  2. They seem to be hard to find. I have had two on back order with VTI since January.
  3. I have a pair. As of yet I am not shooting them in competition. My holsters are ordered so. It likely will be sooner than later before I start. I put 50 rounds through them Saturday and they point well for me and are very accurate. If you have specific questions I can try to answer them.
  4. I am an old 11C!!!! That made me smile. Thanks
  5. I knew we could make it to three pages!!!!! We we just had to work together!!!!!!
  6. Now we are getting some where. If if I earn something I should get it. I also as a shooter should know and understand exactly why I am getting said something when I leave the line.
  7. I am a current Active Guard Reserve (AGR) in the Air Guard. It is a Common Access Card (CAC). It does have a chip. It does have rank on it. I do not get a new card upon promotion. I historically only do it when it stops communicating with my work computer. We generally refer to it as an I.D. Damn it. I answered an Alpo question about the accuracy of some authors research. I must be be really bored.
  8. And old Wyliefox is no slouch at the cowboy way either.
  9. Tyrel Cody last week. I PMed him I had sent the funds and he sent the item. A few few months ago I bought an antique model 3 from one cowboy and a stoeger supreme from another cowboy and carried the guns home with me on my word that they would get there money the next time we ran into each other. That is trust in a mans word.
  10. I’ll take them. PM where to send the payment and i’ll Get it on it’s way to you tomorrow.
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