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  1. Love this! Vielen Dank fuers teilen! Gruss aus Miami
  2. Great gun, shoots well, very clean and not abused. Clean out of the original box. I really just prefer my Vaqueros as my hands are a bit smaller. Looking to get $450 incl. shipping to your FFL. I'll entertain other reasonable offers though. Face to face in Southern Florida would be great... and cheaper. Make sure that your FFL will also accept shipments from private cowboys.
  3. thanks to whomever did the work, great to be able to see the videos. Congratulations to all of the winners, but also all of the participants Looks like it was a ton of cowboy fun!!!!!
  4. The President of the local Gold Coast Gunslingers will be able to help me out for this Weekend! Great bunch of people here, really!!!
  5. So many of you all to thank for the help, advise, and time. I have never been so warmly accepted in any new group. I feel right at home already! I look forward to meeting many of you in person one day. I have all shooting irons, rounds and leather that I need to get started and am so very much looking forward to it!!!!
  6. I am in Florida and have an FFL who will accept deliveries from Private people I'll take it!!! Just PM me
  7. @J.B. Gunnison, SASS #68964 Tried to PM you, you cannot accept messages
  8. Hey fellow Cowboys and Cowgirls, I have been scouring the internet and cannot find anywhere to buy rounds for my first stage shoot, instead of just being a spectator. Does anyone have any tips? Who is selling .38 special in cowboy loads who could deliver by this Saturday?? Thanks, BB
  9. Thank you all for the suggestions and the good advice. I have learned much here. I also have a few really great people with whom I am regularly in contact. The cowboy community is totally exceptional! I will have a pair of Vaqueros and a Codymatic by the end of the week. Now I just need a rig, double strong side... I think. Also looking for a Stoeger double barrel in 12 gage or tips for what to look for on gunbroker would also appreciated. I am just the kind of person who wants to have everything and give the sport a chance. If it does not work out, no big deal, the items are still valuable. A huge yeehaw to @Waimea and @Mt. Zion Yellowboy you both have really gone over and beyond to help with information and support getting into the hobby. Really great people here!!! Thanks again! Wish everyone a wonderful ful Thanksgiving and see you soon on the range!
  10. Thanks for the additional replies. The people I met at the match were really great. I will be going back and will let them know a head of time, instead of just showing up. I have been doing the math with purchased ammunition based on the total lead sent down range in the 7 stages last Sunday. That also really makes the case for 38. If I take the prices at bulletsbyscarlett as a basis, that is a $64 vs. $90 day; 38 spl. / 45 respectively. Just for the brass ammo. I would also stick to the "flavor" of SASS that they are mostly shooting at my local group, so no need to look at blackpowder, wild bunch... at least at the beginning for me. Maybe I am going about this too logically, I just want to make sure I can start ASAP with my own guns and leather that I should be OK with for at least the first year(s).
  11. Hi Chert, Yes, I already feel the beginning of an addiction, but have to keep it under control in the beginning as the first price tag is so high, that my better half would notice. Then, adding to the collection piece by piece is not so painful. Thanks, Bill
  12. Hi John, I was hoping to get set up in the hobby for under $3,000 so spending most of that for the pistols and lever action. I wanted to not save on the leather, so $350 - $400 for that, then that just leaves around $400 for a coach double barrel shotgun with (hopefully) internal hammers. Quite an expensive sport to get in to, so I want to do everything right the first time and not have to re-buy guns later. I have not even shot a round on a stage thus far!!! Steep ticket price. Looks like a ton of fun though!
  13. Hello, I am new to the sport but totally fell in love. After speaking with a few good ol' timers, I was given the advice "just buy once, and that in .38 spl." I really like the REAL guns, so .45 but would I want to pay double for reloads forever? I have also been told that shooting .38s you can be faster than with .45. I am not in it to win any WW championships, but you never know and I do not want to have to upgrade should it turn out that, with some practice, I am actually profissiant / good at it. Could happen :-) Those belt buckles sure are pretty!!! So, I am looking for 2 Rugers, preferably already seen a gunsmith or with upgraded springs and such. I also need a lever gun in the same caliber, gladly already optimized for the sport as well. If I could stay around $2,000 that would be great. Should you have a great deal, from someone who is leaving the sport and just wants to make sure that their guns go to someone who will appreciate it, I promise to praise you name before every stage where I am free to say what I choose. I also promise to pay the favor forward some day!! Located in Southern Florida, but have a local FFL as well. Please let me know what you have, I will answer every PM or reply as quickly as possible. Thanks, Bandit Bill
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