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  1. My daughter buys/sells dolls. I passed this to her. She suggested you try eBay.
  2. I laid away a deluxe 1878 Cimarron hammered coachgun at Sportsmans warehouse in Reno this week. It is slightly different than the TTN. No hammer spurs and it cocked very smoothly. I look forward to picking it up next week.
  3. Retired. To bad looking for two pairs of grips for Uberti new model 3’s. Thinner than the stock wood ones would be better
  4. Where did you buy your grips and how easy or hard did they install?
  5. Loading 9 rounds in the pistols is not a P trap. It it requires attention to detail at the loading table. I think it is a P for not following stage instructions.
  6. It was a fun match. The slung shot stage was a fast for me stage. (24seconds)!! Then I got a 5 second bonus. It was a good day.
  7. I am glad you got it home. The area around USA parkway is probably the most dangerous on I-80 in NV.
  8. The week of Roop County Days is one of the weeks I look forward to all year long. The camping and nightly pot luck suppers and the overall camaraderie cannot be found at any other shoots. The stages and caliber of competition this year was off the hook. The food was extraordinary as expected. The raffle was excellent my bride Gold Rush Allie cleaned up and we were amazed at the extra’s inside the “baskets” when we dug into them after we got home. I am already looking forward to next year. Flanigan Flats
  9. Travel safe on your trip back to New England. Look forward to seeing you out this way again next year!
  10. He was a great asset to the shoot. Prices and service were excellent and very much appreciated!!
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