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  1. I was told my services were no longer needed at my last job in mid-May. I just got my CDL a big carrier paid the freight on the school. I have to do 200 driving hours with a mentor then I will get my own company truck and be back to making enough money to keep my family going forward. The whole process start to being in your truck on your own is about 3 months. Maybe less in a COVID free world. If you are seriously interested in getting your CDL DM me.
  2. It is situation dependent. If I know it is all he can afford and it is helping him out I would sell it for the $50 or maybe even give it to him. That is good karma for down the road. But on the other hand if it is someone I know to have plenty and is just being cheap I would most likely sell it for the going price or not all. Doesn’t cost anything to feed most widgets.
  3. I have both the browning 1886 rifle and carbine and one of 92’s in 44 mag. I have an original Winchester 1886 born in 1887. If you lay it beside the browning rifle and handle them one after the other it is tough to tell them apart. The browning may be smoother. I shoot the browning rifle when my club has a monthly big bore option. It shoots mighty fine. great quality guns. Highly recommend.
  4. 2018 Ram 2500. Cummins, Bighorn trim package. 8ft bed. 26Kish miles.
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